The Cloudcast #299 - The Discipline of Chaos Engineering
Published May 26, 2017
21 min
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    Brian talks with Kolton Andrus (@KoltonAndrus, CEO of @GremlinInc) about his background at Amazon and Netflix, the discipline of Chaos Engineering, the challenges of breaking things in production, and Gremlin Inc’s approach to building better applications and systems.

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    Show Notes:
    • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Let’s talk a little bit about your background and why you like to break stuff.
    • Topic 2 - A lot of people have heard about this concept (tool) called “Chaos Monkey”, but you were part of teams that made this a discipline, called “Chaos Engineering”. Help us understand what that means and what it attempts to do.
    • Topic 3 - As people build distributed, cloud applications, they are often using a platform (e.g. Kubernetes) and application frameworks (e.g Spring Boot). Does there need to be alignment between the elements of Chaos Engineering (tools, etc.) and those platforms/frameworks?
    • Topic 4 - Topic 4 - We understand that technology now drives a 24x7x365 world, but the idea of intentional chaos in production seems crazy. How does a company get buy-in to start doing this stuff?
    • Topic 5 - What are some commons mistakes, design faults that companies make that Chaos Engineering often finds….and can help resolve?
    • Topic 6 - How does Gremlin fit into the world of Chaos Engineering?
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