September 14, 2019
Felicity Huffman Sentenced To 14 Days Behind Bars In College Admissions Scandal; Texas Rep Threatens Beto O'Rourke With AR-15; Texas State Rep. Threatens Beto O'Rourke; Biden Tries To Brush Aside Castro's Debate Attack As His Campaign Slams The "Cheap Shot" And "Low Blow"; Biden: It's Fair For Dem Rivals To Play The Age Card; Biden: "I Could Have Done Better" In Debate; Beto O'Rourke Calls Texas Lawmaker's Tweet A Death Threat; Texas Lawmaker Tweets That His "AR Is Ready" For Beto O'Rourke After Debate, Tweet Removed; Some Democrats Worry O'Rourke's Comments Will Stoke Gun Owners Fears; Pres. Trump Seems To Strike A Different Tone On Vaping; Pres. Trump Seems To Strike A Different Tone On Vaping After Announcing Effort To Ban Almost Al Flavored E-Cigarettes; CNN's Wajahat Ali Looking For Liver Donor For Daughter; Go To
September 13, 2019
Campaign Aides: Biden Plans To Take On Warren At Debate Tonight; He's Been Reading Her Proposals, Could Raise Questions About Them; Campaign Aide: Biden Will Target Warren, Argue "It's Not Just About Plans; It's About Getting Things Done For People"; Adviser: Harris Will Argue "Longing For The Past" And "Ideological Fights" Won't Bring The Country Together; House Judiciary Democrat Talks Impeachment Investigation; Who's Most Capable Of Taking On Pres. Trump?; Axelrod's Message To Dems: "Let Trump Destroy Trump; Business Leaders Sign Letter Demanding Action On Gun Violence; 145 Business Leaders Call On Sense To Pass "Common-Sense, Bipartisan" Gun Laws; House Judiciary approves Rules Defining Impeachment Investigation; House Judiciary Approves Inquiry Parameters As Democrats Try To Clarify Their Strategy; New Tropical Threat For The Bahamas; Tropical Storm Warning In Effect For Part Of Bahamas; 1,3000 People Now Listed As Missing On Island After Dorian; Rep. Cheney Vs. Sen. Paul; Rand Paul, Liz Cheney Exchange Insults In Twitter Feud
September 12, 2019
Sources: Trump Admin. Officials Considering Replacing National Security Advisor John Bolton With Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, Who Would Do Both Jobs; Trump Admin. Considering Double Tapping Pompeo For National Security Adviser, Secretary Of State; New CNN Poll: One Night Before Third Dem Debate, Biden Leads Field; Warren, Sanders Virtually tied; Supreme Court Clears The Way For New Asylum Restrictions To Take Effect Nationwide While Appeal Process Plays Out; Pres. Trump Loses Big To 2020 Dem Field In New Pol; One-On-One With Samantha Power; New Wash. Post/ABC Poll: Pres. Trump Trails Several Democratic Candidates In Head-To_Head Matchups; Pres. Trump On New Wash. Post/ABC News Poll: "This Is A Phony Suppression Poll" (It's Not); Exclusive: NY Prosecutors Meet With Michael Cohen In Prison; Seek Details On Trump Organization's Hush Money Payments; Trump Admin. Moves To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes; Trump Administration Moves To Ban Flavored E-cigarettes Amid 6 Deaths, 450+ Illnesses Possibly Linked To Vaping; 18th Anniversary of 9/11
September 11, 2019
Vote Count Underway In Pivotal North Carolina Special Election; Source Close To WH: Bolton Thinks Trump "Caves" Too Much In Dealing With Dictators; Susan Rice: "The National Security Process has Completely Broken Down"; New Poll Shows Drop In Support For Pres. Trump; New CNN Poll Shows 60% Believe Pres. Trump Does Not Deserve Second Term; Approval Rating At 39%; New CNN Poll Shows Drop In Support For Pres. Trump; Returns Coming In For Special Election Seen As 2020 Bellwether; Malcolm Gladwell On His New Book, Spies And Trusting Strangers; Gladwell's New Book Examines Why We Are Often Wrong About Strangers; Malcolm Gladwell: "Most Spies Are Actually Really Lame"
September 10, 2019
NYT: Commerce Chief Threatened Firings At NOAA After Pres. Trump's Dorian Tweets; Government Extracted High-Level Agent Out Of Russia In 2017 After Concerns Trump Administration Might Compromise Him; Pres. Trump: Talks With Taliban "Are Dead"; Pres. Trump Cancels Meeting With Taliban At Camp David, "It Was My Idea"; Pres. Trump, The Taliban And Camp David; CNN Exclusive: American Spy Spirited Out Of Russia In Early Days Of Trump Administration; Worries Agent Could Be Comprised; Government Extracted High-Level Agent Out Of Russia In 2017 After Concerns Trump Administration Might Compromise Him; Pres. Trump Says His Primary Challengers Have "No Credibility"; Joe Walsh On Challenging Trump, Cancelled GOP Primaries; Areas Of The Bahamas Still Cut Off By Hurricane Dorian; Search And Rescue Efforts In The Bahamas; Trump: "Everybody Needs Totally Proper Documentation"
September 7, 2019
Bahamas Official: "Hundreds, Up To Thousands, Of People Are Still Missing"; U.S. Coast Guard Helps Search And Rescue Efforts In The Bahamas; Pres. Trump's Week-Long Grudge Match About A Hurricane Tweet ... Continues; Pres. Trump's Plan To Cut Some Military Spending To Pay For Border Wall Drawing Worry, Anger; Could Proposed Cuts To Military Spending Projects Prove Problematic To Pres. Trump Going Forward?; Report: Biden Campaign Lowering Expectations For Iowa And New Hampshire, Betting On A Win In South Carolina; Biden Campaign Lowering Expectations For Iowa And New Hampshire; Politico: Now Betting On A Win In SC
September 6, 2019
Death toll in The Bahamas now up to 30; Bahamian Prime Minister: Pres. Trump offered assistance; Chef Jose Andres from World Central Kitchen continues to deliver meals across The Bahamas; Pres. Trump relentlessly defends claim Dorian threatened Alabama
September 4, 2019
Dorian Moving North, Threatening Southeast Coast Of U.S., After 5 Killed; First Aerial Footage Shows Complete Devastation In Bahamas; Dorian Growing In Size As It Starts To Hit Florida; Parts Of Bahamas Obliterated By Hurricane Dorian; Five Killed, 13K Homes Destroyed Or Damaged; Hurricane Forecast To Move "Dangerously Close" To Florida, Georgia Coastlines; Hurricane Watch Extended To The North Carolina, Virginia Border; Flooding After Dorian Hampers Rescue Efforts In The Bahamas; New Forecast Shows Storm Threatening Carolinas, Including Charleston; About 4,300 Florida National Guard Deployed In Response To Hurricane Dorian; Hurricane Watch Extended To The North Carolina, Virginia Border; Bahamas Official Tells CNN Death Toll Likely To Rise; Coast Guard: Search For Survivors Suspended; Hurricane Death Toll Rises To 7 In Bahamas, PM Expects Number To Rise; South Carolina Prepares For Hurricane Dorian; Bahamas PM: "Parts Of Abaco Are Decimated"; New Details On Search For Victims After Deadly Boat Fire; Dive Boat Fire Rescuer Shares Eyewitness Account; Man Who Rescued Survivors Recalls Seeing Vessel In Flames: "I Was Just Totally Helpless. There Was Nothing I Could Do."
September 3, 2019
Hurricane Dorian Stalls Over Bahamas, Still Category 4; At Least Five Confirmed Dead As Hurricane Slams Bahamas, Threatens U.S.; Hurricane Dorian Strongest Storm Anywhere On Planet This Year, Causes "Catastrophic Damage" In Bahamas; U.S. Bracing For Category 4 Hurricane; Millions Facing Mandatory Evacuations As Conditions In Florida Worsen; Hurricane Forecast To Move "Dangerously Close" To Florida, Georgia, South Carolina; Bahamas Prime Minister: "We Are In The Midst Of A Historic Tragedy"; Mandatory Evacuations Order For 11 Counties In Florida; New Details In Shooting Rampage; Fire Sweeps Dive Boat; How Did Pres. Trump Keep Track Of Hurricane Dorian?; Seven Dead, 23 Hurt In West Texas Attack; Police Say Shooter Called 911 Before Massacre; Death Toll Climbs To 8, Dozens Missing, In Dive Boat Fire; Conan O'Brien Previews His New Greenland Special; Pres. Trump's Dream Leads To New O'Brien Special; Dorian's Slow, Deadly March Toward Southeastern U.S. Shore
August 31, 2019
New Forecast: Hurricane Dorian Stronger, More Strengthening Expected As It Takes Aim At Florida; Powerful Hurricane Dorian On Track To Hit Florida, Projected To Intensify Into Dangerous Cat 4 Storm; Hurricane Warning Issued For Parts Of The Bahamas; Florida Bracing For Possible Direct Hit By Storm; "King Tide" And Rain Is Already Flooding Parts Of Miami Beach Days Before Hurricane Dorian; Hurricane Warning Issued For Parts of The Bahamas; Florida Bracing For Possible Direct Hit By Dorian; Pres. Trump Breaks Silence On Sudden Exit Of Personal Assist; Pres. Trump's Personal Assistant Resigns From WH After Sharing Details About Trump Family In Conversations With Reporters; Pres. Trump On Departure Of Personal Assistant And her "Hurtful" Remarks About His Kids: "You Don't Say Things Like She Said"; Fears Land Will Be Seized To Build Border Wall; Texas Woman Fear Her Land Will Be Seized To Build Wall; Residents On U.S. Border With Mexico Fear Trump Admin. Will Seize Their Private Property To Fast Track Border Wall; Dorian Strengthens to A Category 4 Hurricane; Hurricane Dorian Intensifies, Now A Dangerous Category 4 Storm And Taking Aim At Florida; Dorian Strengthens To A Category 4 Hurricane; Mandatory Evacuation Order Issued For Parts Of Brevard County, Florida; Hurricane Dorian Intensifies, Now A Dangerous Cat 4 Storm With 130 MPH Winds And Taking Aim At Florida
August 30, 2019
Dorian Expected To Be A Major Hurricane Tomorrow; Likely To Hit Florida As Cat Four Storm On Labor Day; States Of Emergency In Effect In Florida And Georgia As Dorian Is On Track To Strike As A Major Hurricane; DOJ's Final Word On Comey; Gift To Putin?; DOJ Watchdog: Comey Broke The Rules, But Won't Face Prosecution; DOJ Watchdog: "Comey Violated FBI Policy And The Requirements Of His FBI Employment Agreement When He Chose This Path; DOJ Won't Prosecute Comey Over Handling Of His Memos On Pres. Trump Despite Finding He Broke FBI Rules; DOJ: Watchdog: Comey Did Not Leak Classified Information; DOJ Watchdog: Comey Did Not Leak Classified Information; Pres. Trump Seriously Considering Blocking $250 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine; Sources: Pres. Trump Offered Pardons For Laws Broken To Build Border Wall By Election Day; Mattis: "I Had No Choice But To Leave" The Trump Admin.; Former Defense Secretary: "I Had No Choice But To Leave" The Trump Administration; Former Defense Secretary: "There Is A Period In Which I Owe My Silence ... It's Not Going To Be Forever"; Former Defense Secretary: "You Don't Endanger The Country By Attacking The Elected Commander In Chief"; Lineup Set For September Democratic Debate; "The God's Truth"?; Wash. Post: Biden Tells A Moving But False War Story; Wash. Post: Biden Conflated Details Of Several War Stories; Biden: "It Was Absolutely Accurate What I Said"
August 29, 2019
Strengthening Hurricane Dorian A Threat To Florida; Dorian Intensifying, Could Slam U.S. Mainland As Powerful Hurricane; Sources: Pres. Trump Offered Pardons For Laws Broken To Build Border Fence By Election Day; Sources: Pres. Trump Concedes To Lawmakers Wall Not Best Path Against Illegal Immigration; Disaster Money Heading To The Border; Mattis Opens Fire; Pres. Trump Called Puerto Rico "One Of The Most Corrupt Places On Earth" As They Braced For Storm; Dept. Of Homeland Security Moves $155 Million From FEMA Disaster Relief For Immigration Enforcement; Former Defense Secy. Mattis: "Storm Clouds Gathering"; Former Defense Secretary: Leadership Without Collaboration "Will Lead To Failure"; Members Of Pennsylvania Farm Family Say Pres. Trump Will Lose Their Voters Due To Trade War With China; New Polling On 2020 Dems; Gillibrand Drops Out Of Democratic Presidential Race; New Poll: Biden Has Edge Over Warren, Sanders; Pres. Trump Assails Unfamiliar Target; Pres. Trump Assails Fox News, Says Network "Isn't Working For Us Any More"
