240: How to Influence Numerous Stakeholders, with Andy Kaufman
Published April 11, 2016
42 min
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    Andy Kaufman:
    Host of the People and Projects podcast

    If we’re honest here, there are some stakeholders that we don’t even want to involve … Even for the difficult people, we have to find a way to involve them. It helps manage their expectations, and it helps manage our expectations.
    —Andy Kaufman

    Hope is not a good strategy. Hope is a wonderful thing for mankind, but it’s a terrible thing for projects.
    —Andy Kaufman

    If I don’t sufficiently think through who I’m impacting, or who could impact us, I’m not going to manage their expectations.
    —Andy Kaufman

    I mistake keeping someone informed for keeping them satisfied.
    —Andy Kaufman

    Listen to the other person’s story so well that you can say it as well as them.
    —Donny Ebenstein

    Book: Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader* by Herminia Ibarra
    Book: I Hear You* by Donny Ebenstein

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