208: How to Motivate People and More Questions
Published September 7, 2015
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    Bonni Stachowiak
    Teaching in Higher Ed

    Bonni mentioned episode 84: Daniel Pink on To Sell is Human

    We also mentioned and recommended the book Drive by Daniel Pink* as a great resource on how to motivate people
    Audio Question from Jenga
    ”The only way to influence someone is to find out what they want and show them how to get it." -Dale Carnegie

    Dave mentioned the Carnegie Coach series on “innerviewing:”

    Carnegie Coach episode 39: Get To Know People Without Being Awkward
    Carnegie Coach episode 40: Just the Facts, Ma’am
    Carnegie Coach episode 41: Discovering Another Person’s Motives
    Caring Coach episode 42: How to Know What People Value

    Question from Tyler
    How do you get off the phone with someone who is a long-winded "good ole boy?" My analysts each work with lots of sales reps, and many accounts.

    We have a few sales reps who like to call every day, and invariably the call ends up being 15-25 minutes. A lot of drawn out, slow responses. Talking about local news, smalltalk before they want to get down to business.

    This is a really essential part of the local culture, but my team doesn't have time for it. If every rep did that every day, we'd have to work 16 hours a day just to get off the phones.

    Bonni mentioned How to End a Conversation video posted on The Art of Manliness
    Question from Roger
    I am a trainer in a corporation that just went through an acquisition. My manager has assured me that he likes training and will keep this position for the foreseeable future. He’s has asked me about my future plans/desires, my answer was that I love the role I am in but would like to make it grow into a “Manager” position since my duties vary especially now.

    My current project may take a few years. At the same time I am very engaged with my home facility trying to create and be a part of any new systems or leadership training for my local/regional team. Any advice from you and Bonni? These are the areas I “think” I want to grow and need help to “intraprenurally” achieve:

    Remain a crucial component to the company in the current training role.
    Evolve the role into mentoring, technical and future training opportunities.
    Create a manager position to grow into.

    I do not have any specific training credentials or graduate degrees just 20+ years of service in various capacities.
    Audio Question from Phil
    Dave mentioned finding Transitioning Vets by Bill Nowicki on iTunes

    Dave recommends the following article on mentoring:

    10 Ways to Be a Better Mentor From Those Who’ve Done It
    Feed Your Career Octopus: Tips For Finding (And Keeping) Awesome Mentors

    “Sometimes our nervousness can translate into a deep, high regard for another person and what they’ve contributed.” -Bonni Stachowiak
    Question from Shannon
    I'm struggling with a boss whose management style is "adhoc-cratic". In addition, she values relationships but not timely and thorough intra office communication, and she is slow to follow through.

    This has delayed work and caused much tension and poor communication with our senior leadership. One senior leader says she holds me equally responsible, though this seems completely unfair given the power dynamics and balance of responsibility, especially when it comes to managing the work of other staff.

    I've taken on much responsibility to compensate, but am concerned that I can't do both of our jobs in the long-term. I have two young children and 90 hour work weeks are not possible. Without additional staff, I would burn out and the timeliness and quality of the work might be compromised. How do I manage up in this situation?
    Reminder from Duke
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