April 3, 2020
Funny and touching rom-com in space. By Adam Usden, starring Laura Aikman & Tom Rosenthal
March 27, 2020
A drama about the arrival of a delightful single woman (Fenella Woolgar) who deceives a village community into believing she has moved there to get her life back on track.
March 20, 2020
Dame Edith - Glenda Jackson Miss Edith - Bella Ramsey Lady Ida - Julia Davis Sir George - Jonathan Keeble Moat - Roger Ringrose Written by Mary Cooper from an idea by Lavinia Murray Produced and directed by Pauline Harris
March 13, 2020
What price a new body? A dystopian thriller set in 2050 when London can cater for all your transplant needs. But can a new body ever fulfil the life-changing expectations of lowly mortician Caroline McAleese? Starring Jill Halfpenny and developed through the Wellcome Trust Experimental stories scheme. Listen in full on BBC Sounds.
March 13, 2020
Maxine Peake's drama about a young British woman fighting on the frontline in Syria.
February 28, 2020
Written by Lucia Haynes with monologues by Eileen Horne. Dr Alex Bridges is an expert forensic psychiatrist, assessing and treating perpetrators of the most unthinkable crimes. In this compelling drama, Alex charts the psychological impact of the murder of a young man on his family. A week after 19 year-old Jamie's murder, Dr Alex Bridges interviews the members of his family. Cast: Alex ... Lolita Chakrabarti Hannah ... Jessica Hardwick David ... Robin Laing Laura... Shauna Macdonald Series created by Audrey Gillan, Lucia Haynes, Eileen Horne, Gaynor Macfarlane, Anita Vettesse and Kirsty Williams. Series consultant: Dr Gwen Adshead Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane and Kirsty Williams A BBC Scotland Production directed by Gaynor Macfarlane and Kirsty Williams This was originally aired on BBC Radio 4. You can find the next episode on BBC Sounds.
February 21, 2020
A Not Nice Girl Fault Lines: Money, Sex and BloodSeries 1: Money Episode 1 of 6 A Not Nice Girl by Christopher Reason Constance is the mother to Miles Sterling, one of the richest men in Britain. He's accrued his fortune in oil and plastics. Miles is treading a fine line between reputability and disrepute, and when a dark secret comes to light it puts his whole career in the balance. Constance - Glenda Jackson Miles - Robert Glenister Rufus - Jonathan Keeble Rachel/Janet - Fiona Clarke Lydia - Heather Craney Gabriel - Hasan Dixon Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris Listen to the whole series on BBC Sounds.
February 14, 2020
Two boys out sledging in their local park find the body of an old woman in the snow. Gradually, through exchanges between members of the woman's family, between friends and between people she has only met briefly, we learn what led her to that point. A moving and entertaining account of modern life and loves. PC Hayley Morton is desperate to discover the identity of the body. Omnibus of the last five of ten episodes. Marion ..... Marcia Warren Lee ..... Neil Dudgeon Saskia ..... Amelia Bullmore Joe ..... John Rowe Hayley ..... Christine Bottomley Baxter ..... Will Kirk Mick ..... David Reed Young Woman ..... Scarlett Courtney Phil ..... Ian Conningham Shirley ..... Heather Craney Directed by Mary Peate Written by Katie Hims This was originally aired on Radio 4.
February 7, 2020
Two boys out sledging in their local park find the body of an old woman in the snow. We move backwards and forwards in time meeting people the old woman has met, her friends and her family, to discover what led her to this point. All the characters connected to the woman have their own stories which combine to form a moving account of modern life and loves. Omnibus of the first five of ten episodes. Ryan ..... Harry Grasby Jackson ..... Aaron Gelkoff Mick ..... David Reed Hayley ..... Christine Marion ..... Marcia Warren Ozzy ..... Ikky Elyas Ned ..... Will Kirk Call Handler ..... Scarlett Courtney Bloke/Phil ..... Ian Conningham Kadija ..... Nahel Tzegai Pat/Shirley ..... Heather Craney Rose ..... Jessica Turner Frank/Taxi Driver ..... Neil McCaul Zoe ..... Amanda Wilkin Eve ..... Sinead MacInnes Eli/Ben ..... Greg Jones Directed by Mary Peate Written by Katie Hims
January 31, 2020
Radclyffe Hall's pioneering novel about love between women becomes the centre of a 1928 obscenity trial. It remains an iconic portrayal of lesbian relationships and contains the passionate plea: "Give us also the right to our existence." Drama by Shelley Silas, starring Kate Fleetwood and Anastasia Hille. Part of the Riot Girls season of dramas. Directed by Emma Harding Radclyffe Hall ..... Kate Fleetwood Una, Lady Troubridge ..... Anastasia Hille Stephen Gordon ..... Laura Christy Gilchrist Thompson ..... Will Kirk Sir Chartres Biron ..... Neil McCaul Eustace Fulton ..... Clive Hayward Norman Birkett ..... Rick Warden James Melville ..... Tony Turner Desmond McCarthy ..... Greg Jones Court Clerk ..... Adam Courting Court Actress ..... Scarlett Courtney Puddle ..... Jessica Turner Additional research documents courtesy of Morris Ernst Papers, Harry Ransom Center, the University of Texas at Austin.
