166: How to Work in Different Cultures
Published November 10, 2014
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    If you work with or work in different cultures, Nathan Czubaj, author of Emails from Mumbai*, will inspire your attitude about what matters most.

    Nathan Czubaj
    Author, Emails from Mumbai*
    Senior Vice President, Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles

    I wanted go somewhere that would really be different…that I could learn most about the world and most about myself.

    Talking to people is most helpful.
    Pick up some of the language, at least the greetings and please/thank you.
    Give yourself time for the mental preparation.
    “I’m never going to find the things that I’m used to. I need to get used to the things that I can have.” -Nathan Czubaj
    “I didn’t need all the things that I thought I needed. My definition of wants and needs changed radically.” -Nathan Czubaj


    Some of the obstacles are how people do business that you would never expect.
    It was hard to impose my way of doing things and our Western way.
    People don’t always trust Westerners.
    What you’ve been successful with back home doesn’t necessarily translate.

    Attitudes and Behaviors

    I had to forget that I was an American and try to be a local.
    “Today is going to be more memorable than the most memorable day all year back home. I’m going to learn more today than I would in a typical month back home.” -Nathan Czubaj

    100% of the proceeds from Emails from Mumbai* are going to benefit iSanctuary, an organization that works in India to help end the global challenge of human trafficking.

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