Published October 9, 2012
38 min
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    What does your heart call for? War or peace? Joy or sadness? Working to live or living to work?

    Countries invest billions to prepare for war and a 1001 excuses can be given to justify doing it, but very little money is invested on establishing genuine global peace. Why?

    Belief Global founder, Rich Smith explores this and much more in this programme, including how we can re-engineer the way we live and act on a daily basis to ensure we have time to focus daily on making our heart feel happy.

    When you are READY to maximise success and happiness in your own life, read Rich Smith’s transformational book ‘STRIP NAKED: IN TRUTH IS FREEDOM’ and be the person you were always born to be.

    Take the free ‘LIFE CIRCLE CHALLENGE’ to help inspire and motivate you to even greater heights.

    Remember… you have one life… so LIVE IT… be the change you want to see in your world.

    For further information about our full range of products and services, including cool clothing, business mentoring, personal/sports coaching and personal development, as well as learn more about our 80:20 RULES values go to

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