January 17, 2020
Johnny Flynn and Robert Hudson bring us a musical based on the incredible story of an American venture capitalist, a Russian tax advisor, a crazy heist, the Trump Tower meeting and the very rule of law. Blending music and satire, the story explores the truths and fictions surrounding the origins and aftershocks of the Magnitsky Act; global legislation which allows governments to sanction those who they see as offenders of human rights. It tells the story of a tax adviser’s struggle to uncover a huge tax fraud, his imprisonment by the very authorities he is investigating, and the American financier’s crusade for justice. Johnny Flynn, Paul Chahidi and members of the cast perform songs in an epic story that explores democracy, corruption, and how we undervalue the law at our peril. Bill . . . . . Paul Chahidi Sergei . . . . . Johnny Flynn Jamie . . . . . Fenella Woolgar Natalia . . . . . Ellie Kendrick Kuznetsov . . . . . Gus Brown Guard . . . . . Clive Hayward Silchenko . . . . . Ian Conningham Jared . . . . . Will Kirk Fisherman . . . . . Neil McCaul Judge . . . . . Jessica Turner Additional singing by Sinead MacInnes, Laura Christy, Scarlett Courtney and Lucy Reynolds. The cellist is Joe Zeitlin. Sound is by Peter Ringrose. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko. This was originally aired on Radio 3.
January 10, 2020
by Frazer Flintham. A comedic adventure about a 12 year old boy's attempts to recover his dad's clothes. But there's much more to Louie's mission than merely getting out of trouble. Louie ..... Aaron Gelkoff John ..... Luca Evans Mum .... Heather Craney Sam ..... Ikky Elyas Dad ..... Clive Hayward Clodd ..... Gerard McDermott Dean ..... Will Kirk Mary ..... Lucy Reynolds Charity shop man ..... Neil McCaul Librarian ..... Jessica Turner Park-Keeper ..... Adam Courting Heather ..... Sinead MacInnes Park woman ..... Laura Christy T-Shirt girl ..... Scarlett Courtney Swimming coach ..... Greg Jones Director: David Hunter
January 3, 2020
What if doping were allowed in athletics? How much faster could we go? And at what cost? A timely retelling of the Julian Mason scandal, one year on from the closure of Project Hermes, the controversial doping program that enabled Mason to run the 100m in under nine seconds. What drove the scientists at the heart of the project? What made the athletes sign up? And who was to blame when things went wrong? A searing investigation into the risks and rewards of pushing the boundaries of sport science, from the award-winning partnership of James Fritz and Becky Ripley. Starring: Samuel Anderson as Darren Jones, Clare Perkins as Janelle Mason, Kwabena Ansah as Julian Mason and Chetna Pandya as Dr Bansri Shukla. This was originally aired on BBC Radio 4.
December 27, 2019
Everyone is excited about Christmas, except Stephen. When Stephen tells a man dressed in a Santa suit that he wishes his life could be simpler, he doesn’t expect to have to time travel to discover how. Ben Crompton's feel-good, warm hearted drama full of Christmas spirit. STEPHEN.....Ben Crompton; YOUNG STEPHEN.....Albie Crompton; HOLLY.....Christine Bottomley; IVY.....Poppy O’Brien; FATHER CHRISTMAS/FRANK.....Stephen Marzella; PHIL/ GAVIN.....Graeme Hawley; RUDY/ MAX.....Chris Jack All other parts played by the cast. Directed by Nadia Molinari
December 20, 2019
Reporting by Vicky Baker Drama by Chloe Moss Anna Delvey was due to come into a trust fund of $67m on her 26th birthday. She was on her way to establishing the Anna Delvey Foundation, a multi-million dollar visual-arts centre in the heart of New York City. She filled her time with champagne brunches and stays in penthouse suites, as she wined and dined the New York elites to secure investment for her project. It all sounded wonderful. Except, it was all a lie. Behind Anna Delvey, the heiress, was Anna Sorokin, the recent magazine intern. Out of nothing, this otherwise unremarkable twenty-something had reinvented herself as a multi-millionaire socialite, conning businesses and friends out of thousands of dollars in the process. But how? How did she manage to live a life of luxury for so long? How did she make anyone believe her story? How did she get people to trust her enough to give her their money? Journalist Vicky Baker and playwright Chloe Moss dig deeper into the New York scandal, and mix drama with documentary to tell the story of Anna Delvey's rise and fall. Anna is played by Bella Dayne Other parts are played by Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Heather Craney, Will Kirk, Scarlett Courtney, Neil McCaul, Clive Hayward, Ian Conningham, Lucy Reynolds, Adam Courting, Greg Jones, Laura Christy, Jessica Turner, Ikky Elyas, Sinead MacInnes. Director: Sasha Yevtushenko You can find the rest of the podcast series on BBC Sounds.
