Value in Every Episode
The EntreLeadership podcast addresses relevant issues for anyone - entrepreneurs, business leaders, or just those interested in improving themselves through personal growth. Every episode brings value. The guests make you think, encourage you to be introspective, and provide tools for the really challenging situations in which every leader finds themselves. This is not the kind of podcast I can listen to in the car. I need pencil and paper and the time to rewind and write down the many pieces of wisdom I hear from every guest and every episode. Thanks to Ken Coleman for his work on this podcast and I am looking forward to hearing more from Alex Judd as he takes the helm!
Information & Application
Been listening for a while. I don’t just want information, I want application too! Thanks for the effort, great production value and applicable information. Tell my friend Ken Coleman what’s up! 😁
Great Podcast for Leaders who want to learn and grow!
Jonathan Hawley
I appreciate all the personal insight and wisdom that comes from each episode. I find myself sharing episodes with friends, family and coworkers all the time. Thank you Ramsey Solution with this amazing resource!
I love Alex as the new host!!!
I enjoy listening to Alex’s voice! His presentation is great.
This podcast understands leadership starts with people.
Alex has taken the EL podcast and brought passion and dedication to help leaders at all levels excel. If you could only listen to 1 podcast week after week as a new leader or a seasoned professional the EL podcast is the 1 for you. Week after week Alex and the EL team take us deep into the topics that leaders are dealing with, growing in and learning about. Taken strait from the play book of Dave Ramsey and other incredible leaders.
Weekly growth
Thinking of a degree in Organizational and/or personal leadership development? Need to grow yourself and/or your business? Spend each Monday with the EntreLeadership team and grow yourself to be better in all sorts of life areas and challenges. I am so grateful for the diverse, deep, and challenging content from this podcast! Every leader ought to listen!!
Riveting Podcast!
Leni Wilson
All I can say is that; I’m absolutely moved!
A favorite
This podcast was the reason I got the podcast app several years ago and now I am always listening to this or that. But I always find myself coming back to this one. The interviews are great and full of valuable information. Some are focused on business but so much of it applies even more to my own personal growth and just being a leader in my family. Love it. Thank you!
Expand your circle of mentors
Brock Dunlap
I believe it was Jim Rohn who said, “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” ... I keep this podcast as one of my sources of influence. The host and producer do a fantastic job putting together this show and the people that bring on are top notch.
EL Next Level Leadership
Sarge OG
From working alongside both Alex and Ken, I’ve experienced their consistent hard work and tireless dedication towards providing powerful content for building up leaders. I’m excited to see a transition of trusted team members to raise up leaders within Ramsey and to grow Alex into this host role. This podcast is the highlight of my Monday and I’m stoked to see how it will continue to thrive in this new season.
My Favorite Business Podcast
I am stoked for the latest EntreLeadership episode coming out every Monday! Always such good, tangible, and practical wisdom from leaders and business owners. Also, super excited for the new host, Alex! Have loved hearing him contribute and looking forward to more in the future!
Content is King!
Great shows are all about the content and this is a great show. It’s my mainstay for fresh business insight. My TOP Podcast!
Brilliant Business Ideas!
NL Jolie
By far ONE of the BEST Podcasts. I listen intently and receive the most inspiring and implementable advice. I've learned a great deal about how I choose to show up and what leadership really means, vs. what we're told in memes and quotes by job seekers turned advice therapists. The best part of these interviews is that each one has at least 3-5 actionable implementable items I can use daily in my business. I've also learned about how to lead myself in a way that aligns with the values I didn't know I was practicing. From Ian Morgan Cron to Carly Fiorina this podcast has something for every business owner and if you're not listening, you're not learning. Start listening.
Making Monday’s great again
Bill Doar
I always look forward to Monday mornings when I can download the newest episode. Ken Coleman is an awesome interviewer and there are always interesting leaders.
Life Changing!
Arabella Coignarf
I am a first time listener, and 10 minutes into my first episode I was already blown away. A fantastic podcast for continuous self improvement, my new favorite part of everyday is my commute to and from work (that I used to hate) because I get to listen to this podcast!
Very applicable to any business
Regardless of your organizational role, this podcast gets you going in the right direction. Great content and inspiring interviews. Highly recommend!
Outstanding material and wisdom
I listen to every episode of this. Even if you are not a business owner you will get so many great leadership skills from this podcast.
You Will Become Better for Listening
EntreLeadership not only has incredible access to high quality business and thought leaders in several respective industries, but has a team that truly delivers high quality content on a VAST amount of leadership topics while having fun. Always my go-to on the drive home from work. If you’re not listening to this you’re missing out!
Quency Gordon
So many great talks! Always hearing something the helps me grow and inspires me to be better!
Best business and leadership podcast
I don’t miss an episode. Thanks for the great guests and Ken Coleman interviews that are always so insightful and useful.
Thought Leadership
The Ward Member
Keeping up with great thinkers who are putting those thoughts to work is made a lot easier by listening to this.
Great for all leaders
I would not consider myself an entrepreneur but this podcast is for anyone who considers themself a leader. Great content and conversation. Ken Coleman is an amazing interviewer and always pulls really meaningful stuff from the guests.
