148: The Four Critical Stories Leaders Need For Influence, with David Hutchens
Published July 7, 2014
39 min
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    Leaders often hear about influence through storytelling, but don't know where to start. Here are four stories to tell and how to get started.


    Guest: David Hutchens
    Author of the Upcoming Book: Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators

    Storytelling is utilized for influence

    “It’s more important to tell a strategic story, to tell the right story, even if you don’t tell it particularly well.” -David Hutchens

    The starting point of telling stories is permission

    Storytelling is a skill that nobody really has to learn since it’s our natural language

    Leaders needs to give themselves permission to tell a story in their organization

    The 4 stories leaders need to tell

    Who we are stories - what it means to be us

    Think about the stories parents and caregivers told you when you were young about what it was like growing up for them
    When we do this, we impart information about what we believe and who we are today
    Every organization and team has an origin story
    David shared the origin story of General Electric
    A story from a leader always has a reason for telling it
    What are the identity and origin stories that you have?

    Vision stories - the future we desire

    These stories should be told in present tense language
    You can tell a story about somebody else that is already doing what it is you envision
    You might tell a story about someone else if it’s a big jump from where the organization is today

    Values in action stories - how the espoused values show up in our organization

    David mentioned Zappos and the stories they create about customer service
    The stories being told also affect how members of the organization make future choices
    The right story should reconnect people with why they really care about this work

    Change and learning stories - the stories about a time we tried something and learned from it

    This is generally the hardest story to tell
    Think about the leaders you’ve loved and appreciated the most (the best ones do this well)
    These stories can build culture and loyalty
    David shared the failure story of New Coke
    Here’s the structure:

    I tried something
    Here’s the bad result I got
    Here’s why I got that bad result
    Here’s how I’m now changing my behavior so I get a better result next time

    Don’t try to change your voice and be a professional storyteller: talk like you


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