Fantastic information
Truly immeasurable just how beneficial the information he shares is! I highly recommend to ALL!!
Excellent Content
Just starting to Thrive
I appreciate all the effort Dave puts into the show. As a nurse I’ve seen some patients be dismissed as crazy, non-compliant or drug seeking because conventional medicine does not have the answer for them at this time. I’m glad that there are shows like this one that discuss topics like food, environment and past traumas that can help guide people to take control of their lives. I truly believe that we are all intended to be healthy and vibrant. With all the misinformation out there we just need a little clarity. Keep up the good work 🙌
Awesome Podcast!!!
Clarisse Gomez
Dave, host of the Bullet Proof Radio podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Waste of time
This guy is a self promoter
Too self-centered and self promoting
PT 29
There’s a lot of good info in some of these podcasts, but I have increasingly become annoyed with Dave’s inability to just let his guests speak and his tendency to constantly bring up irrelevant personal stories and reference his previous podcast episodes. I am finding I get a lot more utility from other, more professionally-handled podcasts.
Criticizes Audience @ Overpriced Ads
Great guests and information, but Dave often interrupts his guests and criticizes his audience members that do not subscribe to his health opinions. Also, there are so many adds trying to sell overpriced health and wellness products. It’s obvious the target audience is not someone living within a budget.
He needs to learn how to listen
He needs to learn how to 👂
Great show great content
I very much appreciate the content. Simmer down on talking up the personal endorsements
Mind Body Soul
Dr. Annaliese
I’ve been a listener for about 5 years now and every interview I’ve listened to I can somehow apply to myself or a friend/loved one. Dave’s (self taught) knowledge is astounding! Keep up the good work!! You’re improving lives on a profound and viral level!
Life changing! Most important podcast ever!
Teresa Piwowar
Take charge of your health. Get optimal results. Best most reliable source for accurate updated information. Thank you Dave Asprey for pioneering bio hacking, circulating and cultivating the truth about how we all have the ability to take personal responsibility for our own health and most importantly giving us the accurate information necessary to be on and stay the most beneficial path. Dave, you're priceless. What you are doing for yourself and all of us is so very very important. You've created a whole new world. I listen everyday. Wish I could find words to effectively express my enormous gratitude. Thank you. Respectfully yours, Teresa
Dr. James Gordon
This was an exceptional episode. Great share and will definitely check out his book. (Already have all of yours). But please, can we ask him to change his battery in his smoke detector? It was subtle but obvious to someone in the fire service. Much love and keep being awesome! Jacquie
Thought-Provoking and Fascinating!
Best podcast out there!
A great array of health info
It’s always a new learning experience whenever I tune in to the Bulletproof podcast. They’re more than just butter coffee. It’s a platform to host top researchers and thinkers in the field of health, cognition, performance, you name it. Sometimes they use weird tech like near infrared light therapy devices (which actually ends up not being weird at all) and sometimes they just remind you to get back to basics and stop giving your body crap. Either way, I always find myself researching words or topics from the podcast after I listen. So I’d recommend anyone to tune in and give it a listen.
Great way to learn about health
Very thankful Dave Asprey takes the time and energy to produce this podcast. While I don’t agree with all his views I’ve learned so much across such a variety of topics. Most importantly he and the guest always tell you how to put what you’ve learned into action.
eclectic and amazing
great guests!
Awesome Content
Always fresh and interesting new content. Love your interviews . Keep up the great work.
Sometimes when I’m feeling down, I see that a new podcast was uploaded, and it’s therapeutic. I’ll fall off track, and it’s ok. Each podcast is a reminder that it’s ok to fail, and I can always bounce back. Bulletproof radio is my dbt and it’s helped shape my behaviors and attitude towards progress. Thanks
Interesting at first But...
