223: Start With Why, with Simon Sinek
Published December 14, 2015
39 min
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    Simon Sinek: Start with Why* and Leaders Eat Last*
    Questions from Mastermind members:

    How do you make these ideas part of the operating culture of the organization? —Mike
    I have listened to Simon's book, Why Leaders Eat Last. Simon provided a lot of examples of what he calls the circle of safety. His philosophy and ideas are rational. Does he have data to support that getting buy in on his philosophy is actually good for business by reducing costs or increasing profits? —Chris

    Companies should not be deciding their purpose or cause based on market research. That’s like a politician deciding what their vision is based on poll numbers.
    —Simon Sinek

    The first step to becoming that leader we wish we had is to actually want to be the leader.
    —Simon Sinek

    It’s about all about purpose and creating strong human relationships, and learning your “Why” gives you a massive advantage in decision-making.
    —Simon Sinek

    Fulfillment comes through service to others. When we make it about ourselves, it never really works. When we make it about others, it really feels amazing.
    —Simon Sinek

    If your kid has a bad report card, you don’t put him up for adoption, you get him a tutor. If someone has performance issues at the company, you don’t fire them, you coach them.
    —Simon Sinek

    Leadership is a process, and it requires commitment.
    —Simon Sinek

    The only way to find out if it will work is to do it.
    —Simon Sinek

    Leaders are not responsible for the numbers; leaders are responsible for the people responsible for the numbers.
    —Simon Sinek

    Book: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action* by Simon Sinek
    Book: Leaders Eat Last* by Simon Sinek
    TED talk: How great leaders inspire action


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