So thankful!
So so happy this is a podcast!
Full of practical wisdom
I was deeply inspired by this message!
Pastor Steven, I needed this push to move forward. Your the real & raw deal. Thank you for sharing your struggles and how to NEVER QUIT believing in God’s ❤️ love. This message was right on time for me. I have been unable to break free from the “Murphy” attitude, all of life’s disappointment’s and HARD times. Thank you Pastor. My part is to WORSHIP & praise while enduring the process. MY God I can TRUST for the outcome. All the while KNOWING this is a higher calling. To know my GOD is able to save ‼️ BUT even if doesn’t... Though he slay me, yet I will praise Him. By choosing to. Amen 🙏🏼
The sticky point
It spoke to me greatly, it’s exactly how I’ve felt and have been feeling. My heart feels more free. God and Steven Furtick have saved my life in more ways than one. ❤️🙏🏻.
Imma just say “the sticking point” I feel like he was preaching to me...I felt the holy I just wanna say thank you Steven! 👏 👏
Time with God
He is turkey spending time with God and being moved when preparing his sermons. They are very in depth and moving.
what a powerful service. I am rediscovering my own faith and trying to get closer again with god & with finding this podcast it’s helped tremendously!! 💓
Solid Biblical Teaching
I’m blessed and learn every single time I listen to the teaching. I’m assured I’m seen By God in every teaching. God knows me, He knows you, He sees our hardships and struggles but Yet He doesn’t abandon us in our pain. The teaching on Elevation confirms those truths. I need this in my life whether I’m washing dishes or sitting alone. Well done.
God gave you an extraordinary gift and I am blessed that your message has been placed in my path at this exact moment. 6 months ago if I had come across your word my heart would have not been open to receive it. I do not believe in coincidences and God led me to you in His perfect time... Thank you for having the courage to preach such a bold message even if it’s not a ‘trending’ topic to preach. The way you share about the dark periods in your past make me feel like I’m not alone and I 100% appreciate your vulnerability. You don’t sugar coat anything and I can feel God’s presence in my entire being through your word.
Thank you
Pastor Steven you spoke directly into my situation. I lead a women’s small group, but have faced opposition on every side lately. I knew the Holy Spirit was stirring something inside. I have an area of my life that needs to go. Your message gave me the confidence to face the issues head on. Thank you so much for your ministry!
Thank you !
I love his videos so much i listen to them everyday before I go to bed 💗
Wind vs. Word
“Stay focused” has a richer meaning for me!
Trust me I’m Trying
Great message!
Life changing
This church and this podcast has taken my walk with Jesus to a whole new level! I look forward to hearing the Word and the amazing teachings from Pastor Steven every single week!! One of these days I will be at Ballentyne to experience the wonder in person! Thanks Elevation!
Thanks for the spirit filled messages. Your truly a blessing and you are family in my eyes. Continue to be great!
Life Changing
You and all of your guest Pastors have changed my life!
Steven Furtick is the best!
I absolutely love the pastor at my mega church in Cincinnati. I am continually fed at my church. But when I need something extra during the week, Steven Furtick delivers EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!! He speaks God’s truth in the most powerful way. So anointed. I feel so blessed to be able to receive His message, through Steven, from 500 miles away.
Going through some tough times actually the toughest I’ve ever been through with my girlfriend who I love dearly... Pastor Tavrn’s word hit home! Thank you ❤️
Thank you!
I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have been off my anxiety medication for 4 months. This past week my anxiety hasn’t been easy on me. It started with insomnia and now my anxiety has me feeling weak during the day. I pray and pray morning and night for the spirit of anxiety to be taken away and I have a focused mind and I e grown tired of waiting. This sermon has reminded me that the battle might be hard but I am making progress and my God is good all the time ❤️
Paradox of progress
This message hit me hard as I lay in my bed tonight. I needed to hear it. Thank you. Still trying to figure out the definition of paradox. Haha
Trading Truth
CB 400
Pastor Steve is the man! God always blesses me with what I need to hear 🙏🏽
Tobi M.
Pastor Furtick, my name is Tobi your messages are amazing for me to learn about even if i am 12 years old.I am getting babtised soon and you word gets me more encouraged!! Thank you 🙏🏻🙂✝️🛐
Special Needs Mom
It can be isolating when you have a Special Needs Child. Getting to Church and staying for the whole event is just not going to happen every Sunday. This podcast is another way to have Church. THANK YOU!!!
Thank you
Pastor Furtick, this message cut me straight through. Thank you for studying each week so I can sit and have a quiet moment to hear a word from God. Thank you for your enthusiasm. The House you have built through God is a beacon and it blesses my family on a regular basis. May God bless you and let His face be turned to you now and always.
I already know! Hallelujah
Fantastic word from Pastor Furtick on God already knowing my situation. This word gives me the confidence to step out and focus less on what I don’t have and just focus on what I have to bring glory to God. This is a beautiful word and I’m excited what God is about to do through me in 2019.