Interesting topics but overall Dave is not a very compelling interviewer. He constantly refers back to himself in a self aggrandizing manner an example is in the Gretchen Rubin episode Dave “It didn’t work (making a million dollars as a youth), I was 26 when I made a million dollars, actually I made 6 million” that’s just one example of many where he inflates his ego frequently. Also the interviewee in many episodes actually corrects his “knowledge” often and he acquiesces. I find this off putting in general. He also admits to taking prescription drugs and promoting them thus seems questionable to say the least. If his anti aging protocols are so effective why does he look much older than he is (and I’m sure he looks even older in person) not trying to make fun of his age or looks it just seems like that should correspond at least somewhat to the anti aging / health claims. Overall it often appears to just be a platform to promote his brand / products. I’m not saying there isn’t some good here and interesting topics discussed but overall the more I listen the more suspicious I become. I’ll continue to listen but you’re probably loosing me here soon Dave...
DNA tests
Audrey in Florida
Dave is never boring, always on the cutting edge and funny too. I’ve learned so much from him. What DNA test is best - 23 and Me or another one? Audrey
My health IQ has improved greatly.
It's so rewarding to hear all the different opinions and experience Dave's interviews offer. I have learned so much after listening for 2 years, I have enough information to question my physicians' opinions intelligently. If you seriously want to take charge of your body's health, I recommend listening to these podcasts whenever you can - car, kitchen, on walks, etc... Yes, Dave sells his products during the show, but so what - that in no way skews the information you will hear.
Cherry picking
S. J. K.
I grab what is relevant to me. It is all worth listening to, but with a limited amount of time I can’t listen to everything. I wish there was one on sleep apnea.
Fantastic Podcast
Justin Budfuloski
Dave is really great at bringing on all kinds of professionals who have many different backgrounds and opinions on things. It’s refreshing to see the openness towards different perspectives and creating an environment that is ok to explore all ideas and research for the sake of bettering humanity.
Expression of gratitude for sharing empowering knowledge
Relax just BE
I have been listening for the past two years and benefited greatly from the knowledge you openly have shared and introduced to so many. An example of an impactful episode for me was episode #429 Egoscue ( I transformed from hunchback to bountiful energy and more confidence with better posture) Thank you Dave for the positive ripple effect you’re creating in the world. As an expression of my gratitude I would like to return the favor and offer a complementary distance energy healing session using a healing art I practice called Creation Healing, The Soul’s Supreme Flight. For the reader on the fence about giving this podcast a chance; know that it is an informative inspirational podcast and it covers a wide range of life optimizing topics that includes but is not limited to everything from science to spirituality.... A chance to explore outside the box and stimulate your curiosity while benefiting your health greatly. I love your consistent message of the importance of expressing gratitude and giving back to each other. This is my expression of gratitude towards you and your team! 🙏
One of my favorite podcasts!
I’ve been listening for a couple of years and I’ve learned so much and find it truly entertaining. Thank you!
Used to be good
being brig vern
Has turned into nothing more than sales pitch for books and products. Also, Dave is so vested in Bulletproof how can you trust his information is accurate and impartial versus trying to make a sales. They are much better podcasts out there now like Ben Greenfield and Peter Attia.
Good content
I like the guests, and much of the podcast content has informed changes I’ve made to my diet. I wish Dave prepared a little more for interviews and asked more thoughtful questions of the guests. He often tells the same stories about himself, or talks about what he already knows, instead of asking thoughtful questions about the guests’ research or books.
Deserving of the space
I don’t often take the time to write reviews and I think deep down I was reluctant to like this guy at first. I think it was all the ads. But wow! His content is so thoughtful and enriching. He has really intelligent well-spoken guests who open my mind to new ideas every time. I look forward to listening regularly. Well done!
So Fun!
Episode 635 was amazing. I loved that doctor!
I just wanna let you know that I admire your work, you are indeed special how ever in this episode about kindness. Being kind it’s about a divine connection with the all mighty God which He is about love and living for others. Kindness it’s a work out your heart rate has to go up for others. It’s letting God act through you! If God it’s not in your actions it’s not kindness it’s for your self to feel good!