August 28, 2019
New Forecast: Dorian Could Approach Hurricane Strength As It Spins Toward Puerto Rico; Sources: Pres. Trump Privately Clashed With G7 Leaders Over Reinviting Russia Into Alliance; Pres. Trump: Let Russia Back Into G7; Where Does The Impeachment Push Stand?; What A Bank Says About Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Deutsche Bank Has Tax Returns But Doesn't Say If They Are Pres. Trump's; Biden Unveils New Campaign Ad; Biden Campaign Launches New TV Ad In Iowa Focused On Health Care; Wash. Post: Barr Books Pres. Trump's DC Hotel For $30K Party; Wash. Post: Barr Books Pres. Trump's DC Hotel For $30K Holiday Party Raises Questions About Ethics, DOJ's Independence; Pres. Trump On His GOP Challengers; Pres. Trump On GOP 2020 Challengers: "I Should Be Able To Take Them!"; Pres. Trump On GOP 2020 Challengers: "Three Stooges Running Against Me" (Only 2 So Far); Gov. Kasich On A Potential Run Against Pres. Trump: "I Don't See Path Right Now"
August 27, 2019
: Pres. Trump's Questionable Claims At G7; Pres. Trump Claims First Lady Has "Gotten To Know Kim Jong Un"; Par For The Course? New Primary Picture; Pres. Trump Floats Hosting Next G7 At His Doral Club; New Election Poll Numbers; New Poll Shows 3-Way Tie Between Warren, Sanders, And Biden Out Of 21 Dems Running For President; New Poll: Sanders, Warren And Biden Out Of 21 Dems Running For President; New GOPD Candidate Running Against Pres. Trump; Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Announces Run Against Pres. Trump; Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $572 Million for Its Role In Oklahoma's Opioid Crisis; Company Calls Decision "Flawed"; Aerial View Of Scorched Amazon Rainforest; G7 Commits $20 Million To Protect The Amazon; Leonardo Dicaprio's Foundation Pledges $5 Million; Amazon Rainforest Burns, Veering Toward Disaster
August 24, 2019
Stocks Plunge As Pres. Trump Says U.S. Firms Are "Hereby Ordered" To Look For Alternatives To China; Dow Plunges 600+ Points Amid Pres. Trump's Tweets, Jokes, Trade War; President Trump Threatens To Raise Tariffs On Chinese Goods To 30% Amid Escalating Trade War; Summit, Or Powderkeg?; The Remarkable RBG; Pres. Trump About To Depart For G7 Summit; Pres. Trump Reportedly Questioning Why He Has To Attend G7 Summit; Pres. Trump Says Russia Should Be Readmitted To G7; New Health Challenge; Justice Ginsburg Treated For Pancreatic Cancer; Evangelicals Speak Out About Pres. Trump's Conduct In Office; New Plan To Fight Amazon Rainforest Fires; Pres. Trump Offers U.S. Assistance To Fight Wildfires; Toxic Tale: Trump's Environmental Impact; "A Toxic Tale: Trump's Environmental Impact" Airs Tonight At 10PM ET
August 23, 2019
White House Flip-Flops Yet Again On Tax Cuts; White House Talking Again About Tax Cuts (After President Says They're Not); 62% Disapprove Of Pres. Trump's Job Performance; 51% Disapprove Of Pres. Trump's Handling Of The Economy; Pres. Trump Attacks Ford And California Over Deal On Stricter Fuel Economy Standards; Gov. Newsom On Pres. Trump: "He's Losing, And We're Winning"; CA Gov. Newsom On Pres. Trump's Attacks On Ford: They're "Pathetic Arguments"; Gov. Newsom On President's Erratic Week: "This Is Donald Trump Feeling The Pressure"; Trump Admin. Rolls Out Proposal Allowing Indefinite Detention Of Migrant Families; Gov. Newsom: California Will File Lawsuit Against Admin. On Proposal Allowing Indefinite Detention Of Migrant Families; Can Background Checks On Gun Purchases Pass In Ohio?; Ohio's Republican Governor Promises Changes To Gun Laws; Fires In The Amazon Rainforest; Brazil's Amazon Rainforest Burns At Record Rate
August 22, 2019
Tom Friedman On Pres. Trump's Week Of Reversals; Friedman: If Trump Were A CEO He'd Be Gone; Pres. Trump To Jewish Americans: "If You Vote For A Democrat, You're Very, Very Disloyal To Israel And To The Jewish People"; Pres. Trump Threatens To Release Thousands Of Captured ISIS Fighters To Europe; Tom Friedman On The State Of The Republican Party; WH Official: Pres. Trump Brief On Gun Control Options; Mixed Messages From Pres. Trump On Gun Background Checks; WH Official: White House Preparing Gun Proposals To Be Unveiled As Congress Returns From Recess, Unclear What's Under Consideration; WH Official: Pres. Trump Briefed On Proposals To Address Mass Shootings; Pres. Trump Embraces Title Of "King Of Israel"; Pres. Trump: "I'm The Chosen One" To Confront China On Trade; Pres. Trump Embraces Title Of "King Of Israel"
August 21, 2019
The Atlantic: Pres. Trump Told NRA Leader Universal Background Checks Are "Off The Table"; Pres. Trump Considering Payroll Tax Cut After WH Denied Monday; Pres. Trump Downplays Recession Signs; Contradicts Aides By Admitting He's Weighing Payroll Tax Cut To Boost Economy; Pres. Trump: "Any jewish People That Vote For A Democrat, I Think It Shows Either A Total Lack Of Knowledge Or Great Disloyalty"; Jill Biden To Democrats: Your Candidate May Be "Better" On Some Policies But Joe Biden Will Beat Pres. Trump; Jill Biden: Electability Most Important; Julián Castro On Jill Biden's Claim That Even If You Like Another Candidate Better You Should Vote For Her Husband Anyway; Julián Castro On President Trump Calling Democratic Rep. Tlaib "Violent And Vicious"; Spike Lee On Slavery's Legacy In America; New Moves By Trump Admin. On Immigration; Trump Admin. Expected To Announce New Rule Allowing Longer Detention Of Migrant Families; Pres. Trump Postpones Denmark Trip After Prime Minister Refuses To Sell Greenland
August 20, 2019
Wash. Post: White House Officials Eyeing Payroll Tax Cut In Effort To Reverse Weakening Economy; Conflicting Reports On Whether WH Considering New Tax Cut; Pres. Trump: "Scaramucci Is A highly Unstable Nut Job"; The Voter Fraud Conspiracy (Again); FEC Chair Calls Out Pres. Trump Over Baseless Voter Fraud Claims; FEC Chair To Pres. Trump: "Lay Your Cards On The Table Or Fold; Pres. Trump Backs Away From Support For Background Checks. Again.; Pres. Trump: "We Have Very Strong Background Checks Right Now"; Sen. Markley On Family Separations At The Border; One-On-One With Stacey Abrams; GOP Source: WH Instructs Surrogates How To Deflect Charges Of Racism Against Pres. Trump; Lawmakers Slam Pres. Trump, Netanyahu After Scrapped Israel Trip; Abrams On Battling Voter Suppression In 2020 And Beyond
August 17, 2019
Pres. Trump Keeps Up Attacks On Democratic Congresswomen; Does Pres. Trump Really Want To Buy Greenland?; One-On-One With Stephen Colbert; Greenland To Pres. Trump: We're Not Sale; Love, Loss & The Kindness Of Strangers; Hundreds Of People At Services For El Paso Victim After Widower With No Other Family Invites Anyone To Come; Stephen Colbert On Living With Grief And Loss; Colbert: "It's A Gift To Exist And With Existence Comes Suffering"; One-On-One With Stephen Colbert; Woodstock At 50: A One-Hour, Special, Tomorrow At 9PM ET
August 16, 2019
Israel Bans Reps. Omar And Tlaib After Pres. Trump's Push; Philadelphia Mayor On Gun Violence; One-On-One With Sen. Bernie Sanders; Pres. Trump Again Links Guns And Mental Illness; Sen. Sanders Alleges Amazon Agenda Shapes Washington Post Coverage; After Philadelphia Shooting, City's Mayor Calls For Gun Control: "We Have To Do Something"; Mayor: Police Need Help Keeping Weapons Out Of The Wrong Hands; Mayor: No One Should Have Access To The Weaponry And Firepower That We Saw In Philadelphia Police Standoff; Mayor: Police Need Help Keeping Weapons Out Of The Wrong Hands; Rep. Steve King Demands "Full Public Apology" From Top Republican Despite Remark On Rape And Incest; Love & Loss; Hundreds Of People Expected At Funeral For El Paso Victim After Widower With No Family Invites Public To Attend
August 15, 2019
Philadelphia Police: At Least 6 Officers Wounded In "Active And Ongoing" Standoff With Suspect; Philadelphia Police In Active Standoff, 6 Officers Shot And Wounded; Pres. Trump Punts After Dow's Big Drop; Exclusive One-On-One With Stephen Colbert; Pres. Trump Launches New Blistering Attack On Fed Chief As Dow Tanks 800 Points Over Recession Fears; Pres. Trump Blames Fed, Not Trade War, After Recession Warning; 6 Philadelphia Cops Shot; Shooter Remains In Standoff; Bipartisan Outrage Over Congressman's Rape & Incest Comments; Rep. Steve King Questions Whether There Would Be Any Population Left Without Rape And Incest; One-On-One With Stephen Colbert; Colbert On Controversial Comments By Acting Trump Admin. Immigration Chief On Statue Of Liberty Poem; Colbert On Why He Thinks Pres. Trump Is A "Heretic To Reality"; Colbert: Pres. Trump "Wants To Live In A Fantasy World"; Colbert On Why He Wouldn't Want To Interview Pres. Trump: He's So Disrespectful To The Office"; Philadelphia Police: At Least 6 Officers Wounded
August 14, 2019
Pres. Trump Defends Epstein-Clintons Conspiracy Theory, The Latest In A Pattern Of Baseless Claims Spread By President; Uproar Over Trump Aide's Remarks About "Give Me Your Poor"; Pres. Trump Blinks On Tariffs; 2 Calif. Counties Sue Over New Trump Admin. Rule That Could Deny Green Cards, Citizenship To Immigrants Receiving Public Assistance; Pres. Trump Blinks On Tariffs For Some Chinese Imports, Delays Them Until December 15 For "Christmas Season"; Pres. Trump Tears Into Former WH Comms Chief Scaramucci; Pres. Trump Blasts His Former WH Communications Director; Pres. Trump On Scaramucci: "He's A Nervous, Neurotic Wreck"; Pres. Trump Blasts Former WH Communications Director After Scaramucci Pulls Support For Trump's Re-election; Max Boot On The "Trumpification Of Conservatism"; Max Boot Responds To National Review Attack; A Killer's Attack
August 13, 2019
Anthony Scaramucci Speaks Out; Conspiracy Theorist-In-Chief; Andrew Yang Breaks Down Over Gun Violence; Pres. Trump Promotes Epstein-Clintons Conspiracy Theory, The Latest In A Pattern Of Baseless Claims Spread By The President; Feds Charge Friend Of Dayton Mass Shooter, Say He Bough 100-Round Magazine, Body Armor Used In Attack; Andrew Yang Brought To Tears At Gun Safety Town Hall; Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Urges New Gun Control, Explains Tearful Moment In Iowa; New Details In Epstein Death Investigation; NY Times: One Of Jeffrey Epstein's 2 Jail Guards Was A Substitute, Not A Full-Fledged Correctional Officer; Trump Admin. Announces New Rule That Could Limit Legal immigration; Trump Administration Moves To Make Citizenship More Difficult For Immigrants Who Receive Medicaid, Foods Stamps Or Housing Assistance; Trump Administration Announces New Rule That Would Use Financial Status As One Benchmark For Green Card Approval; "Meaningful Background Checks"?
