The Art of Dating: Have Fun & Maybe Find True Love
Published March 26, 2012
44 min
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    This weeks show, dated 26th March 2012, focuses on dating and builds on last weeks show concerning how to manifest your dream partner. As always, Belief Radio Producer, Phil Keeler poses the questions to Belief Global Founder, Rich Smith.

    How successful are you at dating? Do you know how to enjoy flirting and overcome the fear of 'rejection'?

    We all like having fun, we all crave love and we all enjoy feeling special and 'in-love' but does dating fill you with dread or do you feel well equipped to navigate through the maze of less-enlightened people to reach those that will make your heart sing?

    If you think about it for a moment, what is the worst that can happen if you ask someone out on a date? They might say no! So what? It is their loss and it certainly does not define you unless you choose to let it. Rich explains how dating can be a really fun and enjoyable experience when you trust yourself, dare to show those you are attracted to the 'real you' instead of pretending to be something you are not... then you can only stand to GAIN!

    With at least 80% of communication being about body language, Rich explains how, when you are properly tuned-in and in-sync with another person, you can detect the subtle clues that tell you whether someone really likes you and thereby increase the chances of finding mutual attraction and getting that vital first date.

    As first impressions really do count, what sorts of messages do you communicate on a day-to-day basis that either turn-on or turn-off potential suitors? If you were more self-aware would that be enough to make you change your approach to increase your chances of finding the special people you are looking for to enhance your happiness?

    All this and more is covered in this weeks show. Life is for living, so live it to the max, enjoy the dating experience, go with the flow, be open to new possibilities... and love may be just around the corner!

    Remember, stay clear clear and fully aligned about who you really are, step into your true power and love will come and find you when you are READY to receive it.

    If you want to find out more about getting aligned, then take the FREE Life Circle Challenge and learn the easy way to reprogramme your mind for both success and happiness.

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    Live memorably, be happy and successful and remember...


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    Take care, until next time.

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