155: Three Strategies To Build Talent In Your Organization
Published August 25, 2014
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    The organizational talent you attract or build should lead to results. Mark Allen, author of Aha Moments In Talent Management, shares three strategies to get us there.

    Mark Allen, Ph.D.
    Author, Aha Moments In Talent Management
    Practitioner Faculty of Organizational Theory and Management at Pepperdine University

    “Having better people is the best source of competitive advantage, so attracting top talent is a top priority. Be willing to do whatever it takes to bring in top talent. Do not let your own policies prevent you from hiring exceptional people.” -Mark Allen

    Ask for the rationale for why rules are in place that are preventing talent acquisition

    “The job of manager requires specific skills and abilities. Promotion should be based on the ability to do the next job, not performance in the current job. Good performance should be rewarded appropriately, but promotion should not be a reward for past performance.” -Mark Allen

    Check out Google’s Quest to Build A Better Boss to learn more about Project Oxygen.

    “If you’re going to treat training and development as an investment, then you must be able to demonstrate a return on that investment. That means that every program should be designed to deliver a specific business result and should be held accountable for achieving that result.” -Mark Allen

    Mark referenced Donald Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation
    “60-90% of everything that people learn in a training program never gets used on the job.” -Mark Allen
    “Begin with the end in mind.” -Stephen Covey

    Coaching for Leaders listeners can purchase Mark's book at a 15% discount from the publisher at http://astd.org/ahamoments
    Ask these two questions when planning your next talent development program

    How will this improve at least one key business result?
    How will you measure it?


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