228: Practical Storytelling That Isn’t Awkward, with David Hutchens
Published January 18, 2016
44 min
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    David Hutchens
    Author, Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators and Meaning Makers*
    If you’ve found telling stories awkward in leadership, David Hutchens shows us how to leverage practical storytelling for results. David previously appeared on CFL148: The Four Stories Leaders Need For Influence.
    The most important part of the work [of storytelling] is all the stuff that happens after a story is told. When you tell a story, that’s not the end of a conversation, it’s the beginning.
    —David Hutchens

    Instead of me saying, “Hey, this story is important,” I always ask the audience why it’s important, and let them make a case for it. And they always do.
    —David Hutchens

    When a group starts having meaning-making conversations together, they’re surprised at the feeling of connection that it creates.
    —David Hutchens

    You can stumble and stutter your way through the story, but if it’s the right story, and if it’s connected to the work that matters to us, then it can be transformational.
    —David Hutchens

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