December 13, 2019
Dramatised by Claudine Toutoungi. Mira Hamermesh's real-life story of her escape at fourteen from Nazi-occupied Poland to Palestine, is dramatised by Claudine Toutoungi from Mira's memoir "The River Of Angry Dogs". In 1939, when she was fourteen, Mira Hamermesh woke up one day to find that her country had been wiped off the map. The Nazi-Soviet pact saw the opposing armies invade Poland from West and East. Mira's home city of Lodz was soon occupied by the German army, and her Jewish family were placed under restrictions. Mira begins to dream of joining her sister Genia, who had left the previous year for Palestine. So like thousands of others, Mira risks her life to cross the Soviet border, with her big brother Mietek for protection. But her extraordinary journey is only just beginning. Mira soon finds herself alone in a maze of shifting borders, lies and danger. And as she struggles to find a way to Palestine, how could she begin to guess what's happening to her parents, in the Lodz ghetto? Mira . . . . Pooky Quesnel Young Mira . . . . Scarlett Courtney Mietek . . . . Will Kirk Genia . . . . Laura Christy Mary . . . . Jessica Turner Mother . . . . Heather Craney Kostia . . . . Neil McCaul Giora . . . . Sinead MacInnes Mr Silverstein . . . . Clive Hayward Interpreter . . . . Lucy Reynolds Jakov . . . . Adam Courting Pavel . . . . Ian Conningham Rafael . . . . Greg Jones Prisoner . . . . Ikky Elyas Theme music by Jack Newton. Series idea by Nick Kent with Jack Bradley. With grateful thanks to Jeremy Coopman. Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.
December 6, 2019
First in the latest series of the comedy drama set in Glan Don, a mysterious village perched on the wild Welsh coast. By Annamaria Murphy. Gareth and Diane's baby arrives early on the 302 bus into town, but that's not the only new arrival about to land in Glan Don. As the lives of the pub landlords are thrown into turmoil, up at the castle sleeping dragons are stirring. Starring Elis James (Josh), Emma Sidi (W1A) and Ifan Huw Dafydd (Gavin and Stacey). Gareth.... Elis James Diane.... Emma Sidi Emlyn..... Ifan Huw Dafydd Series created by Meic Povey Directed by James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales Production.
November 29, 2019
By Al Smith Producer/Director, Sally Avens Carrie ..... Sarah Ridgeway Ian ..... Michael Jibson Will ..... Rick Warden Frances ..... Rebecca Root Jenny ..... Sinead MacInnes Flo ..... Laura Christy Craig ..... Will Kirk Paramedic ..... Scarlett Courtney The Bystander ..... Ikky Elyas Bill ..... Clive Hayward Arthur ..... Neil McCaul Chris ..... Jonny Holden Mike ..... Greg Jones Martin ..... Shaun Mason Darren ..... Michael Ajao Monica ..... Amelia Lowdell Peter ..... Jonjo O’Neill
November 22, 2019
by Sarah Wooley 1963. Sir Laurence Olivier becomes the first Artistic Director of the National Theatre. But there are many political battles ahead, not least with his lieutenant, the critic Kenneth Tynan Sir Laurence Olivier . . . Robert Glenister Kenneth Tynan . . . John Heffernan Lord Chandos . . . Michael Pennington Cecil Tennant . . . Neil McCaul Diana Boddington . . . Scarlett Courtney Stephen Arlen . . . Will Kirk Harry . . . Rick Warden Neville . . . Greg Jones Peter O'Toole . . . Jonny Holden Reporter . . . Clive Hayward Directed by Marc Beeby The first of three dramas about the birth of the National Theatre. Funded at huge cost to the taxpayer, the “theatre to end all theatres” was front page news in its early years. Running it was a high stakes political business as much as it was an artistic one. Never before had one theatre been the focus for such relentless national debate about the relationship between the arts, government, press and the public. From its inception at the Old Vic to the opening of the Olivier Theatre in the National’s eventual home at the South Bank, from the fall of Macmillan to the rise of Thatcher, the series follows the legendary players in a fast-moving, entertaining saga. Big personalities clash and ambition, greed and power fight with artistic integrity and wider cultural responsibilities. Writer Sarah Wooley has an impressive record of dynamic, character-driven factual drama including 'A Nice Little Holiday' about John Osborne, 'Victim', about Dirk Bogarde and the making of the film of the same name, and 'Fifteen' about Andy Warhol.
