One person ruins the show
worst updates known to apps
Stephan A.
Except Stevie A
Please keep the podcast updated!!! Other than that good show.
Episodes not uploaded
First take misses episodes and sometimes they don’t work. Like right now! This person may be wearing too many hats. Time to delegate some responsibilities to others because the primary uploader is obviously overwhelmed. It’s the only justification for such awful productivity.
Podcast upload issue
Whoever is uploading these podcasts is not doing a good job at all. I usually have trouble even getting the podcast to play which is ridiculous. The podcast are uploaded at different times each day so it’s very inconsistent which is also annoying
I watch the show daily and as of yesterday if I miss an episode now I can catch the podcast!!!! Molly max and my hero that baaaaaad maaaan Stephen A.Smith are the 3 most entertaining people on the planet!!! I only give 5 stars because I’m limited to only 5 stars!!! Keep up the great work y’all do!!!
Cannot listen to certain episodes
I love the show but it seems like there are issues with episodes not being able to play. I get error messages when trying to download, something to the effect of “...cannot be downloaded at this time. Please try again later.” I tried restarting and power cycling my phone but the problem persists. For example, I could not listen to today’s Hour 2: Franchise Dak podcast. Very annoying!
Podcast problems
Love the show, but podcast management is super inconsistent. Late and sometimes doesn’t come through at all.
Get molly out
Get molly out, she just talks over people with things that have nothing to add to the conversation. Just what she thinks is relevant, which most of the time has no relevance to what’s going on.
As far as uploading these podcasts, somebody’s job should be in question. Terrible job! Figure this out!
Not real
They fight to obviously that they plan who says what b4 they go on the show and just screaming
I listen to sports podcasts to get away from things like politics and now your shoving them down our throats?? I don’t care how much Bloomberg paid. Get rid of it. You all made a big deal of taking the political debates that end up on your programming. But since you are getting paid you become hypocrites. I think Disney makes enough money as it is.
Whose in charge?
Beetle Sweat
Who ever is in charge of uploading the podcasts to the app does a terrible job the podcasts have been added very late lately.. hasn’t been this bad in years..
Ras > molly
More ras less molly plzzzz Molly doing way to much
Not good anymore
Get it back like it used to be
Max stick to boxing!!
Can we please have Max replaced? I’m tired of him voicing his opinion then changing it a few months later and only yelling louder and louder to try and prove it. Half the time I get confused as to what his original point was bc he beats around the bush so much instead of just admitting Stephen A is right most the time.
So annoying
L C J 2000
These are grown men and woman arguing about people who play games for a living. I thought what losers,then I realized I’m a growing man listening to theses people arguing about people who play games for a living....Makes me the biggest loser
Used to be better
jrenteriathe second
Used to be better now molly interrupts with no Witt and Stephen a doesn’t know much about anything but basketball and too many many uninteresting guests especially dan orlowski 3 rd string qb now knows everything about football but didn’t know about it while playing the game
No MLK acknowledgment
big clee123
Disappointed that not even a simple phase about MLK was mentioned today...☹️🤷🏽‍♂️
Cowboy Cerone/ Marcus Spears
Jerzyxplorer Hey this is a great debate. Marcus Spears doesn’t pose bias. I love it this podcast should get anything less 4 stars ever. Only angry Cowboys fans are giving this podcast low marks. Get over yourselves! Cowboy cerone is a tough interview. Not the most engaging interview out there but that’s still my guy. That’s why he needs to go on with Ariel or Chael so they can ask the right questions
Fix the delay
I really like this podcast but the format does not work well with a delay issues when one of them is off-sight. Maybe because it is live on TV when recorded but it is hard at times to listen because of the delay. Also, Max, I love you big dog, but he has to stop jumping in when someone is in the middle of making a point.
Only fun if you’re a cowboys fan..
This is a Cowboys podcast, they seem to can’t find other stories besides what Jerry Jones did last night.
Don’t start having fill ins with this show too
Stephen a hasn’t done his own podcast in at least a month y’all can’t start skimming out too this is a huge part in my day I don’t wanna listen to these fill ins 24-7
Nothing like first take
I love to watch the show and do record it at home. Typically don’t get the chance to watch unless I can tell when I listen to the podcast it’s something special. With that said can’t say enough about the debates and the guests. Top notch real accurate sports news and great entertainment. Molly, max, and Steven are simply the best. Nobody compares!!
I couldn’t write this comment without Molly interrupting me & Stephen A tries to hard to disagree with Max and thinks it’s funny to yell
Too often the episodes show up late or not at all. Tuesday’s episode this week never appeared in the library. Some have sections that repeat and parts of episodes are missing. Lazy editing and lazier updates.
Max Kellerman is an absolute joke. He is the biggest 🤡 at ESPN.
J Sobbell
Max must either not have a brain or he’s just forced to take the absolute worst take on every single subject. Get this guy off the show. Absolute moron.
U rashid
Who's responsible for uploading new content???
