192: How to Create Team Guidelines, with Susan Gerke
Published May 11, 2015
39 min
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    Susan Gerke
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    Susan was last appeared on three prior shows:

    21: Your Strengths and Blind Spots
    138: The Four Unique Types of Teams
    139: How To Maximize Team Performance

    On a true team, the work is all integrated.

    Don’t create guidelines yourself and give them to the team.

    A starting point for how to create team guidelines is what did not work well on a previous team.

    “The dialogue that happens while team guidelines are being created is almost the highest value thing that happens.” -Susan Gerke

    It’s important to have everyone present at a team meeting.

    Creating operating guidelines is really foundational work for a team.

    If you don’t do these kinds of things for your team, where do you go when you’re struggling?

    How to keep it visible:

    Don’t go past 8 guidelines for a team
    Have a team rate themselves on each item immediately
    Assess the same number a regular meetings (monthly and then quarterly)
    Make changes along the way, but use a structured process
    Disagreement is the sign of a healthy team

    We also mentioned Susan’s business partner David Hutchens, who appeared on episode 148: The Four Stories Leaders Need For Influence

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