168: Three Hot Spots in Employment Law
Published November 24, 2014
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    How much do you know about employment law? If you’re a leader in an organization, having a base knowledge about how to limit your liability is prudent. Today, three current hot spots in employment law and what you need to know.

    Laura Schiesl
    Partner, Molever Conelly PLLC

    1. Social media

    One general best practice is to have a social media policy if you don’t already have one.
    Social media guidelines from the National Labor Relations board (see pages 22-24)

    2. Employment classification

    Independent contractor vs. employees
    United States Department of Labor 6-factor economic realities test
    United States Department of Labor on independent contractors
    Internal Revenue Service Section 530 relief requirements
    California Department of Industrial Relations on worker misclassification

    3. Wages and hours

    United States Department of Labor Overtime Pay Requirements of the FLSA

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    Dave recommended the book Law 101* by Jay Feinman and The Legal Seagull podcast by Neer Lerner

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