November 15, 2019
Based on The Palliser novels by Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Mike Harris. Episode 1 A pacy, radical reworking of the Palliser novels about high life and low politics in Victorian England. Vivacious 19-year-old Lady Glencora Palliser is married to the older, conscientious politician Plantagenet Palliser. Life should be good, but she is in love with someone else - the wastrel Burgo Fitzgerald. Starring Jessica Raine as Lady Glencora Palliser. Cora .... Jessica Raine; Plantagenet ..... Tim McMullan; Phineas Finn ..... Edward MacLiam; Burgo ..... Blake Ritson; Violet ..... Scarlett Courtney; Marie Goesler ..... Melody Grove; Kennedy/Slide ..... Neil McCau;l Bonce/Grimes ..... Greg Jones; Commons Speaker ..... Hamilton Berstock. Director/Producer Gary Brown This was originally aired on R4. You can find the next episode on BBC Sounds.
November 8, 2019
Helen learns that her baby might be 'Indigo'. While Irene's cryptic note leads them closer to the 'child-mother'. Conclusion of the conspiracy thriller by Matthew Broughton. Starring Romola Garai and Jonathan Forbes. Omnibus of the last five of ten headphone-filling thrill-ride episodes. Helen…. Romola Garai Freddy….. Jonathan Forbes Ram….. Ashleigh Haddad Serena.... Scarlett Courtney Policeman.... Adam Courting Tony.... David Hounslow Irene.... Sally Orrock Director: James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC Radio first broadcast in 2019.
November 8, 2019
Dr Helen Ash is involved in a road accident. But where was she going in such a hurry? Why can’t she remember? And what is wrong with time? The return of the conspiracy thriller by Matthew Broughton. Starring Romola Garai and Jonathan Forbes. Chart-topping podcast and winner of Best Sound (BBC Audio Drama Awards) and Best Fiction (British Podcast Awards). Omnibus of the first five of ten headphone-filling thrill-ride episodes. Helen…. Romola Garai Freddy….. Jonathan Forbes Luke….. Andrew Gower Doctor…. Lucy Reynolds Frances…. Juno Robinson Julia.... Georgia Henshaw Irene.... Sally Orrock Rebecca.... Carys Eleri Owen.... Sion Pritchard Katherine.... Joanna van Kampen Mary... Scarlett Courtney Policeman.... Adam Courting Director: James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC Radio first broadcast in 2019.
October 25, 2019
Based on a true story: 70 year old Paul had a dream in London where his sister, Evelyn, asked him to take her back to Agbor, their town of birth. The next morning he received a call saying his sister had died in Lagos. Paul, a religious man, knew what he had to do. Paul, and his niece Carol arrive in Lagos and are travelling along the Benin Bypass when the car is ambushed by masked armed men. They are dragged out of the car and taken into the bush and held to ransom. Paul - Nonzo Anozie Carol/Evelyn -Joan Iyiola Chinedu/Sunny - Peter Bankole Deborah - Susan Aderin Ovo- Seun Shote Franklyn - Adam Courting Written by Janice Okoh Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris BACKGROUND AND CONTEXT With 190 million people who are mostly at poverty level, kidnappings began as a protest against the rich oil workers in Nigeria, but now it’s a business. On average there are seven kidnappings a day. Red Earth, Red Sky unfolds against this backdrop. It’s based on true events of a family relative of Janice Okoh’s who was kidnapped in 2017. Two people were killed. No one has since been brought to justice. Further info on cast: Nonzo Anozie is best known for his role as Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the HBO television series Game of Thrones, Tank in RocknRolla, Sergeant Dap in Ender's Game, Abraham Kenyatta in Zoo, Captain of the Guards in Cinderella. Theatre includes At the age of 23 Anozie went on to be the youngest person ever to play the title role in King Lear in a Royal Shakespeare Company production. Anozie also received critical acclaim for his performance in the title role in Othello and as the prisoner in Edmond at the National Theatre, directed by Ed Hall. He has done a world tour with the Cheek by Jowl Theatre Company and won a Magnolia Award for best actor and the Sunday Times/National Theatre Ian Charleson Award for best young actor in a classical role. Iyiola starred opposite Chiwetel Ejiofor as Pauline Lumumba in A Season in the Congo at The Young Vic, directed by Joe Wright. She played the title role in the Duchess of Malfi at the RSC, for tv she has appeared in Black Earth Rising for the BBC, New Blood, Yonderland.