August 10, 2019
Pres. Trump Pledges Support For "Meaningful" Background Checks, Declares "There's Never Been A President Like President Trump"; CNN Exclusive Interview; The Photo In Question; Pres. Trump Gives Thumbs Up In Photo With El Paso Orphan; Father Of El Paso Shooting Victim Talks About Her Recovery; Father Of El Paso Shooting Victim Explains Why He Didn't Meet With President Trump; Father Of Shooting Victim Reacts To Pres. Trump Giving Thumbs Up In Photo With El Paso Orphan; Foreign Service Officer Explains Why He Resigned Over What He Says Was Pres. Trump's "Toxic Agenda"; Foreign Service Office Resigns Over Trump Administration Polices; Foreign Service Officer Blasts Pres. Trump's "Toxic Agenda" In Announcing Resignation"; Ex-Foreign Service Officer On Resignation: There Is No "Deep State," There's A "Complacent State"; Park: Trump Administration Showed "Naked, Unapologetic, Cruelty" With Child Separation; Sources: EPA Reversed Environmental Protections After Pres. Trump Meeting; EPA Dropped Salmon Protection After Pres. Trump Met With Alaska Governor; Sources: EPA Made Controversial Mine Decision After President Trump Meeting
August 9, 2019
Aides Admit Pres. Trump's El Paso, Dayton Visits Didn't Go Well As Video Shows He Bragged About Size At Hospital; Pres. Trump Lashed Out At Staff Over Visits To Dayton And El Paso, Complained He Wasn't Getting Enough Credit; El Paso Hospital Official: Pres. Trump's Visit Showed An "Absence Of Empathy"; McConnell: Senate Will Put Background Checks "Front And Center" After Recess"; 3 More Trump Admin Officials Resign; U.S. Foreign Service Officer In Blistering Washington Post Op-Ed: I Can No Longer Justify Working On "Trump's Toxic Agenda"; Two State Department Officials Resign Amid Disagreements With WH; Deputy DNI To Leave Amid Signs President Wants Loyalist; State Department Official In Charge Of Mexico Talks And Immigration Leaves Administration After Being At Odds With President's Policies; Anger Over Kids' Fate After Immigration Raids; Children Crying After Parents Arrested In Immigration Raids
August 8, 2019
Pres. Trump Accuses Dayton Mayor And Ohio Sen. Brown Of "Politicking" His Visit With Dayton Shooting Victims; Pres. Trump Slams Ohio Dems For "Misrepresenting" His Visit To Dayton Hospital; What Dems Said: Pres. Trump Was "Received Well"; Dayton Mayor: "Not Sure What The President Thinks Sen. Brown And I Misrepresented" During Visit; Dayton Mayor: Let's Hope Pres. Trump Is Not One Of These "All Talk, No Action" Politicians On Gun Control; President Trump Meets With El Paso Victims, First Responders; Undercuts Plea For Unity With Political Attacks Against Dems; Pres. Trump Talks About The "Love, The Respect" He Got While Visiting Shooting Victims, Doesn't Mention Protesters; Exclusive: White House Rebuffed Attempts By DHS To Make Combatting Domestic Terrorism A Higher Priority; Family Attorneys: El Paso Suspect's Mother Called Police Weeks Before Shooting Concerned About Her Son Owning A Gun; America Under Assault: The Gun Crisis
August 7, 2019
Awaiting Press Conference On Dayton Shooting; Police Chief Reads Statement From Dayton Gunman's Family; Press Conference On Dayton Shooting; Feds Taking A Central Role In Dayton Investigation, Focused On Shooter's Obsession With Violence; El Paso Suspect's Family: His Actions Were Influenced By People We Don't Know And Ideas We Don't Accept;; Will The Senate Take Action?; "I Need To Get To My Kids"; President Trump To Visit El Paso And Dayton Wednesday; Plans To Meet With Grieving Community, First Responders
August 6, 2019
El Paso Mayor: President To Visit Wednesday; Biden On Mass Shootings: We Should Be About Honesty, Decency And Hope; We Should Be Giving Hate No Safe Harbor; Children Of El Paso Victim David Johnson Remember Father Who Shielded Wife, Granddaughter From Gunfire; Soccer Mom, 2 Coaches Wounded As Gunman Opened Fire Outside El Paso Walmart; Biden On Mass Shootings; Biden: "White Supremacists Are Winning The Battle"; Biden: "This Is Domestic Terrorism"; Biden: The President's Rhetoric "Legitimates People Coming Out From Under Rocks"; Biden To Pres. Trump "From This Point On Show Me Something; Biden On Pres. Trump: "Clearly His Actions Have Done Nothing to Do Anything Other Than Encourage This Kind Of Behavior"; Biden On Pres. Trump: "This Is A President Who Has Said Things No Other President Has Said Since Andrew Jackson"; Biden On Pres. Trump: "This Is About Separating People And The Good And The Bad In His Mind"; Biden On Pres. Trump: Dividing People Is A Trait "Used By Charlatans All Over The World"; Biden: Immigrants Didn't Commit The Shootings In El Paso And Dayton American Citizens Did; Biden: "Let's Eliminate The Ability To Have An Assault Weapon"; Biden: "Background Checks Should Be Universal. Period."; Biden: "Who The Hell Needs 200 Rounds In A Gun?"; Biden: "Hatred Is Not A Mental Illness"; Biden: "White Nationalism Is Wrong, It Is Not A Mental Illness, It is Hateful Behavior"; Biden: There Have Been More Acts By Domestic Terrorists In Past Years Than by Foreign Terrorists; Biden: Assault Weapons Should Be Illegal; Biden: I Would Institute A National Buy Back Program For Assault Weapons; Biden: "We Have Two Problems: The NRA And The Gun Manufacturers"; Biden: Video Games Are Not The Reason Why We Have This Carnage; Biden On Coping With Tragedy And Loss; Biden: "You Can't Define What An American Is Based On Ethnicity"; Biden: "What A President Says Matters"; Biden: "You Shouldn't Be Able To Buy Certain Weapons"; Biden On Grief: The Person You Lost Is Still With You; Biden On Grief: Find A Purpose; Biden On Grief: There Is Hope; Biden: "Hate Can Have No Safe Harbor"; Biden: "We Chose Hope Over Fear ... Unity Over Division And Maybe Most Importantly Truth Over Lies"; Chris Cuomo Interview With Beto O'Rourke
August 5, 2019
2 Mass Shootings Only Hours Apart; At Least 29 Killed; 20 Killed In El Paso, 9 Dead In Dayton Mass Shootings; Police: 9 Dead, 31 Injured In Dayton Shooting; Authorities Believe El Paso Gunman Posted Racist, Anti-Immigration "Manifesto" Online; El Paso Mother Killed Shielding Her Baby From Gunfire; Democrats Call For Senate To Be Called Back Into Session To Deal With Long-Stalled Gun Control Legislation; Parents Of Parkland Victim In El Paso Area; Say People Need To "Spring Into Action" To Stop Gun Violence
August 3, 2019
Pres. Trump: No Longer Picking Ratcliffe for Intel Chief; Officials Say President Was Concerned About Confirmation; GOP Lawmaker: His Decision Is A "Gut Punch;" Impeachment-Focused Candidate Tom Steyer Seeks To Qualify For September Debates; Marianne Williamson's Controversial Comments on Depression; U.S. Withdraws From Nuclear Treaty With Russia; Family Mourns Saoirse Kennedy Hill: "Our Hearts Are Shattered"
August 2, 2019
Schumer Warns Dems Against "Circular Firing Squads"; Gillibrand's Attack On Biden's Record On Working Women Under Scrutiny; Marianne Williamson Joins Us; "Circular Firing Squads" Or Healthy Competition?; Democrats Attack Pres. Obama's Record; Pres. Trump's Message To Voters In Ohio; No Chants Of "Send Her Back" So Far At Trump Rally; Pres. Trump Holds Ohio Rally; Pres. Trump: Dems Spend More Time Attacking Pres. Obama Than Me; Who Has Got What It Takes To Go Toe-To-Toe With President?; Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Makes An Impression At The CNN Debate In Detroit; Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson On The Record About Vaccines And Mental Illness
July 31, 2019
Round Two: High Stakes And A Heavyweight for CNN Debate; What to Look For Tonight's Candidates; What To Look For From Tonight's Candidates; Candidates Arrive At Debate Hall; Rematch Between Biden And Harris At Centerstage Tonight; Top Harris Campaign Aide Previews Debate Night; Will Sen. harris Take On Former VP Joe Biden Tonight?; Fight For The Soul Of The Democratic Party; The Flint City Wide Choir & Dee Dee Bridgewater Sing "America The Beautiful" At CNN Democratic Debate; Biden Campaign Official: "No Rules Of Engagement" At Debate
July 30, 2019
High Stakes For CNN Debate; Will Moderate Candidates Take On Warren, Sanders?; One-On-One With Senator Bernie Sander's Campaign Manager; Elizabeth Warren Arrives At Debate Hall; Warren, Sanders Go Head-To-Head Tonight; DNC Chairman Previews Tonight's Debate; Warren, Sanders Share Stage With Moderates; DNC Chairman On The Party's 2020 Strategy; Democrats Vs. Pres. Trump; How Hard Should Dems Go After Pres. Trump Tonight?; Break-Out Moments Critical Tonight; The Art Of Interrupting; Soon: Candidates Take State For First Round Of CNN Debates
July 30, 2019
Maryland Senators Respond To Pres. Trump Attack On Rep. Elijah Cummings, Baltimore; Pres. Trump Steps Up Attacks On Baltimore And Cummings After Calling Congressman's District "Infested"; Pres. Trump Picks Loyalist, Russia Probe Critic For Intel Chief; Pres. Trump Names Congressional Loyalist For Intel Chief But Pick Draws Tepid Response From Republican Senators; Biden Up 12 Points In New Poll; Sen. Harris Loses Post Debate Bump, Down In New Polling; Democratic Debates Kick Off In Detroit In Less Than 24 Hrs; Latest On California Mass Shooting; 3 Killed, 12 Hurt In California Mass Shooting; Kushner Baltimore Properties Under Scrutiny; Pres. Trump Slams Baltimore For "Infestation" As Kushner Properties Citied For Rodents
July 27, 2019
Supreme Court Clears Way For Pres. Trump To Use Defense Funds For Border Wall Construction; Supreme Court Lets President Trump Proceed With Border Wall, But Legal Fight Continues; Dems Take Big Step Toward Possible Impeachment By Suing For Secret Grand Jury Info From Mueller Report; Senate Intel Report: Key State Failed To Act On Warning About 2016 Russian Hacking; Pres. Trump Calls For New Investigations Into Obama Admin.; Phil Mudd On His New Book, "Black Site: The CIA In The Post-9/11 World"; Undecided Michigan Voters Weigh In On 2020 Democrats
July 26, 2019
Bipartisan Senate Report: Russia Likely Targeted U.S. Election System In All 50 States In 2016; Senate Intel Report Warns Of Ongoing Election Cyberattack As GOP Block Security Bills; Senate Report: "Extensive" Russian Election Interference Going Back To 2014; Senate Intel report: DHS, FBI Warnings To All 50 States On Threat Of 2016 Russian Election Hacking Insufficient; Dems Weigh Impeachment In Wake Of Mueller Hearing; Sources: Speaker Pelosi Not Taking Impeachment Off The Table, But Wants To Move Forward With Court Action First; Report: Pelosi Rebuffs Nadler On Impeachment Push; Barr Orders Restart Of Federal Executions After 16 Years; CA Governor: Pres. Trump's Treatment Of Asylum Seekers Creates "Fear, Anxiety, And Anger To Gin Up His Base"; EPA Spokesman Call New CA Deal To Raise Fuel Efficiency A "PR Stunt"; Biden Says He's Changing His Game Plan Ahead Of Democratic Debates; Joe Biden Says He Plans On Not Being "As Polite" During Next Week's Democratic Debate; Biden's Shifting Strategy; Not The Real Seal; The Deal On The Seal; How Trump Got On Stage With A Fake Presidential Seal
July 25, 2019
