The Cloudcast #290 - Managing Data Across Multiple Clouds
Published March 11, 2017
26 min
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    Aaron and Brian talk with Joe Arnold (@joearnold, Founder/Chief Product Officer @SwiftStack) about the evolution from OpenStack to today’s public cloud world. They discuss how customers are managing, valuing and protecting data in multiple cloud environments, as well as how they should think about avoid large-scale cloud failures.

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    • Topic 1 - Great to have you back on the show. Let’s talk about the evolution from the OpenStack community to the public cloud communities.
    • Topic 2 - With the growth of public cloud services, are you seeing companies doing new things with data that weren’t common in the private data-center days? New types of applications, or just different usage models?
    • Topic 3 - With all the talk about hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud, how are companies actually getting the data from one cloud into another?
    • Topic 4 - Is there a difference between running software-defined storage in multiple locations and having a platform that can interact with multiple cloud APIs?
    • Topic 5 - What is your guidance to companies that have large amounts of data, but also want to leverage multiple cloud platforms (for various reasons - cost, risk-management, local data services, etc.)
    • Topic 6 - It had been a while since there was a significant public cloud outage. With the recent S3 outage, do companies need to come back and ask new questions about how to think about data and the public cloud?
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