5 Stars
KT McGee
I have just recently started listening to Podcasts by Elevation church and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. It’s such a positive uplifting sermon and helps start my week/day in a positive way.
Such an amazing church! It’s really changed my life!
So happy
I was not aware the video podcast was available. Usually I’ll spend my mornings listening to the word but today I was able to enjoy my breakfast while watching the service. Made me feel as if I was there. Thank you for doing this and sharing. Respectfully, Aixa
Such a blessing!
I’m extremely thankful for these messages! I’ve been listening for about 8 months, and God has been speaking to me so clearly and so powerfully. I listen every week, sometimes every day, and I’m happy to share that God is leading me out of the hardest season in my life. Thank you, Pastor Steven, for ministering to my soul. May God bless you indeed, enlarge your territory. May His hand be with you and keep you from evil.
I’m Elevated
I can’t accurately put into words how amazing this church and Pastor Steven are. I am like an addict indeed of a daily fix of God and this podcast delivers. Pastor Steven has really kept me going in this season of my life with his sermons (Savage Jesus is my favorite series)and no matter how old or new they just seem to be what I need to hear at the time. Oh not too mention the movement that this ministry is a part of to make church inclusive of all people of all walks of life. Like it should be. I am elevated.
I love listening to Steven Furtick preach. I watch elevations sermons every week once they come out and it’s something I look forward to each week. I learn so much from the points, passion, and messages & I take page after page of notes. It’s a dream of mine to go to North Carolina one day and go to elevation church in person. To experience the anointed worship and spirit lead messages. God speaks to me each time I listen to a podcast or watch a recording of worship or a sermon! I love Elevation!!
The growth is real!!!
I found Elevation Podcasts about 4 months ago, and I can’t say enough good about them! The spiritual growth that’s occurred in me, my family, and my friends who watch with me has been totally mind blowing. I’ve seen and noticed a change in the people I love, simply because Pastor Steven and his guest speakers have allowed God to move through them. Thank you Jesus for doing a new thing!
Spiritually filling and a great reminder of the need
I’ve been listening to pastor Steven for the last 3 years and he never fails to enlighten and touch me with his translation of a biblical passage into a person message. I am grateful for his wisdom, knowledge and sincerity. Keep it up Pastor your changing the world one believer at a time.👍
Keeping it real
I’ve been listening through different electronic venues for several years. I don’t think I’ve come across a more relevant and relatable pastor. The truth is here, listen up!
This is significant !
This is a blessing!!
This podcast has blessed my life. Every time I watch a sermon, I receive a new revelation. Thank you Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick. I watch the pad ast while on duty and on my nights I have off (night shift life). It feels to serve and still able to receive!! Love y’all ! God bless !
On demand comfort!
For those moments when you can run to a church or call a pastor, this is amazing!
What he has done in my life.
Every time I feel sad or frustrated I listen to a podcast and this is my #1 favorite pastor in the world and my favorite songs are eke cation worship my number one favorite song is do it again he gives me hope for a brighter future why can’t there be even more people like you pastor Steven I would like to get to know you better
Danger in distance
Love the semon
Incredible messages
Man, these messages wreck me every time. I come hungry to hear from God and I am never disappointed. So blessed to listen to the Word of God! Sometimes I may listen to them multiple times. Thankful for this resource.
Life giving
The finance guy md
Love this podcast. Blesses my perspective and gives me so much to think about. It strengthens my relationship with God and others.
Powerful Messages
Pastor Steven Furtick is an amazing communicator of the Word of God. He speaks about the TRUTH of JESUS! I love to listen to these podcasts over and over again on my commute to work. These messages inspire me to spend more time with God!
God’s work
I believe God sent everyone into a place of calling. But few are chosen. Pastors here at elevation are chosen. The Word of God goes forth and the people hear. But we also must have action to the word to do Gods perfect will ourselves. Thank you for the pastors and speakers of Elevation church. This is not even my church, but I know If you truly seek him with your whole heart, you shall find him. Give God praise for this day and forevermore!
Praise God.
Alaska Philippines
Praises God for calling you to be a pastor your are amazing. 😊
Welcome Home!
Elevation Church by Pastor Steven Furtick has an astounding way of bringing the word of God in a relatable, exciting, creative way where anyone who has a desire to know the Lord will grasp the word in a tangible way. I thank God for Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church. I live on the West Coast and listen to their sermons weekly!
Thank You Pastor Steven
I'm a Baby in Christ and Pastor Steven Sermons have helped me so much . God is amazing thank you Jesus ! I pray for more favor on your life ! God Bless ❤️
Very good pastor and funny!
Very inspirational!!!!
Elevation anointing
Each and every podcast I hear draws me closer in my walk with Christ. The messages have way of making you do a self-diagnostic check of the path your are on. My ears are truly blessed to be part of this ministry. I meditate and apply each one to my life, they encourage and uplift in such a powerful way. The Holy Spirit shines through each and everyone.
Love it!
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