Mueller: Pres. Trump Was Not Exonerated, This Was "Not A Witch Hunt"; Mueller: Trump Could Be Prosecuted For Obstruction After Leaving Office; President Asked If He's Worried, Calls It "Fake"; Mueller Says Trump Was Not Exonerated, But Clarifies Key Point In Testimony About Why President Was Not Charged; Mueller Walks Back Bombshell Answer That He Didn't Indict Trump Because He Is A Sitting President; Mueller Contradicts Pres. Trump, Says He Discussed FBI Job But "Not As A Candidate"; Mueller Most Fiery Defending The Integrity Of His Investigators: Asking For Someone's Political Affiliation "Is Not Done"; Mueller: "Generally" President Trump's Written Answers Were Inadequate, Incomplete And Untrue; Mueller Rufuses To Say If His Report Recommends Impeachment; Pelosi: "The American People Now Realize More Fully The Crimes That Were Committed Against Our Constitution"; Pres. Trump touts "Very Good Day," Praises Republican Lawmakers Who Defended Him In Mueller Hearings; Mueller: Didn't Subpoena Trump Because Of Time Constrains; President: I Did "Right Thing" by Refusing Mueller Interview; Claiming Victory; Top Dems Weigh In; Trump Claims Victory In Wake Of Mueller Testimony But Mueller Tells Lawmakers President Was Not Exonerated; Mueller Most Fiery Defending The Integrity Of His Investigators: Asking For Someone's Political Affiliation "Is Not Done"; Mueller On Pres. Trump's Many Comments Praising WikiLeaks: "Problematic Is An Understatement"; Nadler: Anyone Who Acted As Trump Did "Would Face Criminal Prosecution" If They Were Not The President; Sources: Pelosi Not Taking Impeachment Off The Table; At Least 93 House Democrats Not Calling For Impeachment; Pelosi Stands Firm, Wants To Continue To Fight In The Courts; Mueller's Warnings On Russian Interference; Mueller Warns Russians Are Interfering "As We Sit Here"; Mueller warns Russia threatens 2020 Election, Fears "New Normal" If Campaigns Not Reporting Foreign Influence
July 24, 2019
Pres. Trump: Mueller Deputy Shouldn't Be Allowed At Hearing; CNN: Pres. Trump More Irritated Than Anxious Ahead Of Testimony; Pres. Trump Talks "Witch Hunt" Ahead Of Mueller Testimony; Sources: He Keeps Asking What To Expect From Hearings; House Judiciary Dems Hold Mock Mueller Hearing Ahead Of Testimony By Former Special Counsel; Former Special Counsel To Have Deputy Join Him At Hearing; Mueller Makes Requests To Sear n Deputy For Hearing; Source: Deputy Will Advise Mueller, Won't Answer Questions; House Intelligence Committee To Focus On Obstruction Of Justice; CNN: Pres. Trump Quizzing People Around Hin About What To Expect From Hearings; Former Top Lawyer At FBI On Mueller's Testimony; FBI Director Wray: Mueller Is 'Professional", "Straight Shooter"; Help Is (Finally) On The Way; 9/11 Victims Bill Faces Senate Vote; 9/11 Victims Bill Passes Senate, Heads To White House
July 23, 2019
DOJ To Mueller: Testimony Must Stay Within Bounds Of Report; DOJ To Mueller: Testimony "Must Remain Within The Boundaries" Of The Report Because Matters "Covered By Executive Privilege"; DOJ To Mueller: Testimony Must Stay Within Bounds Of Report; Thomas Friedman Joins Us; Thomas Friedman On What 2020 Democrats Must Change To Win; NY Times Columnist To 2020 Dems: "Spare Me The Revolution!"; Pres. Trump Vs. Thomas Friedman; Pres. Trump Calls Thomas Friedman "Weak And Pathetic" After N.Y. Times Op-Ed Columnist Called Him "Racist"; Pres. Trump Continues His Twitter Attacks On 4 Democratic Congresswomen; Thomas Friedman's Take On What 2020 Democrats Must Change To Win; How Mueller Does When The Heat Is On; When Mueller's In The Hot Seat
July 20, 2019
Pres. Trump Adopts More Defiant Tone On Racist Tweets; Pres. Trump Praises Crowd At Rally That Chanted "Send Her Back"; 2020 Contender Castro On Debates And Taking On Pres. Trump; Pres. Trump Re-Embraces Racist Views Toward Congresswomen; Castro Looks For Next Breakout Moment In Democratic Field; Pres. Trump Flip-Flops On Rally Regrets; Political Fallout From Pres. Trump's Rally; Pres. Trump Denies Ivanka Got Him To Change Course On Racist Chant; Pres. Trump Says Melania And Ivanka Didn't Advise Him; CNN Exclusive: New Information From A Private Investigator Who Says Jeffrey Epstein's Victims Were Harassed, Intimidated; Investigator Tracked Epstein For More Than A Decade; New Information After A Ten-Year Probe; Investigator Shares Details Of Epstein's Alleged Crimes; Pres. Trump Renews Attacks On Democratic Congresswomen
July 18, 2019
Crowd Boos After Pres. Trump Mentions "The Four Congresswomen"; Pres. Trump Rally Chants "Send Her Back!" After Extended Attack Against Rep. Ilhan Omar; Pres. Trump Repeats Smear Of Rep. Omar, Falsely Saying She Said Al Qaeda "Makes You Proud"; Pres. Trump: The Democrat Party Are Left-Wing Extremists Who Reject Everything Our Nation Stands For; Pres. Trump Says Rep. Tlaib Is "Not Somebody That Loves Our Country"; Pres. Trump: I Don't Think "The Radical Left" Has Any Enthusiasm. "They Keep Fighting With Each Other."; Pres. Trump: Rep. Omar "Slandered" U.S. Servicemen Killed In Somalia; Pres. Trump: These Left-Wing Ideologues See Our Nation As A Force Of Evil; Pres. Trump Calls The Four Congresswoman "Hate-Filled Extremists"; Pres. Trump: The Democrat Party Are Left-Wing Extremists Who Reject Everything Our Nation Stands For; Pres. Trump Says If Four Congresswomen He Attacked Don't Love America, Then They Should "Leave It"; Crowds Chants "Leave It!" After Pres. Trump Says Four Congresswoman Should Leave If They Don't Love America; Pres. Trump: These Left-Wing Ideologues See Our Nation As A Force Of Evil; How History May judge The Last Washington Turmoil; History-Making Week In Washington After Dizzying Set Of Events; Anderson Talks With Marianne Williamson; One-On-One With Marianne Williamson
July 17, 2019
House Passes Resolution Condemning President's Racist Tweets; Four Republicans Voted For House Resolution Condemning President's Racists Tweets; House Resolution: President's "Racist Comments Have Legitimized Fear & Hatred Of New Americans & People Of Color"; House Voted 240-187 To Pass Resolution Condemning President's Racists Tweets; Four Republicans Vote "Yea" In House Vote To Condemn President's Racists Tweets; Every Democrat Voted For House Resolution Condemning President's Racists Tweets; President Trump's Racist Fight Against Four Lawmakers; President Trump: "I Don't Have A Racist Bone In My Body!"; Billionaire, Democratic Candidate For President Tom Steyer On President Trump's Racist Remarks; Steyer On The President's Tweets; Steyer: "Donald Trump Is A Failed Businessman"; Steyer On How To Win In 2020; Steyer: 2020 Election Can't Be About Pres. Trump; Steyer: "We Have A Broken Government"; Steyer: 2020 Will Be A Generational Change Election; Steyer: What America Needs Is An Outsider; Steyer: I Will Support The Dem. Nominee Whoever It Is; Steyer: "I Think We Are In An Emergency"; Steyer: "I Am A Democrat And I Will Support The Democrats"; Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Dies; Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Dies At Age 99 From Complications From Stroke; Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Dies At Hospital In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens "Passed Away Peacefully With His Daughters By His Side"
July 16, 2019
Khizr Khan Reacts To Pres. Trump's Comments; Pres. Trump Tweets, Not Backing: "If You Are Not Happy Here, You Can Leave!"; Congresswoman Respond To Pres. Trump's Attacks; Rep. Omar: "This Is The Agenda Of White Nationalist"; Few Republicans Criticize Pres. Trump's Racist Tweets; Pres. Trump Defends His Racist Attacks On U.S. Congresswoman; Surveillance Reports Describe How Wikileaks' Julian Assange Operated From Ecuadorian Embassy To Meddle In 2016 Election; New Plans To Limit Central American Migrant Asylum Claims; Latest Administration Moves To Severely Limit Central American Migrants Seeking Asylum; Administration Enacts New Rule Limiting Asylum Seekers
July 13, 2019
Barry Closes In On Gulf Coast; Could Dump 20 Inches Of Rain; Labor Secy. Resigns Amid Outcry Over Sex Case Plea Deal; Sr. Admin Official: Pres. Trump's Confirmation Of Immigration Raids Is "Head-Scratching," Could Jeopardize Operation; Video Shows Crowded Conditions Inside Migrant Detention Facility; Mueller Public Hearing On Capitol Hill Delayed; "Life Threatening" Storm Could Test Louisiana's Levees With Up To 20 Inches Of Rain & Storm Surge; Mueller Public Hearing On Capitol Hill Delayed One Week; Prosecutors: Epstein Paid $350,000 To Potential Witnesses Against Him; Barry Expected To Make Landfall As Hurricane; New Orleans Ordering Residents To Shelter In place; "Life Threatening" Storm Could Test Louisiana's Levees With Up To 20 Inches Of Rain & Storm Surge; Barry Expected To Make Landfall As Hurricane; New Orleans Ordering Residents To Shelter In Place; Key Vote On Capitol Hill; Helping The Heroes; House Passes Bill To Extend 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund
July 12, 2019
Pres. Trump Ordering U.S. Agencies To Provide Citizenship Information, Instead Of Including Question In 2020 Census; Pres. Trump Drops Effort For Citizenship Question In Census, Directs Federal Agencies To Give Information To Commerce Dept.; Source Close To White House On Pres. Trump Retreating On Citizenship Question: "Reminds Of The Bad News Bears"; WH Official On Pres. Trump Dropping Citizenship Question In Census: He Does Not Like To Concede Anything..."; Sen. Booker On Immigration Raids Expected To Target Undocumented Families In 10 Major Cities Starting Sunday; Mayor Pete Buttigieg Joins Us; Immigration Raids Expected To Begin Nationwide Sunday; Buttigieg Talks Citizenship Question, Struggles With African-American Voters; Mayor Buttigieg Unveils Racial Justice Plan In Bid For African-American Voters; Buttigieg, Polling At 0% Among African-American Voters, Unveils Plan To Tackle Racial Injustice; Mayor Buttigieg Unveils Racial Justice Plan; Hurricane Warning Issued For Parts Of Louisiana Coasts; Hurricane Warnings Issued For Louisiana; Tropical Storm Barry Threatens Louisiana; Hurricane Warnings Issued For Part Of Coastline
July 11, 2019
Former Florida Prosecutor Blasts Acosta, Says He "Should Not Be Allowed To Rewrite History"; Former Florida Prosecutor Calls Acosta's Comments On Epstein Case "Completely Wrong"; Former Florida Prosecutor: Acosta Scrapped 53-Page Indictment In Epstein Case "After Secret Negotiations"; The True Origins Of The Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory; Iranian Boats Attempted To Seize British Tanker; British Ambassador Steps Down After Calling President "Inept"; Yahoo News: Russian Intel Agents Planted Fake Report About Seth Rich's Death, Sparking Conspiracy Theory; Yahoo News: Steve Bannon Pushed Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory While Working In White House: "It Was A Contract Kill, Obviously"; New Orleans Flooded By What Could Become A Hurricane
July 10, 2019
Federal Judge: Justice Department Can't Switch Legal Team In Census Citizenship Question Case; Pres. Trump: I "Feel Badly" For Secy. Acosta, Who Gave Epstein Plea Deal; Sen. Bernie Sanders On Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Fundraising Gains; Megan Rapinoe: "I Am Aware This Was A Huge Win For Us; Megan Rapinoe On "Equal Pay" Chant After World Cup Win; Megan Rapinoe On Equal Pay Lawsuit; Megan Rapinoe On Her Activism & Pres. Trump; Megan Rapinoe On Kneeling In Protest In 2016; Megan Rapinoe: Standing Up For Yourself And Others Is Uniquely American; Megan Rapinoe: Kneeling During The National Anthem Was Difficult, But Not Disrespectful; Megan Rapione: I Would Not Go To The White House, And Every Teammate I've Talked With Won't Go Either; Megan Repinoe Message To President Trump: You're Excluding People, Maybe Even People Who Support You; Megan Rapione On Invites To Capitol Hill; Political Game Changer Ross Perot Dies At 89
July 9, 2019
