144: How We Do Things Around Here To Get Results
Published June 9, 2014
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    When someone says to you, “Well, that’s just how we do things around here” you can be sure that you’ve just stumbled into organizational culture in a big way. Today, how to recognize it, why it matters, and what it means for actual results.

    Guest: Dr. Kent Rhodes
    Practitioner Faculty, Pepperdine University
    Consultant, The Family Business Consulting Group

    Culture is how we do things around here

    Three Levels of Culture from Edgar Schein

    Espoused values
    Underlying assumptions

    Culture is difficult to identify when you are inside of it

    Organizations confuse climate and culture

    Climate comes from the outside and tends to be more temporary
    Culture is what is happening internally and more difficult to change



    Organizational Culture and Leadership* by Edgar Schein
    Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture* by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn


    The Trader Joe's Experience by Mark Mallinger and Gerry Rossy
    Recognizing Organizational Culture in Managing Change by Mark Mallinger, Don Goodwin, and Tetsuya O'Hara
    The Competitive Advantage of Culture in a Family Business by Kelly LeCouvie and Kent Rhodes


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