Variety 💁🏻‍♀️
This has a ton of various Mind Theatre shows about many different genres.
Ginger Sage
Great broadcast! However, a correction is necessary. President John F Kennedy was not a Junior. His son was JFK Jr. President Kennedy’s father’s name was Joseph.
This is the good stuff!
Smed the great
Much needed radio drama rehashing and a few new of their own! Can’t get enough you guys! Keep up your honorable work!
Brilliant Collection of Plays!
A cornucopia of (mostly) new, modern horror radio-plays... collected from big name podcasts like 19 Nocturne Blvd. and Campfire Radio Theater, but mostly smaller, more obscure sites... - - ...making this an absolute treasure trove (so long as you wade through a lot of many-episode sci-fi and mystery series that probably won’t interest a lot of people.) It’s well worth taking the time to go through the episodes, adding the episodes that sound good to your library - - The time invested doing so will give you hours and hours of enjoyment, as it has for me (The Woman in the Basement - I dare anyone to listen to it with headphones, in the dark, alone...)
Quality Audio Drama
I've been scouring good Audio Drama and this is the best I've heard yet.
Such Wonderful Variety!
Pete Lutz
I have some of my shows here but I love the other ones that Moonlight brings to our ears. Such variety, from different producers and acting troupes all over the world. Subscribe and listen, you won't regret it!
My Favorite Thing to Listen to!
Lil Kitten in a Big World
I do a lot of walking, it's pretty much my only mode of transportation other than the bus. These podcasts make it an absolute joy... even when I'm walking the 2.5 miles to work! There are many different types of stories to choose from, ranging from the sappiest inspirational and romantic tales to some horror stories that have made me afraid to walk home alone at night. I would recommend Moonlight Audio Theater to any one who is a fan of excellent storytelling!!
Fantastic. Extremely entertaining and well done.
Have just discovered this in the past month and has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Can listen to these over again. The mysterious ones are mysterious, the scary are scary, and the comedic are very funny.
Great Stories
This is a great Podcast. The subject matter of the stories varies from the frightening to the ridiculous yet consistently deliver whatever promised. Thanks for many hours of good listening.
Excellent quality. Very enjoyable.
Love it
Harry potroast
Very cool radio drams
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