One-Time Pal Of Trump, Clinton Charged In Alleged Underaged Sex Scheme; Epstein's Ugly History, And Powerful Connections; Pres. Trump Fires Back At UK Ambassador Who Called His Admin. "Clumsy" And "Inept"; Source: British Amb. Disinvited From Tonight's Dinner With Pres. Trump, Treasury Secy. And Others Calling Admin. "Inept"; Pres. Trump Says He Will No Longer Deal With UK Ambassador Who Labeled His Admin. "Inept", "Clumsy"; Pres. Trump Says Iran "Better Be Careful" As Tehran Increases Uranium Enrichment; "The Children Cried Constantly"; Pres. Trump Defends State Of Border Facilities, Despite Unsanitary And Overcrowded Conditions; NY Times: Some Children At Clint Detention Ctr. Had No Beds And No Way To Clean Themselves; NY Times: CBP Agents At Clint Detention Center Raised Red Flags To Superiors About Conditions; NY Times: Outbreaks Of Scabies, Shingles And Chickenpox Spread At Clint Facility; NY Times: CBP Agents At Clint Facility Said They Were Ringing Alarms But No One Was Listening to Them; Questions Surround Interior Secretary's Role In Controversial Development Deal; Questions Swirl Over Interior Secretary's Role In Controversial Development Deal; Elizabeth Warren Reports $19.1 Million Haul In 2nd Quarter, More Than Sanders And Harris; Exclusive: Cuomo's Interview With Joe & Jill Biden Eric Swalwell Drops Out Of Presidential Race;
July 6, 2019
Biden Defends His Record In Exclusive CNN Interview; Former VP Joe Biden Sits Down With CNN; Biden Defends His Record On Desegregation And Busing; Biden Defends Himself: "Look At My Record"; Biden: I Didn't Want To Get In That Scrum With Harris; Biden: I Wasn't Prepared For How Harris Came At Me; Joe Biden Insists "People Know Who I Am"; Biden: "I Don't Think I'm Having Trouble Sparring"; Biden On Debate Performance: I Know How To Spar; Biden: Pres. Trump Is A "Divider-In-Chief"; Biden: Pres. Trump Is "The Bully That I Knew My Whole Life"; Biden: "It's A Disaster" To Try To Do It Alone With No Alliances Overseas; Biden: "We Need Allies"; Biden: Pres. Trump Is Dissing Allies, Embracing Thugs; Biden: Pres. Trump Is "Stiff-Arming" Our Friends Abroad; Biden: There Will Be No Nato If Pres. Trump Is Re-Elected; Biden: Pres. Trump Gave Kim Jong Un Legitimacy, Got Nothing; Biden: Idea That Trade War Benefits Anyone Is "Ludicrous"; Biden: Trump Admin. Doing Nothing To Stop China From Stealing U.S. Intellectual Secrets; Biden: While Pres. Trump Is Tweeting China Will Own 5G Market; Biden To N. Korea: "Show Me Something" If You Want U.S. Sanctions Lifted; Biden On The "Center Left" Vs. The "Way Left"; Pres. Trump Says He May Issue An Executive Order To Put Citizenship Question On Census Form; Biden Expresses Skepticism Of The Democrats' Tilt to The Left And Ocasio-Cortez's Appeal; Biden: I'd Bring Back The Obamacare Individual Mandate; Biden: People Shouldn't Have To Give Up Private Health Care Plans; Biden: "The Middle Class Built This Country"; Biden: I Wouldn't Call "Medicare For All" An "Advanced" Idea; Biden Expresses Skepticism Of Ocasio-Cortez's Mass Appeal; Biden: "My North Star Is The Middle Class"; Biden: I Will Raise Tax Rate To 39.5%; Biden I would Raise The Corporate Tax To 28%; Biden: Undocumented Immigrants Should Have Access To Health Care; Biden: Everyone Should Have Health Care Coverage In An Emergency; Biden: I Don't Think Crossing Border Should Be Decriminalized; Biden: Vast Majority Of Dems Are Where I Am On The Issues; Biden On Being Labeled A Moderate: "I Am Center-Left": Biden: Would Be Great To Have Female VP Or Pres. If I Lose; Biden: "Presumptuous" To Discuss Potential VP Pick; Biden: Role Of President Is To Persuade, Not Just Fight; Joe & Jill Biden's Interview With Chris Cuomo Airs 9PM ET Monday; Reaction To Joe Biden's Rare One-On-One Interview; Biden Tells CNN Some Democrats Tilting Too Far Left; More On Biden Interview; Latest On Citizenship Question Battle; Biden Assails Some Policies Of Democratic Rivals; Pres. Trump Threatens Executive Order For Census Question On Citizenship; Pres. Trump: We Need Citizenship Question "For Congress For Districting"; "The Movies" Debuts Sunday At 9PM; Did She Win?; 15-Year-Old From U.S. Wins Again At Wimbledon
July 4, 2019
Trump Administration Reverses Course On Census Citizenship Question; DOJ "Instructed" To Find Way To Include Census Citizenship Question; Pres. Trump: "We Are Absolutely Moving Forward" With Citizenship Question; "Living Far Better Now Than Where They Came From"; Migrant Children Draw Haunting Images Of People Behind Bars; Pediatrician Weighs In On State Of Children In CBP Custody; Julián Castro Weighs In On Migrant Conditions; Pres. Trump Tweets Migrants In Custody "Are Living Far Better Now Than Where They Came From"; "General" Concerns About Military Fourth?; Pres. Trump's 4th of July; Tanks, Troops, Flyovers; Military Chiefs Concerned About Politicization Of Pres. Trump's July 4th Event; Sen. Kamala Harris Stumps In Iowa On Independence Day-Eve; New WaPo/ABC Poll: Biden 30%, Sanders 19%, Harris 13%; Sen. Kamala Harris Stumps In Iowa On Independence Day-Eve; New Reaction From African-American Voters In South Carolina Post Debates; Race & The 2020 Race; South Carolina Voters On Race And 2020
July 3, 2019
Pres. Trump To Host DC July 4th Event With Tanks, Flyovers; Shocking New Report And Photos; The President Vs. New York's Attorney General; DHS Watchdog Warns Of Dangerous Overcrowding At Border Detention Facilities; One Official Calls It A "Ticking Time Bomb"; New York Atty. General On Her Investigations Of The President; New York Attorney General Responds To Pres. Trump's Attacks; N.Y. AG Responds After Pres. Trump Says N.Y. Gov. Cuomo "Uses His Attorney General As Bludgeoning Tool For His Own Purposes"; N.Y. AG Responds After Pres. Trump Says She "Is Harassing All Of My New York Businesses"; Trump Administration Won't Ask About Citizenship On Census; House Democrats File Lawsuit To Obtain Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Verdict In Trial Of Navy Seal Accused Of War Crimes; Military Jury Finds Navy Seal Not Guilty Of Murder In Isis Detainee's Death
July 2, 2019
There's Just Something About A Dictator; Minority Leader Chuck Schumer On Pres. Trump, North Korea, Iran; Schumer: Pres. Trump's Foreign Policy Is "Erratic"; Dem. Lawmakers Decry Conditions After Border Facility Tour; McConnell Commits To Passing Funding Extension In August; New CNN Poll: Biden's Lead Shrinks To Five Points After First Dem. Debate; Harris Surges To Second; New CNN Poll: Biden Drops 10 Points, Harris Moves Up 9 Points To Second Place After Debate; Federal Officials Investigating Reports Of Cruel, Lewd Customs And Border Protection Agent Facebook Group; Ivanka Trump's Role During Historic Trip Questioned; Ivanka Trump Makes Presence Known On Father's Asia Trip; Ivanka Trump Speaks With World Leaders, Joins meeting With Kim Jong Un On Father's Trip; Remembering 9/11 First Responder Luis Alvarez
June 29, 2019
Bruising Night for Joe Biden Puts Him on the Defensive for the First Time During 2020 Campaign Season; Biden Touts "Lifetime Commitment to Civil Rights" After Harris Slammed Him on Race, Busing in Rough Debate; Biden's Statements, Positions on School Busing Could Haunt Him; Pres. Trump Praises Saudi Prince, After Cozying-Up to Putin and Pining for Kim Jong Un; Former Pres. Carter Says Russian Interference in 2016 Would Show Pres. Trump Didn't Actually Win the Election; Mayor Pete Buttigieg Splits Time Between Campaign and Police Shooting Crisis
June 28, 2019
Sources: Biden Will Defend and Explain Past Record But Wants to Pivot, Moves Ahead; Sources: Biden Will Embrace Ability to Work in Bipartisan Way; Top Tier Candidates Biden, Sanders on Same Debate Stage; House Passes Emergency Bill on Border Spending; Progressives Angry Over Pelosi Compromise; Supreme Court Allows Partisan Gerrymandering; Delivers Blow to Trump Administration on Census; High Court Blocks Controversial Census Question; Says Partisan Gerrymandering Doesn't Belong in Courts; Tillerson Transcript Details Feud with Kushner; Two Women Who Support Assault Claim By Writer E. Jean Carroll Speak Out
June 27, 2019
New Video Shows Bodies of Drowning Victims Placed Into Hearse on Southern Border; CNN Gets Look Inside Controversial Texas Migrant Facility; Attorneys Seek Federal Court Order to Allow Public Health Experts Inside Migrant Facilities; Wash. Post: U.S. Asylum Officers Ask Federal Court to Block Border Policy; Say it Threatens Lives; Senate Passes Its Version of Emergency Aid to Border; Conflicts With Already Passed House Version; Senate, House Pass Differing Versions of Emergency Humanitarian Aid to the Border; Pres. Trump Smears Mueller Ahead of His Public Testimony, Falsely Accuses Him of Deleting FBI Text Messages; First Big Test for 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Begins Tonight in Florida with Round One of Debates; Pres. Trump Feuds with Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe;
June 26, 2019
House Vote Expected on Border Funding Bill; Shocking Photo Shows Migrant Father and Daughter Drowned at U.S.-Mexico Border; Manmade Humanitarian Disaster as Migrant Children Face Squalor, Lack of Sanitary Conditions; Jessica Leeds, One of 15 Women to Accuse President Trump of Sexual Misconduct, Reacts to E. Jean Carroll Claim; Democrats Hoping for Breakout Moments at First Presidential Debates, Biden Still Leading Pack; Sen. McConnell Meets with 9/11 First Responders, Commits to Passing Funding Extension by August; Govt. Prosecutors Unveil More Information Against Rep. Hunter; Former Republican Administrator Blasts Trump Admin.'s Refusal to Acknowledged that Climate Change is a Threat;
June 25, 2019
Pres. Trump on His Most Recent Accuser: "It Never Happened; She's Not My Type;" In Latest Interview, Pres. Trump Assails Joe Biden, Saying Biden's "Embarrassed" Obama Isn't Endorsing Him; Pres. Trump, Pence Blame Dems for Filthy Conditions Where U.S. Keeps Migrant Kids
June 22, 2019
Pres. Trump Says He's Not Looking For War With Iran, But Warns If It Comes There Will Be "Obliteration Like You've Never Seen Before"; Pres. Trump Faces Assault Allegation From New Accuser; Pres. Trump: We Were "Cocked & Loaded" For Strike On Iran, But I Called It Off With 10 Minutes To Spare; Source: After Pres. Trump Called Off "Cocked And Loaded" Attack On Iran, He's Focusing On Sanctions Instead Of Military Action; Pres. Trump: I Called Off Iran Strikes With 10 Minutes To Spare, Was Told "150 People" Would Die, Decided "Not Proportionate"; Writer Says Pres. Trump Assaulted Her In The Mid-1990s; President: It's A False Accusation, Never Happened; Marchers Confront Buttigieg Over Fatal Police Shooting; WSJ: Barr Looking Into U.S. Intel Finding That Russia Wanted Pres. Trump To Win; SC Voters On Biden's Comments About The "Civility" Of Segregationist Senators; Meet A Pioneer Of Historic Apollo 11 Moon Mission; "Apollo 11" Premieres Sunday At 9PM
June 21, 2019
GOP Congressional Leaders Call For "Measured Response" Against Iran After U.S. Drone Shot Down In Disputed Location; U.S. Insists Drone Was In International Airspace; U.S. Releases Coordinates Of Drone Flight; Insists It Was In International Airspace; Pres. Trump On Response To Iran: "You"ll Find Out"; Pres. Trump: "Probably Iran made A Mistake"; Source: Joe Biden Calls Sen. Booker After CNN Interview, Booker Won't Apologize For Criticism Of Former V.P.; Biden, Booker Speak On Phone After Backlash Over Biden Citing Segregationists; Hope Hicks Transcripts Released; Hope Hicks Tells Judiciary Committee She "Lived" Mueller Report; A Few Words About Anderson's Mother
June 20, 2019
