TWiM #122: Mayonii, microRNAs and the microbiome
Published February 25, 2016
63 min
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    Vincent, Michele, and Michael reveal the discovery of a new species of the spirochaete that causes Lyme disease, and fecal microRNAs that shape the gut microbiome.

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    Identification of a novel Borrelia species causing Lyme disease (Lancet Inf Dis)

    Parasite wonders with Bobbi Pritt (TWiP 75)

    Reported cases of Lyme disease (CDC)

    Signs and symptoms of Lyme disease (CDC)

    Multilocus sequence typing

    Borrelia MLST database

    American Academy of Microbiology FAQ Human microbiome

    Host fecal microRNA shapes gut microbiota (Cell)

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    C.U.R.E. the game

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