241: Turn Followers Into Leaders, with David Marquet
Published April 18, 2016
35 min
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    David Marquet: Turn the Ship Around!*
    Website: www.davidmarquet.com

    Former nuclear submarine commander David Marquet teaches us how to of turn followers into leaders.
    Good leaders give good orders, but great leaders don’t give any orders because they’ve built a team that doesn’t need to be told what to do.
    —David Marquet

    Too many times leaders think the problem is “out there,” but the real problem is in their own head.
    —David Marquet

    You only need to do one thing to engage employees: give them decision-making authority.
    —David Marquet

    By treating people like leaders, you build more leaders.
    —David Marquet

    The concept is act your way into new thinking, not think your way into new actions.
    —David Marquet

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