October 18, 2019
By Jonathan Myerson Entertaining new dramas following the political swings of The Republican Party, through the personal stories of its Presidents. Closely based on the accounts of those who were there, we imagine the triumphs and disasters which have driven the party's electoral fortunes. 1987. Hold on tight for a knockabout journey through the crazy stories of the notorious Iran-Contra affair. Ronald Reagan’s landslide second term is on the ropes. Congress is investigating evidence that the US has illegally been selling arms to Iran, and secretly diverting the proceeds to fund Contra guerrilla fighters in Nicaragua – all with the President’s knowledge. But when NATO Ambassador David Abshire is recalled to try to get the facts straight, he discovers it all depends on what you believe….. Written by Jonathan Myerson Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting. Ronald Reagan . . . . . Kerry Shale Staffer . . . . . Rupert Simonian Bud McFarlane . . . . . Mark Heenehan Fawn Hall . . . . . Janine Harouni Oliver North . . . . . Paul Hickey Admiral Poindexter . . . . . Peter Polycarpou Nancy Reagan . . . . . Madeleine Potter Abshire . . . . . Chris Pavlo Don Regan . . . . . David Hounslow Shultz . . . . . Sean Baker Ed . . . . . Jonny Holden
October 11, 2019
Dr Andrew Manson and his wife Christine are expecting a big event. Return of the medical drama set in the 1920s before the NHS. MANSON....... George Blagden DENNY...... Julian Lewis Jones CHRISTINE.... Catrin Stewart ANGHARAD... Jeanette Percival Omnibus written by Christopher Reason. Based on the novel by A J Cronin. Director: Gary Brown Producers: Pauline Harris and Gary Brown First broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.
October 4, 2019
The Beatboxer by Testament A beatboxer goes into a call centre to run a training day. But the bosses have ulterior motives for him being there. Written by and starring celebrated beatboxer Testament. Subs ..... Testament Katherine ..... Susan Twist Samiya ..... Purvi Parmar Kristy ..... Verity Henry Graham ..... John Branwell Jaron ...... Dermot Daly Caspero ..... Sholto of The Pushwackers Director/Producer Gary Brown This was originally aired on Radio 4.
September 27, 2019
Linda Marshall Griffiths' magical story of love and loss recorded on location at the Edinburgh Festival inspired by the Scottish myth 'Tamlin and the Fairy Queen.' The festival was always a place she liked to wonder. She could be there in full view and no-one thought she was more than a performer. She could catch people out, half-drunk some of them would do anything, go anywhere. And she took them. She used it as a time to cross over, let them have some of the songs she kept, some of the stories she knew. But this man, this one she wanted to keep. SHE.....Christine Bottomley HE.....Sacha Dhawan BROTHER.....Rupert Hill GIRL.....Kay McAllister Directed by Nadia Molinari This was originally aired on Radio 4.
September 20, 2019
Brief Lives by Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly Ep 1 Return of Frank Twist and Sarah Gold as the Manchester paralegals. Frank and Sarah are estranged and Sarah enlists her friend Juliet to help run the agency. But when a local gangster's son is arrested can Juliet cope? This was originally aired on R4. You can find the next episode on BBC Sounds. Frank...David Schofield; Sarah...Kathryn Hunt; Juliet...Maria Major; Dean...Hamish Rush; Keith...Stephen Marzella; Lois...Verity Henry; Helen...Krissi Bohn. Director/Producer Gary Brown
September 13, 2019
Starring Frances Tomelty, Roger Allam, Tim McInnerny and Rebecca Saire. Written by Shelagh Stephenson.Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.
September 6, 2019
Will promised to do the Great North Run with Em. But when that's not an option, Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, The Pharcyde, Moby, the Dixie Chicks, Laura Branigan, Bruce Springsteen, Kate Bush and Florence (and the Machine) become his running mates. A funny sad play by Tom Wells with an incredible playlist. Cast Will ..... Andrew Finnigan Em ..... Amy Cameron Sean ..... Joseph Ayre Janet ..... Susan Jameson Becky ..... Helen Clapp The Night ..... Michael Bertenshaw Writer ..... Tom Wells Director ..... Jessica Dromgoole This was originally broadcast on Radio 4 on Friday 6th September 2019.
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