162: Three Elements of Effective Business Alliances
Published October 13, 2014
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    None of us can be great at everything and neither are our organizations. On today’s show, three key elements to consider for forming an effective alliance with another leader or organization.

    Guest: Aaron Kent
    CEO, Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles

    Aaron was last on the show on episode #35: You Don’t Have to Be a Trainer to Know How to Hire One.
    Find Industry Overlap

    In the same world as you, but not in a competitive place with you
    Each party brings insight and resources that wouldn't be available to the other
    Focus on what you are best in the world at, and form alliances in other areas
    Aaron mentioned the book Good to Great by Jim Collins*

    Clear and Immediate Financial Value Overlap

    Identify where a win-win outcome can be that benefits both parties
    This doesn't necessarily mean a dollar for dollar match
    Be sure it's measurable
    Aaron mentioned How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie*
    Dave mentioned How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie*
    Dave mentioned The Quick and Easy Way To Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie*

    Committing Resources to the Relationship and Sustaining it Over Time

    It's easy for an alliance to lose importance when it's not with a paying customer
    Think of an alliance partner like you would a paying client
    Dedicate a person or resource directly to the alliance

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