131: How To Control Your Emotions and Take The Next Step
Published March 10, 2014
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    Bonni and I respond to community questions on taking the next step in difficult situations.

    First question from Khrist and a few suggestions from us:

    Recognize your hot buttons or trigger point
    Avoid handling things in the midst of anger and emotion, if you can avoid them (for example, don't send emails when angry)
    Instead, write out your thoughts just for yourself
    Get input from others who are not as close to the situation
    Start with questions and not accusations/assumptions
    Sometimes a bit of expressed anger or frustration is OK, assuming it is genuine
    Consider what you are really able to do or not do
    Give yourself grace too - none of us are perfect at handling these situations
    In fact, we discover the most from imperfect situations
    Book recommendation: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown*
    Book recommendation: Difficult Conversations*
    Video recommendation: Brene Brown's first and second TED talks
    Past podcast recommendation: How to Lead When Someone is Driving You Nuts [episode #48]

    Second question from Huzefa and a few suggestions from us:

    What is it you want about being an entrepreneur and could you achieve it without the risk?
    Three elements you'd need to be successful:

    Skill in the field
    Passion for the work
    Market of customers who will pay what you are worth

    Could you do a test-run or two on a small client project that would prove your model and lessen risk?
    Book recommendation: Empowered manager by Peter Block*
    Book recommendation: Business Model Generation*
    Book recommendation: Business Plan In A Day by Rhonda Abrams*


    On this topic: http://coachingforleaders.com/131
    General comments, questions, or feedback: http://coachingforleaders.com/feedback

    The next question and answer show is episode #135 and the topic for questions is training. Record your questions at this link. Here are a few common questions we've heard to get you thinking:

    How can I maximize the training I'm doing for others?
    What's the best way to train someone?
    How do I benefit most from the training program I'm going through right now?
    What can my organization do to measure training results?
    How do I design a training program?
    And many more - anything related to training is fair game!

    Apologies that some of the graphics aren’t working perfectly on the weekly update emails and podcast apps - I’m looking into it and it will get resolved soon!

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