The ServerlessCast #8 - Managing Serverless Performance
Published July 28, 2017
25 min
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    NOTE: Sorry about the patchy audio quality in spots on this episode, we didn't notice until we edited the show that both Adam's and Aaron's connections weren't the best this time. We cleaned it up the best we could. Thanks for listening!

    Aaron and Brian talk with Adam Johnson (@adjohn, CO-Founder/CEO of @IOpipe) about the momentum of Serverless, the challenge of identify performance bottlenecks, if NoOps is real or not, how APMs have to evolve in a Serverless world.

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    Show Notes
    • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Give us a little bit of your background and walk us through the process of being part of the TechStars incubator program. Tell us a little bit about IOpipe.
    • Topic 2 - It took a little while for people to grasp the concept of serverless (e.g. AWS Lambda), but now it has a lot of momentum. What made you think it was the the right focus for the company a few years back?
    • Topic 3 - Why IOpipe? What problem does is solve? How is it “Included” in existing FaaS code today? How is that different from the Serverless Framework plugin?
    • Topic 4 - Serverless seems to be associated with the NoOps movement, since the underlying platform tends to do many things the Ops team used to do. Where does an APM platform like IOpipe fit into the discussion? Is it used by a Serverless Ops team, or mostly by Developers?
    • Topic 5 - What are some of the common performance challenges with Serverless that people should be aware of? Follow Up: What are some of the most common emerging use cases?
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