Dan does a great job allowing all sides to express their opinions. I love how he challenges people, including those who agree with him. Yelling is minimal and I am grateful for that
Jordan Rich is delightful!!
latrobe church
Jordan’s presentation and discussion style is wonderful! He’s a must listen too regardless of the topic.
Always a Bostonian
Enjoy the podcasts as I can’t listen in the evening. Dan makes you look at all sides of the issue and is a true critical thinker. Thanks to Dan and his team for putting these up.
Bostons Best! Intelligent Conversations
This is where you will be able to express your opinion and learn from callers w/o yelling and screaming. All topics, fabulous guests hosted by WBZ retired TV Reporter Dan Rae who took the local FBI to justice for corruption. Topics and guests Include politics,medical experts including non-traditional, to psychics and callers choice on Fridays. You will find yourself preferring this over your tv. New callers always welcome to what has become known as "New England's back porch "where intelligent people can have intelligent conversation" w/o judgement. WBZ radio signal reaches approx 38 states so not limited to just New Englanders. Due to the podcasts callers are rapidly growing world wide. Definitely check it out! Diverse callers from millennials to baby boomers on up
Nightly Viewer
Dan Rea podcasts really help me, allow me to Listen at any time .....
A gentleman! Dan for President!
I didn't know his podcasts were here. Great to hear him and all his callers. May not agree with him all the time but he's fair and tries to explain his point of view.
Dan is good but
Don't cut him off or interrupt him. God forbid. But he is chronically doing it to guest. I don't think he realizes he does it. But he is still entertaining.
Nightly listener
2nd shifter
Listen to Dan on my way from work on a nightly basis. Just discovered the podcasts and will be able to listen to then while working. Wish the whole show was available but that's alright.
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