Just Say No; Judiciary Cmte. Chairman Nadler Vows To "Destroy" White House Privilege Claim In Court After Hope Hicks Testimony Stalls; Hope Hicks Testimony On Capitol Hill Hits A Wall As White House Claims Wide Privilege, Won't Even Let Her Say Where She Sat; Biden Attacks Booker; 100 Days Without A White House Briefing; Biden Fires Back At Booker; Biden: Rival Cory Booker Should Apologize For Criticizing Him After Former VP Said He Could Be "Civil" With Two Segregationist Senators; McConnell Under Fire; Sen. McConnell Denounces Reparations: "We've Elected An African-American President"; McConnell: "We Paid For "Sin Of Slavery" By Electing Pres. Obama; Intended Target?; Prosecutor: David Ortiz Was Not The intended Target In Murder-For-Hire Plot; How Much Of Pres. Trump's Campaign Rally In Florida Was Factual?; Pres. Trump's Florida Rally Full Of Familiar Themes, Falsehoods; 100 Days Without White House Press Briefing
June 19, 2019
Pres. Trump Moments Away From Officially Launching His 2020 Campaign; Pres. Trump In Orlando For Campaign Kickoff As New Poll Shows Biden, Sanders Would Beat Him In Florida; What Happened To Vetting; Acting Defense Secy. Shanahan Resigns, Addresses Reports Of Domestic Violence; Pres. Trump Doubles Down On Threat Of Immigration Roundup; Pres. Trump Doubles Down On Threat Of Immigration Roundup As He Officially Launches 2020 Campaign In Florida
June 18, 2019
Honoring The Life Of Gloria Vanderbilt; U.S. Sending 1,000 Additional Troops To Middle East Amid Escalating Tensions With Iran After Tanker Attack; Pentagon: New Images Show That Iran Attacked Tankers; Iranian Official: U.S. And Iran Headed For Confrontation; NY Times: Intel Officials Hesitant To Fully Brief Pres. Trump On Escalating U.S. Cyberattacks On Russia; We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 26; Pres. Trump Furious Over Leak Of Unflattering Internal Polls; Trump Pollsters Fired After Leaks Show Biden Ahead; Who Is The Biden Campaign Keeping A Close Eye On These Days?; Sources: Biden Campaign Keeping Close Eye On Elizabeth Warren, Believe She's Cutting Into Left Wing Support For Bernie Sanders; Remembering Gloria Vanderbilt
June 15, 2019
Source: WH Officials Admit Pres. Trump Handled Questions On Taking Foreign Dirt Poorly; "Tough" Last Few Days; Pres. Trump Thanks McConnell For Block Bill Requiring FBI Notification Of Any Foreign Election Influence; Source: WH Aides Frustrated With Sarah Sanders' Handling Of Interview That Led To Dirt Comments; New Legal Opinion On Battle Over Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; New DOJ Legal Opinion Supports Treasury Secretary's Refusal To Turn Over President's Trump's Tax Returns To House Panel; Former Press Secy.: Sanders Legacy Not One To Be Proud Of; Pres. Trump: I'm Not Going To Fire" Conway; Pres. Trump Says He Won't Fire KellyAnne Conway for Hatch Act Violations, Despite Federal Agency Recommendation; Rare Look Inside Melania Trumps East Wing; "Woman Of Mystery: Melania Trump" Next On CNN
June 14, 2019
Federal Election Commission Warns It's Illegal To Solicit Or Accept Foreign Campaign Help After President Said He Thinks He'd Take It; Federal Election Commission Issues Unprecedented Rebuke To President Trump On Foreign Election Interference; Sarah Sanders Leaving White House; Gov. Watchdog Recommends Firing Conway; WH: Govt. Watchdog "Deeply Flawed" For Saying Conway Should Be Fired; Claims Hatch Act Violates Free Speech Rights; Pelosi On Pres. Trump's Against Her At Normandy; Speaker Pelosi On Pres. Trump's Attack Against Her At Normandy: "I Felt Really Sorry For Him"; US Officials: U.S. HasVideo And Photos Of Iranian Navy Boat; U.S. Officials: U.S. Has Video, Photos Showing An Iranian Navy Boat Removing An Unexploded Mine From Gulf Tanker
June 13, 2019
Pres. Trump To ABC: "I Think I'd Take" Information About 2020 Opponents From Foreign Powers; NY Times: Justice Dept. Seeks To Question CIA Officers As They Review The Russia Investigation; Former White House Aide Hope Hicks Will Testify Behind Closed Doors Before House Judiciary; Bernie Sanders One-On-One; Pres. Trump: "The FBI Director Is Wrong" To Say Campaigns Should Alert Authorities About Foreign Election Interference; Pres. Trump Defends His Son, Donald Trump Jr., For Not FBI About Russia Meeting; Bernie Sanders Charts Democratic Socialist Future; Bernie Sanders Makes His Case For Democratic Socialism; Sanders Responds To Trump; Sen. Bernie Sanders Makes His Case For Democratic Socialism As Pres. Trump Attacks; House Panel Votes To Hold AG Barr, Secy Ross In Contempt As Pres. Trump Asserts Executive Privilege On Census Documents; Hope Hicks Plans Visit To Capitol Hill; Hope Hicks To Testify Behind Closed Doors Before House Judiciary Next Wednesday; House Panel Takes Action On 9/11 Fund
June 12, 2019
Pres. Trump, Biden Ramp Up Attacks Against One Another As They Hold Dueling Events In Iowa; Pres. Trump, Dem Frontrunner Biden Trade Jabs As Both Visit Iowa; Pres. Trump Teases "Proof" Of Mexico Deal; Pres. Trump Shows Folded Paper Claiming It's Deal With Mexico But Refuses To Reveal Contents; Pres. Trump: Kim Jong Un "Totally Gets It"; Scolding Congress; Jon Stewart Rips Lawmakers On Behalf Of 9/11 First Responders: "I'm Angry, And You Should Be, Too"; Jon Stewart Calls On Congress To Fully Fund Program To Support Sick And Dying 9/11 Responders; House Approves New Court Pressure On Administration; House Approves Resolution To Enforce McGahn, Barr Subpoenas Court; Teacher Goes Above And Beyond; Colorado Teacher Cares For 13-Year-Old Student Whose Kidneys Have Failed, Needs Transplant;
June 11, 2019
Helicopter Crashes And Burns, Atop Manhattan Skyscraper; John Dean Testifies Before House Judiciary Cmte; Brings Echoes Of Watergate To Present Day; GOP Members Slams John Dean As "A Prop"; Coming Up: The John Dean Interview; House Judiciary Chair Strikes Deal With DOJ To Obtain Mueller Documents, Delaying Court Showdown Between House Dems And Attorney General; NYC Mayor: Video Showing Helicopter Flying Erratically This Afternoon Is Probably Moments Before Impact And fire On Skyscraper Roof; Witness: "You Could Feel The Building Shake," As Helicopter Crash-Lands On Manhattan Skyscraper, Killing Pilot; "In The Not Too Distance Future..."; President Teases Added Deal With Mexico, Mexico Denies Deal Even Exists; The Hazards Of Reporting On A President Who Refers To The Press As "The Enemy Of The People"; CNN's Jim Acosta With His New Book On Pres. Trump And The Press; Baseball Superstar David Ortiz Shot At Dominican Nightclub; Baseball Legend David Ortiz Shot In Dominican Republican; Being Flown Back To Boston For Further Treatment; Heat-To-Head In Iowa; Iowans Weigh In On Presidential Picks
June 8, 2019
U.S.-Mexico Talks Go Down To Wire, As Tariff Deadline Passes; Pres. Trump Attacks Political Foes Against Backdrop Of Normandy Cemetery For Fallen World War II Troops; Pres. Trump: Pelosi Is A "Nasty, Vindictive, Horrible Person"; Chicken On The Sea; Tariff Talks In Hour Twelve; President Announces Agreement With Mexico As Tariff Deadline Passes; U.S. And Mexico Reach Migrant Crisis Agreement, Details Unclear; Russian, U.S. Warships Nearly Collide; Stunning Video Shows How Close American, Russian Warships Came To High Sea Collision
June 7, 2019
Source: Judiciary Chair Nadler Splits With Pelosi On Impeachment Inquiry; Politico: Pelosi Said She Wants Pres. Trump "In Person," Not Impeached; Source: Nadler Pushes For Impeachment Inquiry, Rejected By Pelosi; Biden Now Won't Support Ban On Federal Funds For Abortions, After Facing Backlash; Wash. Post: Mexico Aims To Avoid Tariffs With Potential Deal Limiting Migrants Going North, Allowing U.S. To Deport Central American Asylum Seekers; Wash. Post: Faced With Tariff Threat, Mexican Officials Have Pledged To Deploy Up To 6,000 National Guard Troops To The Border With Guatemala; Faced With Tariff Threat, Mexican Officials Pledge To Deploy Up To 6,000; Emotional Tribute To WWII Veteran On World Stage; French Pres. Macron Helps U.S. Veteran Stand As He's Honored By Pres. Trump; Deadly Accident Involving West Point Cadets; One West Point Cadet Killed, 21 Others Hurt In Rollover Crash; Tourists Believe They Were Poisoned At Resort Where 3 Americans Died; Colorado Couple: We Were Sickened At Same Resort Where 3 Americans Died
June 6, 2019
Pres. Trump On Tariff Talks: "Progress Is Being Made, But Not Nearly Enough!"; White House Officials: Mexico Could Do More On Immigration; Mexican Foreign Minister: "We Are Optimistic" After Latest Talks; U.S.-Mexico Negotiators Fail To Reach A Deal On Tariffs, Immigration; Pres. Trump Says Talks Will Continue; Pres. Trump Says He's "Making Up" For Not Serving In Vietnam; Pres. Trump On Not Serving In Vietnam: "I Was Never A Fan Of That War"; Pres. Trump Says He's "Making Up" For Not Serving In The Military Because Of Increased Defense Budget; CNN Poll: 54% Think Pres. Trump Wins Re-Election; Biden Attacked By Dems For Supporting Ban On Federal Funding For Abortions; A Question Of Tone; Large Protest In London, Pres. Trump Calls It "Fake News"; 3 Americans Dead In 5 Days At Resort In Dominican Republic; American Hero Recalls The D-Day Invasion; D-Day Soldier Reflects On What It Took to Survive Both Bullets And Discrimination
June 5, 2019
GOP Senators Warn White House They'll Try To Block Pres. Trump's Mexico Tariffs; Growing GOP Revolt Against Pres. Trump's Mexico Tariffs; GOP Senate Aide On Mexico Tariffs Meeting: "I Think The Technical Term Is ClusterF**K"; Pres. Trump In New Tweet: "No Bluff" On Mexico Tariffs; Ready To Talk?; Inside White House Under "Siege"; Report: Trump Dossier Author Christopher Steele Agrees To Be Questioned By Justice Department; "Fire And Fury" Author Michael Wolff Back With Controversial New Book On Trump Presidency; Michael Wolff Defends Sourcing In new Book, Calls Trump President A Political "Meltdown"; New CNN Polling On Dem Race For WH; CNN Poll Shows Biden In Commanding Lead Among Democrats; New Arrest In Connection With Parkland Shooting
June 4, 2019
Would Kushner Report Future Russian Offers?: "I Don't Know"; Kushner Defends Pres. Trump On Racism, Doesn't Comment On Birtherism; Despite Controversial Tweets, President Trump Gets Royal Treatment At Buckingham Palace; We'll Keep The Gaslight On For You, Part 25; Pres. Trump: "I Never Called Meghan Markle 'Nasty"" (Even Though It's On Tape); What Happens When The President Can't Get Fox News In The UK; Pres. Trump Calls For Customers To Boycott AT&T To Force "Big Changes" In CNN's Coverage; Taking Aim At Biden; Dems Target Absent Biden At California Event; FAA Nominee Under Scrutiny Over Whistleblower Case
June 1, 2019
At Least 11 Killed In Virginia Beach Mass Shooting; At Least 11 Dead In Mass Shooting In Virginia Beach; Police Chief: Suspect Was Confronted, Killed; At Least 11 Dead, 6 Hospitalized After Virginia Beach Shooting; At Least 11 Dead In Mass Shooting In Virginia Beach; Source: Shooter Was Disgruntled Employee; At Least 11 Dead In Mass Shooting In Virginia Beach; Police Chief Chief: Shooter Was Current City Employee; At Least 11 Dead In Mass Shooting In Virginia Beach; Two Weapons Recovered: Rifle And Semi-Automatic Pistol
May 31, 2019
