150: Three Steps to Take After You Conduct a Survey
Published July 21, 2014
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    The three key steps to take after you conduct a survey, with the recent Coaching for Leaders listener survey as our case study.
    Guest: Bonni Stachowiak

    1. Thank people

    Dave used Surveymonkey.com for the listener survey

    2. Share the results

    Resources for visualizing results

    Column Five


    Over 100 people participated
    40% have graduate degrees
    75% of listeners are managers

    Of those, 60% have managed five years or more


    Dave needs to be more concise (introductions and show length)
    People want to continue to hear more advice for practical action
    People like and want more Q&A

    3. Take action

    Show length will be 30-40 minutes
    Advice or practical action at the end of each episode
    Question and answer show the first Monday of the month (submit your question)

    Products and services

    Free online resource library is coming
    Paid monthly membership with access to weekly training videos will start with a private beta test

    Email Dave at feedback@coachingforleaders.com if you'd like to be considered for the private beta test

    Bonni started a podcast!

    The Teaching In Higher Ed podcast is live on iTunes and Stitcher

    Practical action

    Thank someone who has completed something for you that has not yet been thanked


    Do you agree with the survey results? Join the conversation: http://coachingforleaders.com/150
    Comments, questions, or feedback for future Q&A shows: http://coachingforleaders.com/feedback
    Next question and answer show is episode #152

    Topic: Career direction
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