Getting it
:) HSW Colorado
His examples help you get the fundamentals Neville teaches. Really good job.
Often like the content but just can’t get past “in my book....”. Dave really likes to talk about himself.
Great content BUT so many ads
I’m no more than 20 minutes in and there’s been 3 ads.
Bluewater Dee
Best podcast to listen to on my way to and from work. I can then go to the show notes and follow up on what subjects are of intrest and products to try. Thanks for keeping this going for so long. Love you biohack box too!
Bulletproof radio podcasts
I love this podcast and Dave Asprey for finding such amazing people to interview and learn from - I have learned so much from each podcast and have bought many of the speaker’s books including of course Asprey’s books which are informative and fascinating. Keep up the awesome work.
Don’t make the interview about yourself
Christian Segall
Great guests. If only he asked them questions about their work and didn’t make the podcast about him.
Nice products, but
Would appreciate it if you would not say God **** Thats offensive. I cant listen to your podcasts if you’re using this word. Thank you.
Shaun H6
I’ll keep it simple, this is literally the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s absolutely brilliant and it’s life changing.
Thank you Dave
Thank you for producing such an awesome podcast. The guests, information and even Bullet Proof promotions enlighten on ideas and knowledge that previously I didn’t even know existed.
BG Apps
Life. Changed. I love everything about this podcast. Thank you Dave and all the amazing people you interview.
Kombucha and essential oils
I love your podcast! More than a review I would love to hear more about the alternative “remedies” would be wonderful to hear more what’s your point of view on essential oils and other alternative remedies, like kombucha and tibicos to improve your health.
West M C
Hey Dave, thanks for all of this amazing content. You recently did an episode about hair health and I wanted to mention that your MCT oil has been great to put in the ends of my really long hair. Love it. Sending good vibes and appreciation today✌️😊
True Pioneer!!
Steve Stavs
Pioneer of Pioneers!!
Outstanding and cutting edge!
schulzie ca
The episode with Ken Honda was truly transformative and it will forever change my view on life, money, and help me appreciate rather then fear what happens! Thank you Dave and Bulletproof!
Loves himself a lot
Science isn't marketing
Dave Asprey is very pleased with himself. He’s usually very interested in having his guests confirm that his lifestyle or product is brilliant. These aren’t probing, challenging interviews. They are sales pitches. Asprey makes plenty of sweeping statements to indicate that his n=1 is correct with only his anecdotal experience to back up his claims. If you like Dr. Mercola you will live Asprey. They are cut from the same cloth. If you like to rely on actual science that is not trying to sell you something try another podcast.
Brand Ambassador
So much gratitude for this man, this brand, these products and ongoing education. I'm absolutely going to become a Bulletproof Coach e.g. Human Potential Coach and get paid for the information I share already.
Dr. Paul Saladino
Dr. Paul Saladino interview
AMAZING interview with Dr. Saladino. Please have him back. I wanted him to talk longer! Thanks for having him on. He has critical information on health and diet.
Used to love it
But now I’m frustrated that all the items you talk about only about 25% of people can afford To either have the test done, or to purchase the vitamins/supplements that you are in all reality trying to sell here. It’s all really great information, but if only a small few can afford it then what’s the use of dangling it out there?
Love it so much
Michael Yost
Been listening for several years and never disappoints. Full of super useful information and have made major improvements in my quality of life and that of my family based on David and his wisdom. So good.
Am I listening to robots on speed?
At first I thought Dave was just a fast talker but I’m now convinced from the tone and speed of all his guests that they have actually sped up the dialogue to the point it’s difficult to follow and I physically feel my heart rate increase as I listen. The topics are interesting and get me thinking about ways I can care better for my body, but I’m not sure how much longer I can listen to this manic dialogue. Recent episodes seem to be worst offenders. Sound editors- please cut it out. I’m about to quit you and I don’t want to
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