Manifesting Your Dream Partner... the Easy Way!
Published March 19, 2012
37 min
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    Is it really possible to manifest your dream partner simply by using the power of thought?

    With the latest research estimating that there are over 600 million people around the world who are actively searching to find their true soul mate and make a connection with that special someone, Belief Global Founder, Rich Smith shares his unique insights on how to attract the right partner with Belief Radio Producer, Phil Keeler, in this weeks show dated 19th March 2012. 

    The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful forces in the whole Universe. It governs how planets form and galaxies are produced, with the same forces applying to human beings.

    We are definitely not immune from its power and by applying some simple principles, we really can manifest through our conscious thinking, everything we want to be, do and have in our lives... including connecting with that special someone.

    So what sort of person are you hoping to find?

    How would you know if they were right for you?

    Do you dare to trust and listen to your intuition to guide you?

    If not, then maybe it is time to start trusting that gut feeling and asking the right questions to find out what you need to know to help you feel at ease, build trust and allow the true love with another to almost effortlessly flow.

    Life can be difficult or it can be easy. Quite often it is about how you choose to perceive things that decides how each experience will be interpreted and ultimately acted upon.

    In this weeks show, Rich reveals how people mirror magnets, explains the Power of Intention and shows how keeping an open mind to expect surprises will all significantly contribute to people accelerating the speed at which they manifest exactly what they are looking for in love.

    It is said that love is what is left when the lust subsides and it is this genuine love that provides the core foundation stone for building a successful, happy and equal relationship with that special someone. However, is there really a way to keep both lust and love growing in a relationship forever? The simple answer, according to Rich, is a definite "YES"!

    Have you made friends and really got to know someone you are extremely attracted to before just jumping into bed with them and then, when the novelty wears off, realise that you have nothing in common at all?

    We all love being in love, we all enjoy being on a high and feeling attracted to someone and, as the friendship builds, a natural extension of the relationship is to become close, to be lovers and feel "at one" with another.

    Rich explains why becoming friends first and connecting at a deep emotional level with someone you are attracted to will only fan the flames of desire and create foundations where the lust (and love) never subsides, but just keeps growing and growing.

    It all depends ultimately on what you actually want out of a relationship?

    Long term happiness or short term "fixes", like someone who is addicted to drugs, food or alcohol, or deep, long term love and total fulfilment (which are always doomed to one road... unhappiness)?

    You choose... you are the captain of your own aeroplane... you can fly through life as high as you dare to believe is possible, you can be free always and totally connected with another person simultaneously in a true inter-dependent relationship (rather than living in co-dependency). It all comes down to the way you choose to THINK and the bottom line is...

    "Your ATTITUDE (thoughts and actions) will determine the ALTITUDE (results) you fly at in life"

    Only the soul that loves is truly happy and before we can genuinely and honestly love another person properly, we need to learn to love ourselves, and actually, there's no need to look for love because it is found within our own heart when we are clear and fully aligned ourselves.

    Step into your true power and love will come and find you when you are READY to receive it.

    If you want to find out more how to manifest your true love then take the FREE Life Circle Challenge and learn the easy way to reprogramme your mind for both success and happiness.

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    Live memorably, be happy and successful and remember...


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