151: How To Be More Productive, with Tim Stringer
Published July 28, 2014
36 min
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    Many of us struggle with being more productive. Here are four steps we can all take to get better results.

    Guest: Tim Stringer
    Holistic Productivity Online Courses

    “There’s only two problems in life. Either you don’t know where you’re going or you don’t know the next step.” -Tim Stringer, paraphrasing David Allen

    Tim recommended Tony Schwartz's book Be Excellent At Anything*
    Step 1 - Reflection

    Tim recommends journaling to separate the noise from what’s most important
    The Day One app* is an excellent resource for this

    Step 2 - Accepting life as is
    Step 3 - Focus on one thing

    A positive shift in one area of life will influence many other areas
    It’s a lot easier to get early wins by starting with one area first

    Step 4 - Inspired action

    Work on a specific action for a 90-day period
    Think a strategize about your action like it’s already occurred


    Name projects the define the objective
    Due dates only when things are actually due


    OmniFocus for the Mac* and iPhone*
    Holistic Productivity Courses
    Holistic Productivity from The Omni Group on Vimeo.

    Practical action

    Try journaling for a week


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