Dear Drake,
I would like to see Kevin Durant back hand you 🖐😤 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Love the show
I love First Take better than any other sports show. Stephen A. Smith is great and funny...Max is very smart love how he has all these different metaphors and movie quotes he uses to make his points. My only issue from watching the show is or should I say was Molly always cutting people off and jumping to conclusions on any event that has an issue about a female, but she has got better with letting people talk and not cutting them off as much she doing better so all in all fantastic show.
Please replace Molly
The show would be listenable if Molly would stop cutting Stephen A/Max every time they talk.
One star
Stephen A has become Skip Bayless. Max Kellerman has become Skip Bayless light. Molly Q’s voice is so annoying.. The show has become pretty much garbage.
Show some love to other teams
It’s very tiring to hear the same questions worded differently about the cowboys day in and day out. There’s 30 something other teams yknow. Other than that it’s great
Great Show
The best sports show to listen too! Stephen A is 5 Stars!!
Say something new.
These guys are great, they are energetic and entertaining. I love listening to the show, but man, they say the same thing over and over and over. Max uses the same arguments and they talk about topics that are too similar and so points keep getting repeated. It can get annoying and bland. Say something new. I don’t care about Carson wentz would be Arron Rodgers if it wasn’t for Patrick Mahomes. Give it a break, we hear that 2-3 times a week. That’s just one example, Stephen A does it too, you guys just need to talk about a wider variety of things to try to avoid repeat discussions and talking points.
They Don’t know football
It’s obvious they don’t kno football or they even study film. All they talk about is cowboys, browns or Giants or who was hot that week and try to say “best right now”.
Drop Molly
Listen to the show daily. Max and Stephen A are good together, but Molly should go. Show is 100000 xs better when she’s gone. Add more Will Cain also.
First take
Stephen A. is the man he’s the truth, Max is better than I thought and he is really picking it up with the debates but the reason why this show gets 2 Stars is because Molly. She needs to stop interrupting Stephen A and Max. She forgets that she is the moderator not actual people debating. Espn and First Take should honestly offer a contract to Joy Taylor buy her out of her FS1 contract so she can be the moderator for First Take. Joy and Jenny Taft are the two best moderators in the debate game and Molly would be an excellent moderator but she needs to stop interrupting the guys and for her to keep the comments only about the debate that is being spoken about.
Too much molly
Tell her to moderate..... she’s rude a cuts off the debaters too much. Tell her to chill
Good podcast
It’s a good podcast as far as content goes but has trouble with downloadability sometimes also has sound issues frequently. Great content but would love a best of (shortened version).
First Take all time classic
Love the show, hate the hour 1 and hour 2 posting. Consider a best of and a full version. Or at least put hour 1 ahead of hour 2 in the Que.
Longtime fan response
I’m going to watch/listen regardless. However on a production note, some episodes are poorly reviewed by cutting out audio sequences or just leaving dead air space. It’s also distracting to translate certain live broadcast to audio only and an example of this is the sports center transitions. Still, first take is a fun energetic show with superb talent and I just wish they had a platform with no interruptions.
I like this podcast, the only bad things are Molly's opinions, that is why 3 stars
Too much Kap talk
I don’t want to hear about Kap, it’s been years and years of Kap this Kap that... please give it up
GOAT SHOW!!!!!!!!
How does it have 4 stars? This show is awesome I love the crew. Stephen A. Smith is a role model of mine and I listen to his show everyday! Max and Molly holding it down, keep doing ya'll thang!!!
Love it.
Chelle Destoo
I mean listening to Stephen A rip everyone would make anyone’s day. Best way to keep up with everything during my busy day.
dish to directtv?
I used to love the show but now all it is is them discussing the same topic for a week or even more. I selected the show because they were supposedly going to discuss college football and heisman favorites but nope just talking about Zeke Elliot for the 12th day in a row trying to prove there same points etc.
Sliding into Mediocrity
Mr. Slapp-n-Tickle
Show getting stale. Stephen A is still living off the loud, opinionated, colorful black guy schtick while he increasingly shows lack of show prep and or familiarity as he spits out errors or shows himself unfamiliar with topics. Doesn’t seem to have the professional prep habits of Cowherd, Skip, Shannon and the true professionals. Max Kellerman is utterly devoid of personality and while building his career, he seems to have taken on too much of the boisterous, loud, aggressive nature and his tone, delivery doesn’t sound natural. It’s like Stephen A Lite and gosh it’s annoying as all hell. Molly could be replaced by any attractive female who can check the right ethnicity box on the job application and read a teleprompter. Nice girl but offers nothing to show. These guys have no chemistry. It’s literally a couple of obnoxious guys trying to fill a couple hours so the average IQ sheeple have a distraction for 20 minutes on the way to work.
Great sports debate
If you can keep Max from blabbering about his political views or actually keep him away long winded diatribes about things he knows nothing of (POC struggles) then this would be a 5 star show. Love SAS and he loves the kids. Molly is a keeper, keep them boys in line!
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