A Must for Entrepreneurs!
Krista Burns
I’ve been listening for a few years now, and I’m constantly pleased with the content provided on this show. Thank you for the valuable insights and in depth interviews.
Leadership Podcast- Doug Hirsch
What an outstanding interview with Mr. Hirsch! He is so intelligent yet self effacing. He certainly is inspiring. Perhaps this interview should be used in business schools to inspire entrepreneurs. The interviewer did an excellent job eliciting the highlights of this man’s career.
Great Resource
These Podcasts have real experts who do the things they are talking about. This is an excellent tool for managers and leaders who want to make a difference in their role!
Awesome teaching!
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Very good
Amazing interviews, great content
This podcast introduces me to some great new (to me) thinkers and some of my favorites, too. I love every episode. And Ken Coleman is a great interviewer. I'm learning how to ask better questions from him.
As good as it gets
Malcolm Gladwell does podcasting as good as anyone there is. He uses the medium exactly as intended by asking tough questions, encouraging us to think, and unearthing truths we never knew existed all while keeping it entertaining, moving, and stimulating. I tell anyone who will listen about this great show!
Leaders Teaching Leaders!
Garrett Oliveira
The Entreleadership podcast is officially on my MUST SUBSCRIBE list! I’ve listened to countless TED talks, interviews, and sermons over the years, but the Entre team provides high quality content each week that is principled, intelligent, and directly applicable to me and my teams. I was extremely impressed with the facilitation and conversation today between Ken Coleman, Miles Adcox, Alex Judd, and Clay Scroggins. I look forward to discussing with my colleagues, family, and friends!
Great resource for growing your business
Chris W in Texas
The podcast will introduce you to leadership ideals and books that will help grow your capacity to grow your business.
Great interview with Michael Hyatt. Such good insight. Thank you!
So happy I found this podcast!
I could never define my NEED for content that would help make me better until this podcast, now I know I’m a “personal growth junkie“. Love this podcast, love Ken Coleman and the value that he brings to every interview, and I love all of the great book recommendation. Thanks for making me better!
Down since Day 1
Monte Morris
Been listening since Chris L., Chris H. and now Ken Coleman. Shows are always interesting and still get great book recommendations.
Great podcast
This is one of my fav podcasts! He is just so passionate about business!!
I just love these podcasts! Always pertinent and to the point, making better leaders out of us!! Keep me coming. Thank you from MN!!
Great podcast!
Ms Tati
Ha. I’ve read both of the books mentioned in the 12/24 episode. Great books! 📚
Awesome content and inspiring
One of my go to podcasts to develop business skills and get practical advice that is easy to implement.
What’s for breakfast? Leadership.
I’ve been listening to this podcast every morning before work and it has made a huge impact on the way I think and lead.
Deep Insights with Great Guests!
Was hooked on Dave Ramsey then found out he had a business podcast. Now I'm hooked to both of these podcasts for life.
Love it, superb advices
I love every segment because it’s not only covering business and profit work, it’s leadership for everyone in every sense. My feedback is to just keep it shorter because some listeners like me listen during commute and it’s much better to keep segments shorter and succinct.
An amazing podcast for any entrepreneur!
Autumn Shultz
Whether you're looking to start a business or already own one, I highly recommend checking out this podcast. Every episode is informative and helpful, so you can't go wrong with choosing any of them. 10/10 would recommend!
Must Listen
Shertz Runs
I don’t do many reviews but I was so inclined on this because of where this podcast sits in the top 100 business podcasts. This podcast has taught me so much and given me some great free resources. To me, Monday mornings are the best. We start a fresh week and this podcast is my first stop while getting in a workout or commute to work. Thanks team for the great work you do. You have drastically affected my leadership skills.
The best business podcast!
The EntreLeadership podcast has the best guests and interviewer around. I learn and apply a ton of the info to my business.
Incredible Content!
As a college dropout running a small business, I really appreciate the education I receive from these amazing thinkers and leaders! I am growing by leaps and bounds as a leader because of Ken and Entreleadership! Thanks you so much!
Consistently Valuable
Regardless of the guest or the subject matter, Ken & Team do a great job drawing out depth and application both personally and professionally.
Great content
I love the content presented in this podcast. The guests are great and Ken asks great questions to get content to us listeners. Wish more leaders would listen to this and run their teams accordingly.
Worth your time
I am not in real estate, but have found these podcasts really effective in changing my mindset about success. I have listened to most of them them multiple times. Very much worth the time investment!
Even Better
I have been a listener since day one. And this latest episode with Dan Heath confirms my ongoing opinion that Ken Coleman is the best interviewer on the planet. Always extracting the very best from his guests.
Mike M
Without a doubt, one of the best resources to grow and gain perspective as a leader! Thanks Ken Coleman and the entire EL team for “feeding the hungry!”
Unsubscribed-Koch Brothers
SAV 74
I enjoyed this podcast previously, but had to unsubscribe when I saw Koch was interviewed. Aside from politics, he does not exemplify how to run a business. They muffle their employees and do not allow freedom of speech. When employees get hurt at work they torture them until they give up all rights. How can anyone support this business model?
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