The ServerlessCast #6 - Event-Driven Design Thinking
Published May 11, 2017
18 min
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    Aaron and Brian talk with Paul Johnston (@PaulDJohnston, Serverless Consultant, CTO @Movivo) about running a company entirely on serverless, the on-going benefits of not maintaining servers, new application patterns with events, and what he wants to see from serverless in the future.

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    Show Notes:
    • Topic 1 - You just gave a talk at ServerlessConf about how CTO's can consider using serverless for their products or services.
    • Topic 2 - Tell us about the origin of the term "Jeff" as it relates to serverless.
    • Topic 3 - Let's talk about the benefits that you're seeing in running Movivo completely on a serverless environment.
    • Topic 4 - How has your thinking changed about 3-tier applications and architectures vs. event-driven architectures?
    • Topic 5 - What is a "bulky function"? How to evolve from procedural thinking to event or asynchronous thinking?
    • Topic 6 - How do you think about optimizing the many functions that make up an application?
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