288: Get Better at Onboarding Employees, with Amanda Davis
Published March 13, 2017
44 min
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    Amanda Davis: Onboarding Employees
    Amanda Davis is an executive consultant with 25 years of professional leadership and management experience specializing in the development and implementation of strategies and programs for better service delivery.
    Key Points
    The Two-Tiered Approach to Onboarding:

    Part 1: First day on the job

    Keep it short (1.5-2 hours long).
    What are the essential things an employee needs to know?
    Get to the why of the employee’s job. What’s the meaning and mission behind the organization?
    After Part 1 your employee should feel informed, excited, and motivated.

    Part 2: About 45 days after hire

    Longer than Tier 1, should be around 3 hours long
    Covers what team members need to know to grow their jobs.
    After Part 2, your employee should feel educated, excited, and confident.

    Resources Mentioned

    Amanda Davis website
    Best Demonstrated Practices - Onboarding for Success [PDF download]

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