Three Option Contract
Great program. I love the 3-option contract. You have a great alternative perspective on several other real estate topics.
Just what I need
Great to the point content. No messing around which is what I need.
Alice/Rosalie Cullen
Unintelligent takes and he buys his followers
The Best
Angel R. 08/2019
I believe that Matt and Mercedes are a perfect example of what is the meaning of "Paying it forward" is! They really do give everything away for free. As Matt says all you have to do is "Move at the Speed of Instruction".
My favorite of all times
Amazing podcast..... I’m listen everyday.... each every episode speaks directly to me.... can’t get enough of it
Mercedes and Matt are the real deal!
I reached out to Mercedes to schedule a call, and, just like she always says, she actually replied to my email and took a 30 minute call with me. On the call, she was very honest with me about a realistic strategy for purchasing my first rental property and laid out some action steps for me to take. If you have any doubt/question don’t hesitate contact Mercedes and Matt today! What are you waiting for?
Thanks Matt!!
Thanks Matt for all this great information!!! You are going to make me and my family wealthy!
This podcast is the best!
Real tips and tricks to close deals! Always good content! Great action steps! Closed my first deal two weeks ago thanks to this podcast! #whatsnewwhatsnext
This show gives me hope that RE investing works and it can work for me!
This show is so excellent and informative! Content is relevant, objective, and I can feel that Mercedes and Matt truly care about people and dreams! This show gives me hope that RE investing works and it can work for me! Thank you so much for being a blessing in my life!
Excellent show
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Matt delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!! For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destine for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually make money in it.
Fast forward?
I wish I could hear the information... when they speak it sounds like it’s on fast forward. Like at the end of a medication commercial listing the symptoms.
Great place information
I began listening to the podcast and I became so motivated I went and bought and closed on my first property and have renters moving. I was very surprised to receive a call from Mercedes and really appreciate the info shared. Thank you and I will be working on 2nd property
I just started listening to the epic real estate podcast recently and the information is presented in a way that makes sense. After listening to one podcast that I really related to I contacted epic real estate, in fact I just hung up the phone with Mercedes. It was a very pleasant experience loaded with helpful information. I look forward to working with them in the future.
Full of great and useable content
I’ve been listening to Matt for a while now and every episode is action packed with real world knowledge and strategies. Blessed to have come across it. Maybe an epic academy spot could be available on the cuff? Ha
Kas Dye
I just got off a call with Mercedes! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and more specifically guiding me in the right direction to actually take massive action and to confirm I was/ am on the right track. The knowledge she shared was PRICELESS! Again, thank you! I anticipate completing the course and partnering with you!
This is EPIC
Ive been listening to Matt and Mercedes’ podcast for a little over a year and Love their passion and energy for real estate. I can see how they really enjoy what they do and also helping other investors with their goals. I recently hopped on a strategy call with Mercedes and received a ton of value in just 30 short minutes. She truly cares for her clients and I look forward to working with her and Cash Flow Savvy in the future. I want to give them 10 stars!!
Fantastic Podcast
Carrick Y
Just recently found this podcast and I can’t even tell you how many episodes I’ve already listened to! Great material and wonderful team. I spoke to Mercedes and she had some great ideas on how to build my portfolio. Highly recommended!!
Honest, clear and REAL PEOPLE!
I have been following Matt for at least 7 years. He has been consistent on his message giving out everything not keeping anything and giving actionable information. Over the years Mercedes and Matt have gained my trust and Most important, they are REAL and APPROACHABLE people. You can actually get to talk to them and get guidance and this is very different from most podcaster. Thank you so much for everything that you do, keep it up! I am counting with you both to continue my education and personal/business growth
The Real Estate Investing go to podcast!
This podcast has given me tremendous light on the REI game. As an active wholesaler I have gained detailed insight into strategies and tactics that other outlets have barely scratched surface with. Definitely a top REI podcast worth paying attention to!
Great Advice
Love this show!
Incredibly helpful
RE GaryP
Matt's insights and teachings are so valuable! I learned a great deal as a beginner and now as a seasoned real estate investor I continue to learn more from him. Matt is as generous as he is knowledgeable. If you're just starting out, check out his free real estate investing course . You can search for it using that description and his name and you won't be sorry.
Just trying to sell you his crap. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Go to Bigger Pockets for Real Estate learning.
Best podcast for real estate investors
Blackmaled Productions
Amazing podcast! I’ve learned so much and recommend this podcast to anyone interested in real estate investing
He Lights a Fire Under You
I’ve been listening to Epic Real Estate Investing on and off over the last five years but have only recently gotten serious about becoming a REI. Matt’s podcast has a way of motivating you to go out there and “do” rather than just “dream.” I’ve loved seeing how the show has evolved over the years and I’m always amazed how I never get bored listening to Matt and his variety of guests. You can tell that he loves his “work” and that he approaches teaching real estate from a perspective of abundance. Love the show. Keep it up!
