146: Three Things To Stop Doing In Leadership
Published June 23, 2014
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    Perspective from Steve Richardson, author of Become a Better Leader in 30 Days*, on what to stop doing in leadership.

    Guest: Steve Richardson
    Author, Become A Better Leader in 30 Days*

    “All leaders manage, but not all managers lead.” -Steve Richardson

    Three things not to do when managing people

    Avoid managing by suggestion

    Managers do this when they don’t want to be accountable

    What do people really want from leaders?


    Avoid managing by hoping

    These managers maintain a positive attitude, but don’t really know how things are going
    Employees learn that managers like this want to hear only good news

    Avoid managing by redoing

    Some managers take on the work of employees and will re-do it
    This is trap for people who were the start performers in the previous role
    We mentioned episode #117: The Seven Steps You Follow To Delegate Work

    “Doing something well myself is different than doing something well through other people.” -Steve Richardson

    Ask: How can I help you?

    The response “fine” does not necessarily mean fine
    Ask the next question to find out what’s really going on

    Steve's triangle of managing people: Fair, Friendly, and Firm

    One of these will typically take the lead in one situation
    What does this person most need right now?
    It takes tension to keep them in balance
    Let intuition govern what takes the lead in any given situation

    What should you stop doing?


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