139: How To Maximize Team Performance
Published May 5, 2014
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    Many of us have heard about the four stages of team development. In this episode, you’ll discover what to do at each stage as a leader or team member to maximize performance of the entire team.

    Guest: Susan Gerke from GoTeam

    This model originates with Bruce Tuckman in the 1960’s


    Susan and I discuss the issues at each stage above and the actions that both team members and leaders can take in order to maximize team performance.

    There are several options when conflict emerges:

    Reform the team
    Do good
    Feel good
    Deal with the conflict

    There are also several ways that change itself can happen to a team:

    Leadership changes
    Membership changes
    Changes to the purpose and goals of the team


    The I in Team* by Susan Gerke
    Go Team by Susan Gerke and David Hutchens

    What’s one action you will take to be more proactive with your team’s development?


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    Question from Kris:

    I've been involved in in management position for the last 8 years. Now I have received a job proposal to work for another project in a much more advanced role. As you can understand I feel really flattered and at the same time a bit confused weather I am ready for this step up or not. Now my question is: What do I need to take in consideration, what can I do take my confusion away and what kind of training will assist me in my conquest to become a senior leader?

    Check out the new leader tag on the site
    The First 90 Days* by Michael Watkins
    42 Rules For Your New Leadership Role* by Pam Fox Rollin
    Spend time talking to people in your organization
    Dale Carnegie or Coaching for Leaders

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