296: What Gets Between You and Greatness, with Lolly Daskal
Published May 8, 2017
34 min
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    Lolly Daskal: The Leadership Gap
    Lolly Daskal is the CEO of Lead From Within and was designated a Top-50 Leadership and Management Expert by Inc. magazine. She is the author of the the new book The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness*.
    Key Points

    If the situation isn’t working, what can you change about yourself?
    Ask yourself what type of person you need to be in a situation.
    There are aspects of ourselves that come out in times of stress.
    When you’re aware of your actions, you can choose how you’re going to act in the next moment.
    Allow your employees to teach you.

    Resources Mentioned

    The Leadership Gap website
    The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness* by Lolly Daskal

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