The Cloudcast #295 - Integrating Cloud Security and Cost Management
Published April 12, 2017
32 min
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    Aaron and Brian talk with Aaron Newman (@aaronnewman, CEO / Co-Founder of @CloudCheckr) about the need for consolidated operations tools in the cloud, how to manage security across multiple clouds, how cloud costs can correlate to security, and the new challenges of compliance in public clouds.

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    Show Notes:
    • Topic 1 - Let’s jump right into the company. CloudCheckr seems super interesting to us because it appears to be a consolidation of everything operations. Everything from Security, Cost, Availability, Compliance and Usage. What problems are you trying to solve in the market today?
    • Topic 2 - You have a security background based on your previous startups, what made you take your application level expertise and apply this to cloud?
    • Topic 3 - CloudCheckr supports both AWS and Azure today. From a security standpoint, compare and contrast them for us.
    • Topic 4 - What is CloudCheckr’s strategy when it comes to both identification and resolution of security compliance?
    • Topic 5 - Another big aspect of CloudCheckr is cost awareness. How does cost awareness relate to security?
    • Topic 6 - [from recent press-release] “CloudCheckr currently services over 150 AWS and Azure authorized resellers and provides support to nearly 40% of all AWS Premier Consulting Partners.” Can you talk a little bit about your business model and the interaction between customers and partners?
    • Topic 7 - Last month CloudCheckr announced $50 million in Series A funding. You have expressed mixed feelings in the past about accepting VC money. We have a lot of listeners that follow this space closely. What are your thoughts here on the tradeoffs and what advice would you give to up-and-coming founders out there?

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