242: How Twitter Can Help You Lead, with Joel Comm
Published April 25, 2016
34 min
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    Joel Comm:
    Author, Twitter Power 3.0*

    Joel shares strategies from his book Twitter 3.0* to help us discover how to use Twitter to support leadership development.
    The crazy, mundane tweets actually turn out to be one of the areas that more people connect with because we can relate to the silly things … it provides real human connection.
    —Joel Comm

    When we talk about search, people immediately go to Google … but Twitter is actually one of the greatest search engines on the web.
    —Joel Comm

    Authenticity is the key word; people are tired of being marketed to.
    —Joel Comm

    The question shouldn’t be, “How do I use Twitter to market?” The question should be, “How do I reach into this audience … and bring value to them?”
    —Joel Comm

    Twitter is the watercooler of our time.
    —Joel Comm

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