154: Eight Ways To Use Power For Good
Published August 18, 2014
29 min
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    Dave Stachowiak: Eight Types of Power
    A brief word from Power vs. Force* by David Hawkins

    In 1959, French & Raven identified several types of power in their research:
    1. Reward power

    Giving something of value

    2. Expert power

    Knowledge, competence, and experience

    3. Referent power

    Personality and charisma to influence others

    4. Legitimate

    We have the legitimate right to command given our position in the organization

    In 1975, Raven & Kruglanski added to the list...
    5. Connection power

    Access to powerful people and organizations

    6. Information power

    Access to information that other parties don’t have

    In 1989, Liberatore et al. added...
    7. Group decision-making power

    The decisions an entire organization gets behind

    Finally, in 1991, Yukl & Falbe identified...
    8. Persuasive power

    The ability to influence through logic and dialogue

    A brief word about force

    Coercive “power” is also cited in the research
    This is the force against will - to threaten punishment and deliver penalty
    Effective leaders have two directives when considering force:

    1. Use it only as a last result
    2. To be certain, at least beyond a reasonable doubt, that it’s justified

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