AG Barr Defends Raising Concerns About Russia Probe, Suggest People Believed Actions Were For "Better Good"; AG Barr Responds To Criticism He's Protecting Pres. Trump; Barr: Spying Has "Never Been" A "Dirty Word" To Me; Barr Contradicts Mueller, Says He "Could Have Reached A Decision" On Whether Pres. Trump Obstructed Justice; Barr: Mueller Could've Reached Decision On "Criminal Activity"; Mueller: Indicting Sitting President Was "Not An Option"; AG Barr On Whether Russia Probe Investigators Committed Treason; "Not As A Legal Matter"; Pres. Trump Announces Tariffs On Mexico Until It Stops The Flow Of Migrants; Pres. Trump: Tariffs On All Goods From Mexico Will Start At 5%, Threatens To "Gradually Increase" Until Migrants Stop Crossing At The U.S. Border; Keeping Them Honest; What led White House To Ask That USS McCain Be Kept Out Of Trump's Sight?; A Conversation With Oneself; Pres. Trump Goes On Lie-Filled Rant; Pres. Trump Tweets Russia Helped Get Him Elected, Then Contradicts Himself; Pres. Trump Doubles Down On McCain Criticism; Pres. Trump: Official Who Directed Obscuring USS McCain Warship Was "Well-Meaning"; Meghan McCain Blasts Pres. Trump Over USS McCain Controversy; Swing-District Democrat Talks Impeachment; At Least 41 House Dems And One Republican Calling For Impeachment; Pressure Building On Speaker Pelosi To Launch Impeachment Inquiry; Pres. Trump: Impeachment Is A "Dirty, Filthy, Disgusting Word"; WH On Mexico Tariffs: No Specific Number Set For Success On Reduction Of Migrants At U.S. Border
May 30, 2019
DOJ: "No Conflict" Between Barr And Mueller On Policy Charging A President Despite Clear Differences In Their Statements; Pelosi Says "Nothing Is Off The Table" Including Impeachment After Mueller Makes It Clear Congress Has Role On Pres. Trump's Fate; House Democrat: Members Are "Growing More Restless" As Pelosi Resists Impeachment Without "All The Facts;" Mueller: If We Had "Confidence That The President Clearly Did Not Commit A Crime, We Would Said So;" Mueller: If We Had "Confidence That The President Clearly Did Not A Crime, We Would Have Said So;" DOJ: "No Conflict" Between Barr And Mueller On Policy Charging A President Despite Clear Differences In Their Statements; Sarah Sanders: "We Consider This Case Closed;" WSJ: WH Wanted USS John McCain "Out Of Sight" During President Trump's Visit To Japan; WSJ: USS John McCain Sailors, Who Typically Wear Caps Bearing Its Name Were Given The Day Off During Pres. Trump's Visit
May 29, 2019
James Comey: "The President Is A Liar"; Biden Back On Campaign Trail; Butting Heads On National Security; Pres. Trump Contradicts Own National Security Adviser On North Korea Missile Tests, Says He's Not "Personally Bothered"; Playing Biden Seek With Voters; A House Divided; Biden Had Only 11 Public Campaign Events In Month Of Candidacy; Comey: No Treason, No Coup, Just Dumb Lies From The President; Comey: We Didn't "Spy" On Anyone's Campaign; Comey: "The President Is A Liar Who Doesn't Care What Damage He Does To Vital Institutions; A Family Divided: Mother In Mexico, Father And Son In U.S.; Immigration Dilemma Forces, Mother, Father And Son Apart; Tornado Warnings In Kansas City Area And New Jersey
May 28, 2019
Pres. Trump Praises North Korea's Dictator As A "Very Smart Man"; Calls Biden A "Low IQ Individual"; Pres. Trump Joins Kim Jung Un In Bashing Biden; Pres. Trump Contradicts Own National Security Adviser On North Korea Missile Tests, Says He's Not "Personally Bothered"; Pres. Trump Joins Kim Jong Un In Bashing Vice Pres. Biden; Sarah Sanders Defends AG Barr's Probe Into Russia Investigation; Another Climbing Death Atop Mount Everest; 11th Death Reported On Mount Everest Amid "Traffic Jam" Of Hikers; "Red State Blue State" Premiere Next On CNN
May 25, 2019
"I Don't Know About The Videos"; Pres. Trump Shared Edited Video Of Speaker Pelosi As Feud Escalates; Facebook Doubles Down On Not Removing Fake Pelosi Video; Investigating The Investigators; DNI Coats: "Confident" Barr Will Adhere To "Long-Established Standards"; President Trump Escalates His Own Investigation Into FBI Counterintelligence But Continues To Stonewall Congress; DNI Coats: "Confident" Barr Will Adhere To "Long-Established Standards"; Pres. Trump Orders Intel Community To Provide A.G. Barr With Sensitive Intelligence In Probe Of Russia Case's Origins; John Walker Lindh Freed From Prison After 17 Years; Is He Still Devoted To Taliban Cause?; Father Of Slain CIA Officer Johnny "Mike" Spann Furious After John Walker Lindh Set Free In U.S.; GOP Congressman Stalls $19 Billion Disaster Relief Bill; Howard Stern Talks About His Parents; Howard Stern One-On-One
May 24, 2019
Pres. Trump Fires Back After Pelosi Gets Under His Skin - Again; Pres. Trump Goes On The Defensive After Pelosi Says He's "Crying Out For Impeachment;" Pelosi Tonight: I'll Be Happy To Work With The "Extremely Stable Genius" When He Starts Acting More Presidential; Pres. Trump Calls Himself A "Stable Genius" And Asks Staff To Vouch For His Calm After New Pelosi Attack; Sen. Blumenthal On Pres. Trump's Behavior; Behind The Rivalry; Howard Stern On Pres. Trump; Pres. Trump Allows AG Barr To Declassify Info. Regarding Surveillance Activities Of His 2016 Presidential Campaign; Pres. Trump Rambles During White House Event, Calls Pelosi "A Mess" After She Says He Needs An Intervention; Howard Stern On Why He Thinks Trump Ran; Howard Stern One-On-One; Howard Stern: Trump's Candidacy For President Was a "Publicity Stunt; Howard Stern; I Don't Think Trump Likes Being President; Howard Stern: I Think Pres. Trump Is The Same Person I Interviewed Years Ago; Howard Stern: Trump Called Me Personally And Asked Me To Speak At The 2016 GOP Convention And Endorse Him; Howard Stern: I Believe 100% Would Have Appointed Me To FCC Or Another Job If I Spoke At GOP Convention; Howard Stern On Whether Trump Wants To Be Reelected: I Think He's Say, What Am I Doin'? I'm In My Seventies; Howard Stern On The 2020 Democratic Candidates; Howard Stern One-On-One; Howard Stern On Why He Wouldn't Speak At 2016 GOP Convention: I Supported Hillary Clinton; Howard Stern: "I Did Everything That I Normally Don't Do To Try To Get Hillary Clinton To Come On My Radio Show; Howard Stern On The 2020 Democratic Field; Howard Stern: "I'm Curious" About Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Howard Stern: Biden Is "Sort Of Interesting To Me, In A Way"
May 23, 2019
Pelosi In Letter To House Colleagues: Pres. Trump "Had A Temper Tantrum For Us All To See; Sen. Stabenow On Pres. Trump: I Don't Think He Does Well With Strong, Smart Women;" Judge Upholds House Subpoenas For Pres. Trump's Financial Records; Second Judge This Week To Rule Against President; Pres. Trump: "I Don't Do Cover-Ups;"Judge Upholds Subpoenas For Pres. Trump's Financial Records; Second Judge This Week To Rule Against President; Investigation Ends Into Whether Virginia Governor Northam Appeared In Racist Yearbook Photo; Federal Judge Upholds House Subpoenas For Pres. Trump's Financial Records From Deutsche Bank, Capital One; Investigation Unable To Determine If Virginia Governor Is Depicted In Racist Yearbook Photo
May 22, 2019
The Impeachment Inquiry Inquiry; White House Not Backing Down In Battle With Dems; House Dems Subpoena Former Trump Advisor Hope Hicks And Ex-Chief Of Staff To White House Counsel McGahn; Wash. Post: Draft IRS Memo Says Pres. Trump's Tax Returns Must Be Given To Congress Unless He Invokes Executive Privilege; Sources: Mueller's Team Wary Of Special Counsel Testifying Publicly; Sources: Mueller Does Not Want To Appear Political; What HUD Secretary Ben Carson Had To Say About Cookies; Asked About Foreclosures, HUD Secretary Carson Hears "Oreos"; Lawmaker Asks HUD Secretary Carson About Foreclosure Properties, He Thought She Was Talking About Oreos; New Poll On 2020 Democratic Presidential Race; CNN Town Hall With Beto O'Rourke At 10PM ET
May 21, 2019
Michael Cohen Told Lawmakers That Pres. Trump's Attorney Jay Sekulow Knew Cohen's Testimony On Trump Was False; Judge Orders Trump Accounting firm To Hand Over Records To Congress; Pres. Trump May Pardon Accused Or Convicted Warm Criminals; Trump Admin Blocks McGahn's House Testimony Tomorrow Claiming Former White House Counsel Has Immunity; Federal Judge Sides With House Dems On Subpoena, Orders Pres. Trump's Accountants To Turn Over Financial Records; Judge Orders Trump Accounting Firm To Hand over Records To Congress; Michael Cohen Told Lawmakers Jay Sekulow Told Him Pardons Were Under Consideration For Him, Others; Michael Cohen Told Lawmakers That Pres. Trump's Attorney Jay Sekulow Knew Cohen's Testimony On Trump Tower Was False; GOP Congressman Calling For Impeachment Of Pres. Trump Speaks Out; GOP Congressman Calling For Impeachment Of Pres. Trump Speaks Out; GOP Congressman Calls for Trump Impeachment, 1st GOP To Do So; 1st GOP Lawmaker To Call For Trump's Impeachment Speaks Out; Great White Shark Spotted In Long Island Sound
May 18, 2019
AG Barr Fueling "Spy" Theories In Russia Probe; AG Barr Says Public School Know If Officials Put "Them On The Scale" In Russia Probe; Barr On Russia Probe: Some Explanations Don't "Hang Together;" Flynn Contacted GOP Mueller Critic While Cooperating With Special Counsel; Too Many Democratic Contenders For WH?; While Cooperating With Mueller, Flynn Sent Message To GOP Rep. Gaetz; Told Him To "Keep Pressure On;" What To Make Of Joe Biden's Early Lead Among Democrats; Biden Has Wide Early Lead Among Democratic Candidates; Is Field Too Large? Will Winner Have Less Money, Influence?; Undocumented Workers, Each With Story To Tell, Speak Out; 19 Undocumented Workers Each Say They Worked For Trump Organization Over The Years; China Strikes More Aggressive Tone Leave Talks With U.S. In Limbo; Inside Russia's And China's Secret Operations To Defeat America
May 17, 2019
U.S. Claims To Have Images Showing Iranian Freighters They Believe Are Carrying Missiles; Attorney General Barr Says He Will Not Stop Mueller From Testifying Before Congress; Pres. Trump Unveils New Immigration Plan, Ignores Most Complicated Issues; Newly Unsealed Evidence Shows Michael Flynn Helped With Mueller's Obstruction Investigation; Judge Orders Release Of Transcripts Of Flynn's Conversations With Russians; Judge Orders Portions Of The Mueller Report Related To Flynn That May Be Redacted; When Will Mueller Testify?; You Left Some Things Out; Pres. Trump Proposes "Merit-Based" Immigration Plan; Doesn't Address "Dreamers;" Pres. Trump: U.S. Should Favor Young, Educated, Financially Independent Immigrants; He's A Joke; Pres. Trump On NYC Mayor De Blasio's Bid: "He's A Joke"
May 16, 2019
Alabama Governor Signs Near-Total Abortion Ban Into Law; Alabama Abortion Doctors Could Face Up To 99 Years In Prison Under New Law; New Alabama Abortion Law Does Not Include Exception For Rape, Incest; WH Counsel: Dems Have No Right For "Do-Over" Of Mueller Probe; Nadler: WH Thinks Pres. Trump Is A "King"; Probe Won't End; Are Iranian "Threats" Real Or Is It Business As Usual?; U.S. Officials Insist Iran Presents "Imminent Threat"; British Commander Says He Says Nothing Unusual; Barr Asks Pelosi: "Did You Bring Your Handcuffs?;" Turning Tragedy Into Triumph; Crusading For Suicide Barrier; National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
May 15, 2019
Barr Answers Pres. Trump's Call To "Turn The Tables On Mueller Probe; House Panel Investigating Claim Pres. Trump's Lawyers Helped Obstruct Russia Probe By Shaping False Testimony; One-On-One With Sen. Bernie Sanders; Iowa Farmers Impacted By U.S. Trade War With China; NY Times: White House Reviews Plan Against Iran That Could Send 120,000 U.S. Troops To The Middle East; Sen. Sanders: War With Iran Would Be An "Unmitigated Disaster;" CIA, FBI, DNI Working With AG Barr To Review Russia Probe Origins; Pres. Trump Calls Escalating Trade War "A Little Squabble;" Farmers Paying The Price; Iowa Farmers: Pres. Trump's Trade Battle With China Has Dire Impact On The Ground; CNN Finds Accused War Criminal Driving For Uber; CNN Finds Accused War Criminal Driving For Uber; Remembering Tim Conway
