Being Yourself: The Art to Happy Living
Published April 16, 2012
36 min
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    How many people in this world are actually being true to themselves and living the life they really want to live? Are you happy and fulfilled with you life or do you worry about how others perceive you? In this weeks show, dated 16th April 2012, Belief Radio Producer, Phil Keeler, finds out how to be yourself and live a memorable life with Belief Global Founder, Rich Smith.

    There are a number of key actions you can take to be true to who you really are and the starting point is about getting in touch exactly with who you really are because, as Rich says, you cannot become what you want to be without first understanding yourself.

    This might be frightening for some people to answer these sorts of questions as to know who we really are, we have to take off the mask we've been wearing and the heavy suits of armour that belong to other people, so we can get to the true 'real me'.

     'Strip Naked: In Truth is Freedom' is a book by Rich Smith that can really help people to live a more authentic life in tune with the values that matter.

    How do you measure your own happiness in life?

    Are you as happy as you would like to be happy?

    What needs to be in place to give you permission to be yourself?

    Time is too short to carry regrets of what we could have, should have or would have done. Life is for living and it is also about living your life and letting everyone else live theirs the way they want to be.

    The need to belong and fit in with the majority (be it family, friends, colleagues, etc.) is incredibly powerful, but for some people, the need to 'conform' to the will of others is so great that we become paralysed to think for ourselves and end up being at the mercy of strangers views and opinions.

    The real truth is we do not need the permission of others to be ourselves... we just need to take the first step, be honest with ourselves about what really makes us happy and is important to us and then, all we need to do is... be it!

    Take The Life Circle Challenge and find out how to start making the transitions and adjustments to your life to be, do and have whatever you want.

    Remember, stay clear clear and fully aligned about who you really are, step into your true power and love will come and find you when you are READY to receive it.

    Send your emails and questions to and for more information go to

    Live memorably, be happy and successful and remember...


    Listen in at or download FREE on iTunes by searching for BELIEF RADIO.

    Learn more about getting in touch with yourself by reading the best selling book 'Strip Naked: In Truth is Freedom' by Rich Smith.

    Take care, until next time.

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