The Cloudcast #307 - Cloud Careers, After the Whispers
Published August 16, 2017
36 min
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    Brian talks with Amy Lewis (@commsninja), John Troyer (@jtroyer) and Matthew Broberg (@mjbrender) from the Geek Whisperers podcast (@geek-whisperers) about the closing of their podcast/community, the evolution of cloud careers, and lessons learned from community interaction.

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    Show Notes
    • Topic 1 - for us to talk to all of you together. Let’s start by talking about what Geek Whisperers was, and then why mom & dad have new hobbies.
    • Topic 2 - A lot has changed since you started, back in 2012. HW to SW. On-Prem to Cloud. Open Source. Vendor communities to lack of vendor trust. What are the big trends that wish you had a better grasp on?
    • Topic 3 - What does a 2012 Whisperer tell a colleague on career advice vs. a 2017 Whisperer?
    • Topic 4 - Do you buy into the idea that technology is moving much faster these days? And if so, have you found any good tips or tricks to staying ahead of it, no matter what part of the tech industry someone might work in (tech, sales, management, etc.)?
    • Topic 5 - What types of things worry you about our industry at this time?
    • Topic 6 - What are you hopeful about for either people in the communities you engage with, or for the next generation of folks that will have technology all around them?
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