Well Done
This podcast is vastly entertaining. I enjoy it and highly recommend it to anyone interested in call of Cthulhu role play
Well done sirs
The Best
The most entertaining part of my day and the best podcast out there!! Thanks Jim and Crew
Really enjoyable Call of Cthulhu AP
This AP is a pretty enjoyable listen. It can be a little spotty on the audio at times, but overall I'd recommend it for anyone who is a fan of AP/Call of Cthulhu. Definitely worth checking out.
Been listening since April. I have a 2hour commute Monday morning and Friday evening. These are a perfect length. Listened to A Victem of the Arts and Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng. Would love to have the time to join in.
Excellent Call of Cthulhu Live Play
Lots of fun - take a listen.
Awesome Podcast
Jim's podcasts are professionally ran and edited. Very fun to listen to whether the scenarios are from 2+ (one-shots) - 15+ hours long. Looking forward to long listening to these podcasts as long as Jim and the players can continue to play. Cheers
Great podcast
This group puts together a very entertaining CoC podcast, with some great roleplaying. One of the best actual play podcasts out there by far.
Love it!
Learned about you from the Miskatonic University Podcast. Now both podcasts are my staple iPod fare for traveling to work or killing time between classes. Thanks!
Very fun Call of Cthulhu live play
Thanks guys for sharing your fun and creativity
Highly recommended. Highly recommended.
A Barrington
I cannot rate this podcast too highly. Despite occasional mishaps with Skype, which is to be expected, this podcast shines. I especially enjoy avuncular Jim's voice acting. Everyone else has a great deal to contribute in their own way. This SoC has me hooked and coming back for more every week.
Great podcast
Really entertaining and fun to listen to.
I'm cut off from gaming here in Korea, but I can game vicariously listening to this game! The skype format makes it seem like an old time radio show! Very cool indeed!!
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