153: Where To Start With Succession Planning
Published August 11, 2014
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    A lot of leaders never take succession planning seriously because they feel like they either don’t need it or know where to start. Today, how to start with succession planning.

    Guest: Bill Bliss
    Bliss & Associates, Inc.
    Author, Success In the C-Suite: Top Seven Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement

    Bill last appeared on episode #118: What's The Difference Between Management and Leadership
    Myths and stopping points of succession planning

    The organization is only mine (I own it)
    The organization is too small
    I don’t know how to create a plan
    In reality, a lot of people just don’t want to make the hard decisions.

    Succession planning strategies and principles:
    1. Development of leaders requires an investment of time and money

    Look at where the company needs to be five years from now - that’s where the discussion starts
    Then determine the competencies that will need to be ready at that time
    “The number one role of any leader is to identify and prepare their successor.” -Bill Bliss

    2. Successful leadership development is a multi-faceted approach

    Bill mentioned the Center for Creative Leadership as a resource
    Mentorship is valuable for some organizations, as is experiential leadership
    Coaching is also very valuable for individuals

    3. Backup succession plans are a necessity, not a luxury

    Don’t place all your eggs in one basket

    4. Legacy leaders must learn to completely let go

    Develop interests outside of the organization if you are leading and plan to leave

    5. Leaders willingly subordinate their own pride and ego for the sake of the success of the organization
    Step one: where is the organization going to be 3-5 years from now?
    “Begin with the end in mind.” -Stephen Covey
    Practical Action

    What action are you taking on your 3-5 year action plan?
    Respond to that question on the show page and we'll enter you into a drawing to receive a free copy of Bill's book, plus feedback and encouragement from Bill and Dave.


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