The Cloudcast #303 - Public Cloud at a Tipping Point
Published June 30, 2017
27 min
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    Aaron and Brian talk with Bernard Golden (@bernardgolden, CEO of Navica) about the future of the cloud computing marketplace, the expected rates of growths and areas that could impact forecasts positively or negatively.

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    Show Notes
    • Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. You’ve been recognized as a Cloud Computing thought-leader for many years. What are you up to these days?
    • Topic 2 - You’ve been advocating for public Cloud Computing for a while now. What’s changed that you’re now calling this a Tipping Point?
    • Topic 3 - We’ve seen AWS growth-rates slow for the last 7 quarters. But we’re also seeing slower growth in some older on-premises vendors (e.g. IBM, HPE). Do you think these two trends are linked together, or the law of big numbers, or something else?
    • Topic 4 - We saw Walmart announced this week that they are going to start influencing (or mandating) that their suppliers not use the AWS cloud. In the past, we saw them mandate that suppliers must have facilities located in Bentonville, AR (Walmart HQ) to reduce the costs of meetings. We’ve heard other vendors avoid AWS due to competition. Do you think we start to see non-technical trends start to make an impact on cloud decisions?
    • Topic 5 - In your recent blog, you seem to imply that only the AAG (AWS, Azure, Google) cloud platforms will dominate going forward. What do you think about platforms like Salesforce? Or open source projects (e.g. Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Hadoop)? Or companies building services on top of AAG that could just become features embedded in AAG?
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