Life Changing
Matt is the real deal. Real Estate and wealth building is a journey, and Matt is truly selfless with the transparency and knowledge that he gives so freely. Put in the time, move at the speed of his instruction, and you won’t be sorry.
14 lessons=superb!!!
Wow!!! I am gong to dip my toes in passive real estate investing. Stating with education. Your lessons have been incredible. I will look into your website. I have a great job but thinking about the future and this type of investing makes total sense and is something I know I will enjoy. I own my home and do Airbnb on two parts of it. It’s been a success. Thank you for your lessons. Priceless!
Love this!
Absolutely love this podcast! Matt is straight forward! He truly gives you his systems and tools HE personally uses to scale his biz! Not many people actually tell you the tools they use, let alone show you. Thank you so much Matt. Will make it to the next Epic Intensive!
Nothing held back
Matt really gets down into the nuts and bolts and gives you PRACTICAL steps to take to move forward or get started in your REI activities! LOVE this podcast.
A Real Estate Master Class
Top Jimmy Cooks
Matt delivers time and time again with straight talk about what works - and what doesn’t - in real estate. Rare among real estate podcasters, Matt is consistent in his message and provides detailed guidance, not recycled platitudes.
Ashton iMac
Literally one of my favorite podcast! Very straight forward and provides significant confidence to new investors alike!
Great Podcast!
This is fabulous
Highly recommend!
Matt and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on how to achieve long-term wealth through real estate investing. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your life and reach your financial goals!
Winning podcast
This guy is a real estate marketing genius.
Awesome Show!
Great information. I've been wholesaling in Nashville, TN for a few years and Matt's podcast has been my #1 resource. I also attended an Epic Intensive and it was so worth it. Wish I would have gone sooner.
Really good content
Big joe biggie
Matt does a great job explaining in detail the ins and outs of real estate investing.
Awesome Podcast
Brooke Craven
Host Matt highlights all apsects of real estate investing in this can't miss podcast! He offers great insightful advice in an informative and inspirational way.
Real, Practical, Down-to-earth, & Exciting
Matt's Epic podcast is one of the real estate podcasts I consistently and repeatedly listen to. Why? It's not all sensationalism and sales pitches. Matt is an experienced and knowledgable guy who comes across as a total authority on the topic, but in an approachable way that makes you feel like you can start to join in. If you're worried about getting 20 minutes into an episode and it's still all introductory fluff, know that you WON'T have that issue on the Epic Real Estate Investing show.
great show
there are gold nuggets everywhere. I save these for when i travel as well. ive listened to a few different real estate podcasts and this one is the best so far.
You're 10 Stars Buddy!!!!
Thank You MATT!!!! You're not trying to get rich off selling your program to people. you made your riches prior to that. You're so genuine, dedicated, helpful and honest. That makes you the rarest gem in the rough. God bless you bro!
Step by Step instructions
Incredible, easy to follow, step by step instructions, not just high level theory and motivation mumbo jumbo. Thank you Matt for boiling it all down so even a dumb country boy can figure it out.
Amazing Education
Frank Sinda
Matt, thanks so much for continually putting this educational content out there for use to consume. We all appreciate you paying forward your vast knowledge and learnings. Thanks Randy
Great Podcast !
Evan Lewandowski
Matt - I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. There is much to learn from these shows. I love the way Matt Theriault explains and discusses different REI Stratigies. And especially the way you send Motivation throught the airways. You're a Guru in the REI world. Thank you for giving it to us straight !
Another Great One
Wow, Episode 239 was over the top! I took three pages of notes. This one was GOLD! Another hammer for my toolbox!
It's Monday and I just got done listening to the first podcast for November. I'm excited and can't wait learn more. Thanks for starting from the beginning this month and breaking it down. I worry about my future all the time and hope I can keep my mind in this. I'm worried, nervous, and scared at the same time. I better stick with this. Thanks for your time Matt
Another Podcast = More knowledge
Isee Koch
I've been listening to Matt for over a year now, I must say that not too many podcasts has so much information at every episode. The knowledge, courage and comfort Matt provides is phenomenal. Looking forward hearing more of him - cannot get enough of him.
Fake reviews everywhere!
Definitely fake reviews. Have you read some of these reviews? This show is garbage. I tried like 4 episodes and realized it was a waste of time. But to see him pop up on my iTunes search results again and again means he must be going to fiverr or some other site and paying for these five star reviews. iTunes should really investigate because this show is no better than 2 stars. Suspicious!
I love how easy you are to understand. You take these concepts and make them so tangible. So happy I've found you Matt!
Awesome podcast for real estate investors
Love this podcast. I Listen to this on a regular basis. Talks the truth and encourages you to change your mind on the old way of thinking. Savers are losers and streams of cash flow will increase your wealth.
Clear and Concise Podcast
Matt is giving a ton of amazing information I've used to change much of my business today. He's very scientific but simplistic and finally there's someone that makes real estate investing sound fun! Because it is. Thanks Matt!
So much information packed into this show!
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