May 14, 2019
Ex-Deputy AG Rosenstein Blasts Former FBI Director James Comey As A "Partisan Pundit;" Ex-Deputy AG Rod Rosentein To Former FBI Director James Comey; "Speculating About Souls Is Not A Job For Police And Prosecutors;" Rosenstein Fires Back At Comey Days After Ex-FBI Director Said Fmr. Deputy AG Was "Not Strong Enough" To Stand Up To Pres. Trump; Rosenstein Fires Back At Comey; Calls Him A "Partisan Pundit;" Sources: Donald Trump Jr. Balking At Answering More Questions About 2016 Trump Tower Meeting Before GOP-Led Senate Intel Cmte.; Markets Plunge As China Retaliates For U.S. Tariff Hikes; Former Defense Secy. Cohen On Trade War, WH Stonewalling And Tension With Iran; Markets Plunge 617 Points As China Retaliates For U.S. Tariff Hikes; The Life And Legacy Of Photojournalist Tim Hetherington
May 11, 2019
WH Asked McGahn To Publicly Say Pres. Trump Never Obstructed Justice; NY Times: McGahn WAs Asked At Least Twice And Declined; WH Asked McGahn To Say Pres. Trump Never Obstructed Justice; Ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn Rebuffed Request To Say Pres. Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice; Source: Pres. Trump Was Upset McGahn Refused To Say The President Didn't Obstruct Justice; NYT: McGahn Declined At Least Two WH Requests To Publicly Say Trump Never Obstructed Justice, Angering Trump; Steve Bannon Gives His Take On The McGahn Breaking News; House Committee Issues Subpoenas For Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Steve Bannon Wash. Post Op-Ed: "We're In An Economic War With China;" Steve Bannnon Wash. Post Ope-Ed: "China Has Emerged As The Greatest Economic And National Security Threat The U.S. Has Ever Faced;" Why Is Rudy Giuliani Traveling To Ukraine?; Rudy Giuliani Says He's Heading To Ukraine; Is It An Attempt To Discredit Former VP Biden?; Colorado Prosecutors Expected To Announce Charges Against Two Suspects Next Week; Remembering The Colorado School Shooting Victim
May 9, 2019
House Judiciary Votes To Hold Attorney General Barr In Contempt; Nadler: "We Are Now In A Constitutional Crisis;" Senate Intel Cmte. Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. Over Russia Probe, First Known Congressional Subpoena Of Pres. Trump's Children; CNN: Senate Intel Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr; Nadler: "We Are Now In A Constitutional Crisis"; Senate Intel Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr.; Schiff Subpoenas Barr For Counterintelligence Information From Russia Probe; Pres. Trump Asserts Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report; Washington Post Legend Bob Woodward Reacts To Breaking News Of Barr Contempt Vote, WH Stonewalling And Trump Jr. Subpoena; Art Of The Deal Ghostwriter: Pres. Trump Is A "Sociopath" Whose Massive Business Losses Are Part Of A Pattern; Student Died Rushing Colorado School Shooter; Vigil For Colorado Victims; Colorado Student Died While Saving Others; Similar Pattern In Other School Shootings; AC360 Town Hall With Former FBI Director James Comey; Thursday Night At 8PM ET
May 8, 2019
New York Times Obtains 10 Years Of Trump's Tax Info.; Shows The President Paid No Income Taxes 8 Of 10 Years; NY Times: Obtains 10 Years Of Pres. Trump's Tax Info.; NY Times Obtains 10 Years Of Pres. Trump's Tax Info.; He Lost More Money Than Nearly Any Other Taxpayer; NY Times: Tax Info. From 1985 to 1994 Shows Trump's Businesses Were In Far Bleaker Condition Than Was Previously Known; NY Times: Pres. Trump's Core Business Lost More Than $500 Million Over 2 Years; More Than Double The Nearest U.S. Taxpayer; WH Instructs McGahn To Defy Subpoena From House Dems; Dem. Judiciary Cmte. Chairman Nadler Threatens To Hold Barr And McGahn In Contempt; Vote On Barr Expected Tomorrow; At Least 8 Students Injured In Colorado School Shooting; 2 Students In Custody; "SpyGate;" FBI Director Contradicts President And Attorney General Refusing To Say There Was "Spying" On Trump Campaign; FBI Director: "That's Not The Term I Would Use;" Democrats Threaten To Hold McGahn And Barr In Contempt; Dem. Judiciary Cmte. Chairman Nadler Threatens To Hold Barr And McGahn In Contempt; Vote On Barr Expected Tomorrow; Secretary Of State Pompeo Takes Surprise Trip; Secretary Of State Pompeo Makes Surprise Visit To Iraq Amid U.S. Tensions With Iran
May 7, 2019
Treasury Department Denies Request For Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Source: Pres. Trump Was Expressing His Opinion About Mueller Testify, Not Saying He Would Stand In The Way; Dems Worry Pres. Trump Won't Give Up Power If He Loses In 2020; Hundreds Of Federal Prosecutors Sign Letter Stating That Trump Would Be Charged With Obstruction If Not President; House Judiciary Committee Could Vote Wednesday To Hold AG Barr In Contempt After DOG Didn't Turn Over Unredacted Mueller Report Treasury Secy. Mnuchin Refuses To Turn Over Trump's Tax Returns To House Democrats; Would Pres. Trump Go Quietly If He Lost 2020 Election?; It's A Boy For Prince Harry And Megan Markle; Worries Aries That Pres. Trump Might Contest 2020 Election Should He Lose; NY Times: Pelosi Worried Pres. Trump May Not Respect Any Election Result Short Of An Overwhelming Defeat; Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Welcome Royal Baby
May 4, 2019
April Hiring Strong, Jobless Rate Falls; Pres. Trump Talks To Putin For More Than An Hour, Doesn't Bring Up Cyberattack On 2016 Election; Unemployment Falls To 3.6%, Lowest Since 1969; Is A Strong Economy An Uphill Battle For Dems In 2020?; Former Dem. Campaign Managers: Throw Trump An Anvil; House Judiciary Chairman Threatens Attorney General With Contempt In New Effort To See Full Mueller Report; Pres. Trump: Decision On McGan Testimony Will Be Made "Over The Next Week Or So;" Congressman Cohen Suggests Apprehending, Possibly Jailing, Attorney General To Compel Testimony; Starkly Different Views; AG Barr's Senate Testimony Accelerates Left, Right Polarization Of Mueller Report; No Formal White House Briefing In Weeks; No White House Press Briefing For Weeks; Few Signs It Will Be Restored
May 3, 2019
Pres. Trump Won't Let Former WH Counsel Don McGahn Testify To Congress: "It's Done;" Pres. Trump Won't Let McGahn Testify To Congress; House Speaker Pelosi Accuses Barr Of Lying To Congress; Pres. Trump Likely Won't Let McGahn Testify To Judiciary Cmte.; NY Times: FBI Sent Investigator Posing As Assistant To Meet With Trump Aide In 2016; Old Friends Pitted Against Each Other Over Politically Charged Report
May 2, 2019
Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Committee Tomorrow; House Judiciary Chair Considering Citing Barr With Contempt; Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Committee Tomorrow; Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Committee Tomorrow; Defends Handling Of Mueller Report Despite Mueller's Criticism; Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Cmte. Tomorrow; AG Contradicts Mueller Report Numerous Times In Hearing Today; Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Cmte. Tomorrow After Downplaying Mueller Report And Defending Handling Of It; Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Committee Tomorrow; AG Calls Mueller's Letter Laying Out Frustrations "Snitty;" Barr Refuses To Appear Before House Committee Tomorrow; Claims He Didn't Mislead Congress On Mueller's Frustrations; Deciphering Barr's Defense;
May 1, 2019
Mueller Wrote Letter To Barr Objecting To His Description Of Russia Investigation's Findings; Wash. Post: Mueller Told Barr His Memo Failed To Fully Capture "Context, Nature, And Substance" Of Russia Probe Findings; Mueller Complained To Barr About Report Summary; Mueller Complained To Atty. Gen. Barr About Report Summary; Dem. Leader Of House Judiciary: Barr Must "Answer For This;" Biden Takes Commanding Lead In New CNN Poll; Viden Leads CNN Poll At 39%, Sanders At 15
April 30, 2019
California Synagogue Reels After Deadly Mass Shooting; Army Veteran Charged With Plotting Terror Attack Near L.A.; Feds Say He Was "Consumed With Hate And Bent On Mass Murder;" FBI Officials Learned Of A Threatening Forum Post 5 Minutes Before Synagogue Attack; Rabbi Goldstein: "I'm Just In A State Of Numbness;" Rabbi On Synagogue Shooting Victim Lori Kaye: "She Was An Angelic Woman;" Rabbi Goldstein: "Within Seconds I Hear The Blasts;" Goldstein: "No Darkness And Evil In The World Will Take Us Down;" Goldstein: There Is A War Of Darkness And A War Of Light;" Rabbi Goldstein: "...That's How We Conquer With Strength, With Power, With Courage;" Sen. Sanders Responds To Synagogue Shooting; Sanders Slams Biden On Policy, Calls On Democratic Candidates And Pres. Trump To Sign Trade Pledge; Sanders Laughs Off President Trump's Twitter Attack; Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Resigns; Battle Lines Forming Over Planned House Testimony By Attorney General; He Objects To Staff Questions; Nadler: House Judiciary Cmte. Will Hold Hearing With Or Without Barr; Graham Under Fire For Contradicting Own Stance On Impeachment; Inside Beto O'Rouke's President Campaign; Does Beto O'Rourke Still Have Buzz?; Remember Director John Singleton
April 27, 2019
We'll Leave The Gaslight On For You, Part 23; Pres. Trump Defends "Very Find People" Comments On Charlottesville; Pres. Trump Defends His Response To Charlottesville After Criticism From Biden; Says He Answered Questions "Perfectly;" Wash. Post: Rosenstein Tells President Of Russia Probe, "I Can Land The Plane;" Washington Post: Deputy AG Rosenstein "Teary-Eyed" Ahead Of Call Assuring Pres. Trump On Mueller Probe, Said "I Can Land The Plane;" Biden Punts On Offering Direct Apology To Anita Hill; Biden Rakes In $6.4 Million In First 24 Hours Of Campaign; Biden: I Don't Think I Treated Anita Hill Badly; WH On Day 46 Without Formal Press Briefing; Record-Breaking Silence; FBI To Meet With Florida Officials Over Election Hacking Attempts
April 26, 2019
Sources: Biden Has Factored Into Pres. Trump's 2020 Thinking More Than Any Other Candidate; NY Times: Joe Biden Called Anita Hill Ahead Of Announcing 2020 Bid; Hill To NYT: "I'm Sorry" Not Enough For His Handling Of 1991 Hearings; Anita Hill Bashes Biden In NY Times Interview, Demands He Apologize To "Other Women" And The "American Public;" Biden Spoke With mother Of Charlottesville Victim; Biden Spoke With Mother Of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Today Hours After Focusing On Her Death When Declaring 2020 Bid; Could Biden's Propensity For Blunders Hurt His 2020 Bid?; Pres. Trump Denies Mueller Finding, Defies Congress; White House Rejects Democrats' Demands For Answers; Pres. Trump Denies Ordering McGahn To Fire Mueller; House Dem Request New Documents From Trump Admin; White House Blocks Subpoenas, Dems Gear Up For Fight
April 25, 2019
Clinton: "Congress Should Hold Substantive Hearings;" Govt. Official: Don't Bring Up Russia's Election Interference To The President; Govt. Official: "Like Pulling Teeth" To Get WH To Focus On Russian Interference; Clinton: "The Russians Will Interfere Again In 2020" Deutsche Bank Begins To Hand Over Trump's Financial Records; Clinton: Mueller Report Documents "Serious Crime Against The American People;" Deutsche Bank Begins To Hand Over Trump's financial Records, As Pres. Pledges To Block Dem. Investigations; Deutsche Bank Begins To Hand Over Trump's Financial Records To New York Attorney General; Biden To Announce Presidential Bid Tomorrow; Former VP To Announce Presidential Run Tomorrow
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