183: Use Technology To Build and Strengthen Relationships, with Tim Stringer
Published March 9, 2015
47 min
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    Show notes
    Tim Stringer
    Technically Simple and Learn OmniFocus

    Connect in Person to Strengthen Relationships

    Tim mentioned the podcast Home Work, a show for people who work at home
    Dave’s team at Dale Carnegie meets once a month for half a day
    Tim mentioned his co-working space, HiVE Vancouver

    Make Intentionally Richer Connections

    Move your level of communication up a level
    When possible, seek out the opportunity to connect by video
    We both recommend Zoom for video conferencing

    Ways to Stay Connected

    Participate in a mastermind group
    Attend a class that utilizes video-conferencing

    Social Media

    Tim and Dave both utilize Twitter and follow a limited number of people
    Ask the second question when interaction online, especially with a first connection


    Sign-up for a free account with Zoom
    Tim has an affiliate relationship with Zoom. If your needs require a Zoom Pro account, utilize this link.
    Tim offers courses on Holistic Productivity that utilize many of the principles and technology we spoke of on this episode
    Tim recommends ShareDesk, a worldwide directory of co-working and meeting spaces, for those who are outside of Vancouver.
    Tim also suggests Meetup.com
    Learn more about Tim’s Holistic Productivity model from his prior appearance on Coaching for Leaders episode 151.


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    The next Q&A show is episode 187 on the topic of Coaching

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    Steve Kane from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia
    Steve mentioned the personal knowledge management system that Bonni and I reviewed in detail on episode 129

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