257: How to Manage Former Peers, with Tom Henschel
Published August 8, 2016
44 min
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    Tom Henschel:
    The Look & Sound of Leadership
    Tom Henschel (web) (podcast) grooms senior leaders and executive teams. An internationally recognized expert in the field of workplace communications and self-presentation, he has helped thousands of leaders achieve excellence through coaching and his top-rated podcast, The Look & Sound of Leadership.
    Key Points

    There is a certain amount of fear involved in a promotion over peers.
    The situation has feelings attached to it.
    People’s reactions will be based on a bell curve, with most people not caring, but with a few being either really happy or really unhappy.
    What group will you focus on?
    Don’t take things personally.
    Have intentional conversations with your former peers to acknowledge that feelings are there and to listen to how they feel.

    Resources Mentioned

    The First 90 Days* by Michael D. Watkins
    Self-Esteem at Work* by Nathaniel Branden
    The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem* by Nathaniel Branden
    The Look & Sound of Leadership podcast

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    Brian Robertson (web) (LinkedIn) is the founder of Holacracy and will be appearing on the show to teach us their system for self-organization.
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