147: How To Be More Creative – Todd Henry of Accidental Creative
Published June 30, 2014
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    Creativity isn’t the first thing that I hear most leaders wanting to get better at. However, most of us can reap huge rewards by being more creative. On today’s how, why we should care about creativity and how to get better at it.

    Guest: Todd Henry
    Author, The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant At A Moment's Notice*

    “Creativity, at the heart of it, is problem solving.” -Todd Henry

    “We are creatures of habit and creatures of comfort.” -Todd Henry

    Focus is a key element of creative work

    Those who are most effective can define their work very well.
    Define your work by establishing challenges.
    “When we start framing up work as problem statements rather than as projects, it completely changes the way that we approach the work itself.” -Todd Henry

    Hours of work is important element of work and creativity to look at

    “You’re not being paid for replying to emails quickly. You’re being paid for the value you contribute to the organization.” -Todd Henry
    Most people don’t make dedicated time to think and process important things.

    Stimulus makes a big difference in shifting your perspective and tapping into your creativity

    If you want to have deep thoughts, immerse yourself in the minds of great people.
    Books are hugs helps to do this, and not just business books.

    Capture ideas in some way

    Todd uses notecards to capture his ideas
    Later, he’ll process which ideas are helpful or actionable

    Todd has learned to use seasonal rhythms in order to be most effective

    What’s one action you could take to be more creative?


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