180: Do This for a Productive Week
Published February 16, 2015
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    The Weekly Review for the Most Productive Week
    1. Block Time
    I complete my weekly review either Sunday evening or early Monday morning. Pick a time that will work consistently in your schedule.

    2. Record What Worked
    I don’t have an issue remembering what didn’t work, so I discipline myself to write down what did work last week. That way, I recognize strengths.

    3. Review Goals
    I do a full read of the annual goals I created at the beginning of the year, so I know where I am headed.

    4. Determine Next Actions
    I decide the next action for each annual goal to advance me closer.

    5. Flag 3-5 Actions
    I pick the 3-5 actions (fewer is better) than I will commit to complete this week. I leave the rest of them for another week.

    6. Remove Flags from Last Week
    If there are still flagged items remaining from last week (often the case) I remove them if they are not already on this week’s list. This is an administrative step.

    7. Review Projects in OmniFocus
    I review all my projects in OmniFocus* for important tasks that might need to be added to the week.

    8. Review Habits and Set Focus
    I review my daily habits on Coach.me for the last week to see where I did well and where I fell short. Then, I pick a focus habit for the week so I can realign with one I’ve been missing. I write it on my office board.

    9. Review Calendar for 14 Days
    Looking ahead to just this week isn’t good enough and I won’t think to look to the following week until Friday. Reminding myself to do this is key.

    10. Review Tasks for 7 Days
    I review all my tasks in the OmniFocus* forecast view, just to be sure I’m aware of busier days ahead.

    11. Block Time
    I schedule or block time that I need to be doing something (like a client meeting) if not already booked. I work hard to minimize this to only things I must do at a certain time.
    Download My Weekly Review Checklist

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