Not too good any more
Ross Alexander
You used to get at least one story, now just the intro.
No longer has content.
It is as the other recent reviews have stated. Used to have at least one story, but now has hardly any content. It seems that now over half of the audio is the introduction and the outro, with about a minute of new French content in the middle, where they tell you what they will discuss if you pay for it. It is a shame. If I ever had considered paying for this service, that time is over. Unsubscribing.
Too short
It's all just a plug to get the paid service now and a waste of a 2 minutes
Used to be better
DC Polyglot Commuter
Quel malheur! This podcast was great when you actually got to hear one news story and one commentary. Unfortunately, they truncated the podcast to just the introductory segment earlier this year. I can only suppose this was an effort to drive more business to the paid subscription full-length podcast. While this shorter format has some value, you just don’t get the practice in <3 minutes of French that this podcast used to provide with about ~7 minutes of a news story and an associated commentary (even if the commentary was always biased in one political direction). I credited this podcast with helping me raise my listening comprehension in French. I’ll be looking for another podcast now to help me maintain my skill.
Used to be good
This used to have a short news story or two that was worth listening to and then end with information on how to hear the full program. Now it’s just a 4 minute teaser for the full program with no actual substance. Don’t bother.
Tres a gauche- la nouvelle fausse.
Tres a gauche.
Quality has gone done
This used to a snippet of the full show, which you have to pay for online. They featured one short news story, and it was great. They've removed that completely and now it's about 4 minutes of mindless chatter. You can't really advertise this as "news" in slow french if you removed the one section discussing news. Disappointing.
Learning lots
Very helpful for learning French
Donuts Sprinkleton
If you want to learn a language it’s always good to hear how it sounds, plus you get to listen to the news and catch up on current events from all around the world. It has really helped my own French comprehension. When I first started listening it was a bit hard, but now I can understand most of what they’re saying! Thank you so much!
Love these!
These are so helpful! Perfect vocabulary level and speed for a French learner trying to improve comprehension skills.
So glad I found this!
I want to learn French but it seems like when people learn a language mostly through written content, their pronunciation suffers because they try to pronounce the words as they would sound in their native language. I’m so glad I found this podcast! I’ve barely studied any French and I already understand a good amount, and I’m learning the words as they sound rather than how they’re spelled. :)
Love it!
Me encanta! Entiendo mucho de lo que dicen.
Easy to follow along
I enjoy this podcast to practice listening and translating with current events.
Not yet for iPhone6
Grace ST
For now, not yet ready for iphone 6. Still a good learning tool. I think all french learners just need to subscribe two podcasts: News in Slow french and the One thing in a french day by Laetitia Perraut. They are just clever and sensitive to the learners' weaknesses and needs. I am preparing myself for projects in France, I am so happy to get to know these podcasts. I saved time and I learnt more. I can hear and then reapply in my daily conversation, business chit-chat and reading. You will improve tremendously just in a few weeks.
Great podcast and customer support
The latest update came out recently and revamped the look : easier to read with a more modern look, though some bugs to fix. But I’m not too worried because I’ve always had a good experience with Linguistica360.
French Podcast
pity you are cutting the most recent podcasts short. I like the 30mons+ podcasts
Très utile :)
Excellent Program!
Exactly what I was looking for. News... but at a manageable pace. Thank you!
Baron Frosti
This podcast is great for folks like myself who took French a long while ago but like to listen in to keep from getting rusty.
I feel like I can speak French!
Marn at the Barn
Great idea! It's perfect for a commute and I can get a lot of it in context to news so it's amazing how I know the basic thread and can learn words because I can anticipate the story already. Also, instead of blasting by long numbers, they repeat them.
Kiersty MN
I listen to this every night before bed lately. It's so nice to have French spoken a little slower like this, thank you! Please make more, I'd love a daily podcast!! Thanks again!
Keep up to date with the news and learn french
The free version is an excellent get learn French (once you are at least an intermediate). I think this would be above most beginners. I use this to balance my other methods of learning french as it really has strengthened my listening ability (all the liaisons etc) and it is a fun way to do it. I subscribed so that the grammar parts would be more helpful. All in all, it is a fun way to learn and I listen all the time either while driving or doing my daily exercises.
The podcast is perfect for the intermediate level speaker who doesn't have access to native speakers. This is perfect!
You will understand more than you think.
zonny the nun
Brilliant concept for teaching a language, presented with intelligence and real charm. You will even pick up a good deal of history, cultural information, and of course news. I have downloaded every episode available. Please never stop making these!
Such a cool podcast!!!!
Have to say, I think this is one of the best podcasts out there for learning a language. Even if you're new to learning French you'll pick up lots of words and phrases -- after all, our parents didn't "teach" us English -- we learned from listening to them. And if you're intermediate or advanced it's nice to be able to listen to the news and understand just about everything the speakers say. The two hosts have a great rapport and discuss a wide range of topics, including French culture, along with their own interesting and often funny stories. The music they play between excerpts also gives it a warmth and will make you nostalgic for France. I really look forward to the weekly update and listen in the car or while fixing breakfast a couple times during the week. Really fine job here -- five stars.
Far more entertaining than other French-learning podcsts
Learning a language can get boring, with the staged conversations and constant repetition. That's why this one stands out from the rest--it's best described as news and commentary spoken veerrrryyy slooowly. The male character doesn't seem to be a native French speaker, but his pronunciation is still good enough. You can tell that you're getting better at French when this show starts to seem too slow...then it's time to find pocasts on the French iTunes site.
This podcast is the best for maintaining and improving your French.
J'adore ces podcasts. Ils m'aident beaucoup. Merci!
Great podcast
Please continue these great podcasts. They are really helping me with my French.
Amusing and excellent way to learn French
Please continue these podcasts. They are entertaining and instructive.
Perfect for improving verbal comprehension for intermediates
Zeena's Gymnastic Comedians
Thank you Linguistica 360 for this useful and interesting podcast
Great Program!!!
I've taken a few years of French in high school, but am a bit rusty. I'm really enjoying dusting off the cobwebs. This is a great way to improve listening comprehension since the speakers speak at a medium speed. Highly recommended to anyone learning French!
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