244: Improve Your Financial Intelligence, with Joe Knight
Published May 9, 2016
34 min
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    Joe Knight: Financial Intelligence

    Joe teaches us how to improve our own financial intelligence, so we can influence within organizations more effectively. He is a highly regarded finance and business literacy keynote speaker, trainer, and published author.
    Those who understand [financial statements] are the vast minority of people who are moving up in the corporate environment.
    —Joe Knight

    One of the problems with fraud is that you have these companies reporting profit, but it wasn’t real profit, and it was never converting to real cash.
    —Joe Knight

    Wall street, other investors, and banks have shifted to looking at cashflow as a concrete, tangible number.
    —Joe Knight

    It’s important never to lose sight of the fact that cash flow almost eliminates the possibility of fraudulent financial reporting.
    —Joe Knight

    We’re not trying to create high-level financial people; we’re trying to decode [financial statements] for the rest of us.
    —Joe Knight
    Links mentioned:

    The 100 Best Business Books of All Time
    HBR ROI Toolkit
    HBR EBITDA Tookit
    HBR Business Valuation Toolkit (still being built by Harvard, should be published next month)

    Resources for Business Literacy Institute:

    Online Financial Intelligence Training
    Financial Concepts Dictionary
    Take the Financial Intelligence Assessment


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